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Frisik Government Agencies

This list is incomplete and only lists the most major and notable Frisik government agencies. More than this exist.

Det Nasjonale Redningstjeneste
(National Rescue Service)

The National Rescue Service is responsible for a variety of duties, providing country-wide, all-environments search and rescue, disaster relief, and acting as an aerial ambulance service for the nation's hospitals in rural areas. The Rescue Service, better known by their "Oranjefrakker" (Orangecoats) nickname, is also capable of deploying overseas to foreign nations to provide disaster relief, such as their deployment in the 2022 Virmor landslides. The Rescue Service uses a variety of fixed-wing and rotary-wing vehicles as well as assorted equipment to accomplish their assigned missions.

The history of Search and Rescue in Frisemark dates back to the early 19th Century, when dogsled and rider teams were assembled to aid communities affected by landslides, avalanches and other natural disasters in Frisemark's mountain ranges and forests. Eventually established as an independent government agency responsible for the Frisik home isles in 1868, the Nasjonale Redningstjeneste went on to grow in scope with the advent of the automobile and the aeroplane, which afforded the Rescue Service more capabilities as the technologies matured.

Today, the Rescue Service is largely an airmobile organization, giving it the range and speed necessary to cover Frisemark's landmass and outlying islands. It collaborates with the Nasjonalepolitiet in land search and rescue, and the Kystvagten in maritime and littoral search and rescue.

National Rescue Service field units undergo extensive paramedic, rescue swimming, and of course search and rescue training. Physical fitness is an important aspect of training, as members need to be able to move heavy objects and people, swim against harsh currents, and more for extended periods of time.

The National Rescue Service is divided into 31 bases across Frisemark, and seven primary ranks within the organization. Specific positions, such as pilot or base secretary, are capable of being filled by any rank and are typically more informal responsibilities assigned with extra training or salary raises. The Rescue Commissioner, the executive of the whole National Rescue Service, is elected from within the organization by its members. All members of the Rescue Service are eligible for the vote on Commissioner and other top-level administrative positions, and positional elections are held every two years.

The seven primary ranks of the National Rescue Service are:

  • Redningskommissær (Rescue Commissioner)

  • Staldmester (Stablemaster)

  • Redningschef (Rescue Chief)

  • Mesterredningssergent (Master Rescue Sergeant)

  • Redningssergent (Rescue Sergeant)

  • Redningsspecialist (Rescue Specialist)

  • Livredder (Lifesaver)

Extremely well-funded and capable, the National Rescue Service has a wide range of equipment available for its use. The Service employs several fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, acquired to suit the mission parameters of specific rescue bases across Frisemark. Some aircraft are also employed on foreign deployment missions.




All-Weather Rescue Helicopter


Land Rescue Helicopter


Aerial Ambulance


Rescue Aircraft
Aerial Ambulance


Search and Rescue Aircraft
Airborne Hospital
Patrol Aircraft


Transport Aircraft
Airborne Hospital
Airborne Operations Center
Search Aircraft

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