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Frequently Asked Questions



Just arrived here, what do I do?

- First of all, welcome to Geopolity! We are glad you have decided to come to our region, whether if you are just a player checking it out or if you have already made up your mind to settle your nation here.

We strongly recommend all newcomers to take a good read at our "Regional Rules" factbook.
Afterwards, you can proceed to the "Application Forms" where you will find all instructions to complete a "Nation Application" for your country and present it for review.

While you wait, we invite you to our LinkRegional Discord Channel where you can have a good time chatting as you introduce yourself and get to know the other members of Geopolity.


How long until my application gets reviewed/approved?

- The reviewing process for each application may vary, depending on the availability of the RP Coordinators. While it usually takes anywhere between 1 or 2 days, the process may take more or less time than that.

We encourage all new players to come into the Regional Discord Channel, as the process through there allows quicker feedback from the Regional Administration Staff, which makes the it more straightforward and less tedious for the players.


Which kind of Roleplay style does this region have?

- Geopolity is centered around Modern Tech Roleplay.

Only Real Life, present time technology is allowed, which automatically rules out fictional or neo-futuristic developments.

Modifications to RL technology will be permitted to an extent, depending on individual assesments given by the RP Coordinators.
Equipment from other, previous eras is not discouraged, although adequate justification must be provided in the application.

Development of certain technologies, depending on the nation, will be allowed or forbidden to maintain realism. This will be constantly monitored by the RP Coordinators.

More details can be found in the Regional Rules.


Can I declare war on another country? Can they declare war on my nation?

- No. Player vs. Player conflict require the express consent of the two or more participating countries. This kind of RP will be strictly monitored.

Additionally, Players cannot attack Non-Player-controlled (NPC) countries without the authorization of the RP Coordinators. A realistic reason must be provided beforehand if you seek to do this kind of Roleplay.