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Regional Rules


Out Of Character (OOC) Rules

1. The Regional Rules will constitute of those included in this Factbook, which will be maintained and updated by the Regional Administration (RA).

2A. The Roleplay (RP) Coordinators have ultimate authority on matters of RP, barring the intervention of the Chancellor (in the Founder's place) or the Founder.

2B. The Founder, acting on the best interests of the region, reserves the right to make changes and implement new rules without a regional vote.

2C. In absence of the Founder, the Chancellor is authorized to act on his/her behalf, taking into consideration the best interests of the region.

3. Remarks, statements and other ways of expression of an inflammatory, insulting, abusive, racist, xenophobic or discriminatory nature will not be tolerated, on the RMB, via TG nor in the Regional Discord. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in immediate banjection of the offending player from the region.

Starting, maintaining, or encouraging divisive arguments will not be permitted on the RMB under any circumstances. As such, these discussions should take place either through TG or in #discussion on the Regional Discord, in a civilized and respectful manner. Non compliance of this rule shall be penalized by the RA.

4. OOC (Out of Character) discussion on the RMB is permitted. However, his is to be kept to an absolute minimum. If a RP-participating nation requests for OOC discussion on the RMB to end, it is expected that said OOC talk will be continued via TG or another method of discussion.

5A. 20 consecutive days without RPing or posting on the RMB constitutes grounds for removal from the map. Legitimate reasons for this inactivity will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but in most cases, there must be warning given to the RA before said period of inactivity begins.

5B. If there are 3 consecutive periods of 15 days without RPing or posting on the RMB, the RP Coordinators reserve the right to remove your nation from the map. This applies even with short intermediary periods of minimal posting.

5C. If a nation does not post within five days of being accepted, they will be removed from the map.

5D. All nations that leave the map will have their territories revert back to being NPCs. Territories may not be gifted or given to another nation should a player decide to leave.

6A. Any nation that leaves the region of their own volition will be required to re-apply for membership should it decide to return to Geopolity.

6B. A nation ejected from the World Assembly (WA) for rule violations, or having left the WA intentionally, must re-apply if that nation re-joins the World Assembly.

7A. A complaint (whether regarding RP or OOC matters) shall be submitted to the RA Staff and processed through one of the following mediums:

The Regional Discord
via TG.

The player may add a witness who shall observe the proceeding while the RA shall bring an additional random player to observe. The RA reserves the right to add or remove a channel for complaint based on the usage of said medium except via TG.

7B. As a result of the aforementioned rule, complaints are to be hereby extremely limited in nature on the RMB. If it is considered to be excessive by an RP Coordinator, they reserve the right to warn you to stop and suppress your posts if this is ignored. They will then tell said player to have their complaints done via one of the aforementioned methods, and RP is to resume as normal.

8. After being banjected from the region, no player that has been banjected may return unless removed from the banjection list by an RA vote.

9. Only persons who have had their RP application accepted may post on the RMB. All other posts will be suppressed until said person submits and has his/her application accepted by the RA.

10. With the exception of the Founder and Chancellor, all other officials in the Regional Administration shall serve for a period of time of 5 RL months (~150 days), starting the day after their election.

Once the term of an elected member has expired, a non-confidence poll shall be created, where the rest of members will be able to re-elect said official for another term or not, depending on whether he/she worked adequately during that period of time.

In case the elected member loses one of such polls, an election will be called and members will be able to present their candidacy for the position, with the exception of the member that lost the previous poll. On the contrary, if an elected member wins a poll, it will be allowed to serve for another term. There are no limits for the reelection of a member.

Roleplay Rules

11. Time progresses at a rate of 1 day IRL = 1 week in RP. (Exceptions apply to Character RP, where time may move much more slowly).

12A. All NPC nations are believed to be their real life, or as close to real life equivalent as they can be made. This does not mean that NPC nations will have international ties, such as defensive pacts.

12B. Real life figures of major importance may not be used in RP. They may of course be mentioned in history (provided that they closely mirror their RL persona). This is evaluated on a case by case basis by the RP coordinators.

13A. Limited NPC interaction (such as trade and/or tourism) will be permitted, so long as there is accurate support for this trade or tourism. So long as what you are RPing has no dynamic effect on the NPC nations (e.g. inciting an armed insurrection in an NPC country), then said interactions will be tolerated. This will be regulated by the RP Coordinators on an as-needed basis.

13B. Automated trade with an NPC is allowed unless the player states otherwise (through RMB or Factbook). This trade shall be based on the RL trade existing between both countries. This does not apply to corporations: the player in question must ask permission from the RA before having one of his/her companies operate in an NPC, and any attempt to have corporations operate in NPCs without permission from the RA will be invalidated.

