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Tech vs. time

I'll RP different tech levels corresponding to different periods.An event from an RP may become canon or legendary as is, or may be altered slightly. For example, removal of magic. It might also be ignored/designated AU.

PT-before c.1430 FV. Events early in this period are likely to become legends as opposed to actual history; hence FanT,if RPed as nonAU,will be RPed here. There has been a slight change to this; see Religion>the actual scoop on the spirts/2 Fvaarniimars, as well as other religion pages, for more information.
Late PT:(Defined as period between discovery of radioactivity and development of cell-phone analogues) c.1430FV-1527FV
MT:(Period between end of late PT and time when a ship carrying a human has landed on another planet) c.1530FV-1584FV
FT:1919 FV-
FF(far future)T:(This is when certain science fictional concepts bordering on magic, like actual teleportation of macroscopic objects, would show up)2896 FV.