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His Majesty Asmund VI, King of Frisemark

Asmund the Sixth,

A royal portrait painted by the official Royal Portraitist, 2009.

Of the House of Gaille-Løvenørn
by the Grace of God, of the Kingdom of Frisemark and of her other realms and territories King, Head of the Realm, Grand Protector of Tordenfalk Island, Defender of the Faith.

The young king of an old Kingdom, Asmund was never meant to have taken the throne by any measure of royal tradition. Fate, it would seem, had different ideas. As the third and youngest child of King Kristaan the Tenth, Asmund's older brother Oskar was of course the heir to the Throne. The death of Oscar in 1994 from a tragic motorcycle accident left the King with a heavy heart and the issue of designating 10-year old Asmund his heir. Some say the loss of his eldest was a contributing factor to King Kristaan's unexpected death only 6 years later, at the age of 68.

The new millennium thus brought with it a new King. Asmund was crowned the Sixth of His Name at the noon of January 2nd, 2000. He took the Throne at a mere Sixteen Years of Age. Though a boy-king, Asmund had been noted even from a young age for his level-headed kindness—a factor often attributed to his mother, Queen Ingrid XV. Though without any significant political power (as does the Frisik government work), Asmund's nature allowed him to be one of the most effective diplomats in Frisik history. When he had time, he would often visit his close friend Ekaterina; the cousin of the Tsar of Sarayevka. Their marriage in 2003 only strengthened the long bond between the two countries, with a Russian now sitting at the seat of the Queen.

Asmund's kingship has seen many changes—the formation of FOTEC, or institution of Marriage Equality in Frisemark only being small examples.

In 2022, King Asmund the Sixth shoulders dominion over a small, prosperous nation in a time of great global crises and factionalism. The Frisik Realm is but a pitiful fraction of its zenith, yet the industrious work ethic of the Frisik people—and their country's extensive energy resources—leaves it a relevant regional player, with ties to those former colonies who had not forsaken their former overlords. Though his reign has been largely peaceful, the machinations of voracious foreigners and conservative hardliners threaten the idyll of his Kingdom. One can only hope that Frisemark and its people remain safe and untroubled.

Gud bevare kongen!