14A. Players are not permitted to RP for or within another nation without their express permission.

14B. Propaganda and the like are permitted. However, if this becomes too inflammatory, the RP Coordinators retain the right to intervene on this matter.

15. Wars must be consented to by both sides. If one side does not consent, the war will not occur.

Try to make war a last resort option. Attempt diplomacy first, as done in real life politics. If war were to break out and your nation has Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), refrain from using them if the situation is not desperate. WMDs should be the final resort option in war, because of their devastating consequences.

16. To expand your land claim - including during a war with another member nation - an application must be submitted to, and approved by, the Regional Administration. This can be viewed in the Application Form Factbook.

17. The use of biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons must be approved by a RP Coordinator. The use of chemical weapons is openly permitted, so long as your nation has the ability IRL to produce said weapons, and has developed the ability through RP, or has purchased them from nations that have this capability.

18. 0.4% of your population is the recommended maximum for active forces during peacetime. If your figure is higher, it will be expected that economic problems will begin to arise within your nation. In wartime, this cap is lifted and a realistic limit placed by the RP Coordinators depending on the severity of the situation. This process will be observed closely by the RP Coordinators.

19. If military equipment is not listed in your application, then it will be presumed you use equipment of your primary real life constituent (The RL country that makes up the most of your claim). This means that a country based out of North Korea could not field modern American equipment unless they had stated that in their application, or purchased/developed it through RP. Limits will be placed on what a nation can develop in RP.

20. The technology level for this region is Modern Tech.
All military equipment must have a real life equivalent, or at the very least expected to be completed and tested within the next five years. RP developments will be heavily monitored by the RP Coordinators, making sure that they occur at a realistic pace. Some types of equipment may have this rule more strictly applied (i.e. Aircraft) than others (i.e. Naval vessels).

21. The provisions of the RL Antarctic Treaty System will apply in Roleplay.
While accepted nations are not forbidden to claim territory in the Antarctic continent, in practice said claim will not form part of their country, and will not necessarily be recognized by the rest of the players. Roleplay taking place in the Antarctic continent will be restricted to diplomatic, environmental and/or scientific aspects.

22. The provisions of the RL UN Convention on the Law of the Sea III will apply in Roleplay.
Further information can be found Linkhere:

The following places are classified as international waterways:

  • Danish Straits

  • Strait of Gibraltar

  • Dardanelles Strait

  • Bosphorus Strait

  • Suez Canal

  • Panama Canal

  • Strait of Hormuz

  • Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

  • Strait of Malacca

Players owning these waterways partially or fully will not restrict other players from transiting said waterways, as long they have peaceful purposes. Nations seeking to transport military vessels through the aforementioned passages might have their ships' access denied by the controlling player/s.
Restricting passage to a nation seeking to transit peacefully, and with whom the controlling player is not at war with, can be interpreted as a casus belli by the affected country, depending on the context.

This will be monitored *in extreme detail* by the RP Coordinators as to not overlap with Rule 15.

23. Members will not be allowed to repost content as an excuse to maintain activity. Members commit themselves to refrain from fully or partially reposting RP content made in Geopolity or other regions, in an account of their ownership.

The purpose of this rule is to maintain and encourage original content in our region.

If a member is found to be breaching this rule, punitive measures will be applied at the RA's discretion.

24. Natural disasters (meteorological, geological & hydrological events, disease outbreaks, plagues/pests, etcetera) shall be canonic in RP. All members will be required to be aware of such events happening in the geographic location and/or vicinities of their claim, and to RP them as they happen in RL, adequating all pertinent details to the RP world.

25A. A GDP cap of USD/RC$ 18 trillion shall apply for all countries in RP. Having reached that number, players will be allowed to continue roleplaying economic growth and/or expansion events, but said RP will not translate to changes that will allow them to exceed that value.

25B. A discretionary limit of 3,287,956 square miles (8,515,767 sq km) shall be applied. Having reached or exceeded that number, the RA will have to officially review and consider the possibility of applying a landcap to a country. A landcap might be applied or not depending on other factors such as population and GDP numbers, and will vary on a case-by-case basis.

25C. Specific GDP per capita limits shall apply to the RP African continent.
A base limit of USD/RC$ 4,200 GDP per capita shall apply for all claims located in the continent whose RL values in that aspect are found to be below that number.
An upper limit of USD/RC$ 15,000 GDP per capita shall apply to the entirety of the continent. However, once an African country has reached that upper limit, players will be allowed to continue roleplaying economic growth and/or expansion events, but said RP will not translate to changes that will allow them to exceed that value, regardless if their nominal GDP figure hasnít reached the $18 trillion GDP cap limit.