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Conlang Portal

most of these are outdated lol

Disclaimer 1: most of these conlangs have been crafted to fit in fantasy environments and play with certain concepts - they're not meant to be 100% realistic or completely simulate plausible linguistic influences like real-life languages.
Disclaimer 2: these are not the lingua francas of the IOS, which are still the more traditional RL ones such as Japanese, Latin, English or Classical Chinese; and not all of these are associated with its setting ・ In red, those that share the IOS' main setting; in turquoise, those only vaguely related to the aforementioned setting; in green, those for Jambus, the world of Zyrik.

Daphalian (Daphalian: Daphalisch /daɸaː liɕ/ [dɸː liɕ]) | Language Family: Indo-European, branch Germanic
tl;dr: Dutch with German characteristics
[official language of Daphalia]
- Explanation/Samples
- Phonology
- Texts

Estarin (Estarin: 東妖語 Estarin-go /estarinɡo/ [e̞sɨ̥ᵝtɾʲiɴɡo̞]) | Language Family: Indo-European, branch Romance (arguable)
tl;dr: Latin and Japanese had a child
[official language of Altenivea; one of the lingua francas of Ametuti]
- Explanation/Samples
- Phonology
- Texts

Latvin (Latvin: Latvīnu /ladviː nu/) | Language Family: Indo-European/constructed language (in-character; fierce arguments have ensued regarding whether to classify the language as Baltic or Romance)
tl;dr: computer-generated Romance put through Latvian sound changes
[sole official languages of the Imperiju Sidisku]
- ?

Siudika (Siudika: 修直語 Shujika-go /ɕɯʑikaɡo/ [ɕɨᵝʑikɡo̞]) | Language Family: Indo-European, branch Romance (arguable)
tl;dr: running Japanglish through Japanese sound changes, then replace most of English's Latin-based derivations with (Sino-)Japanese
[one of the official languages of Prettania]
- Explanation/Samples

Zyriki (Zyriki: Hantzu 西文, Penking سِوٌ, Postal Hsih-wn, Fuking IPA [ʃi⁵⁵ wən]) | Language Family: Sino-Tibetan, branch Sinitic
tl;dr: Mandarin but vocab mad wierd
[sole official national language of Zyrik]
- Explanation/Samples
- Texts