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Welcome to Frievolk!

Welcome, traveler, we of the Frievolker Empire welcome you to the Official Portal of our proud nation!
Everything you may wish to find about our nation can be found here, so please, do not let us bore you, scroll through!


The Frievolker Empire (Frievolker: Frievolker Kaiserreik), also legally the Frievolker Confederation or the Frievolker Commonwealth, commonly called Frievolk, is a maritime Empire with dominions in North and Central America, South Africa, and The Middle East.

The Frievolker Confederation, also called Contiguous Frievolk, is the core domain of the Frievolker Empire, commonly refered to as "The Mainland" as well as "Frievolk", it is made of the connected states of The Kingdoms of Frievolk and Belgium, Grand Duchies of Sudseit Dover and Brabant-Limburg, and the Duchies of Zeeland and Luxembourg. It is is bordered on the north by The Kingdom of Netherlands, the core of the Dutch Empire, on the south by The French Republic, and on the east by The German Empire. The Frievolker Empire has an area of 15,745,966 km² and 219,740,566 total population, 82,016 km² and 42,360,644 of which belong to the Frievolker Confederation itself.

Pictured below is a map of the Frievolker Confederation's location in Western Europe. Read More...

The Crown
The Crown is the Royalty of the Frievolker Empire. As established in our Constitution, the Head of State of the Kingdom of Frievolk is the President of the Frievolker Confederation, and the Emperor of Frievolk. This means that the Head of the House of Berun is the Head of State of the Frievolker Empire.

The current Emperor of Frievolker is His Royal and Imperial Majesty Johann the West-Star.

Johann of Frievolk was crowned the King of Frievolk in 17 February 2011 after defeating his rivals in the Race for the Throne. He has been the King of Frievolk for seven years now, but after the reannexation of Canada and restoring the Dominion of Hansfund as part of our former Imperial territories, he proclaimed the formation of a new Empire, and became the Emperor of Frievolk.

HR&IM Johann is the thirteenth monarch of the Kingdom of Frievolk, and the third Emperor in our history.

The other members of the direct Royal Family are the Empress, Her Royal and Imperial Majesty Bertha, the Crown princess, her Royal and Imperial Majesty Gertrude, and the Grand Duke of Brabant-Limburg, His Royal Majesty Hans III, and the Ruling house of Frievolk is the house of Berun

The crown of the Frievolk passes according to absolute primogeniture. The Basic Line of Succession is herein described:

Emperor of Frievolk
Children of the reigning monarch, listed by seniority, or their regent.
The current Consort of the reigning monarch.
The Siblings of the reigning monarch, listed by seniority, or their regent.
The Children of the Siblings of the reigning monarch, listed by seniority, or their regent.

There are three people in the current line of succession, and a short description of each of these heirs can be found on the appropriate links. It is obvious that if a candidate to the throne does not bear the unhyphened name of 'von Berun', either by marriage, by birth, or by adoption, they are automatically disqualified from taking the throne.

The Government of Frievolk

According to the Constitution of Frievolk, the Head of Government in the Frievolker Empire is the Chancellor, currently Imperial Chancellor Otto van Harlow, the Duke of Luxembourg

The Imperial Chancellor is, according to the constitution, the person that;

  • supervises the conduct of the legislature's business,

  • is responsible for the correct execution of the laws passed by the legislature,

  • is the head of the government of His Majesty by appointing secretaries for the his majesty's Kabinet,

  • has the power to make general administration regulations, and also exclusive to regulate the relations which are to exist between the communique offices of Frievolk and those of other countries.

  • In charge of admitting the general finances of the Empire's government to both its legislature and the Emperor.

Kabinet, or the Government of his majesty, has Six secretariats. Each of these secretariats has a general jurisdiction that they form smaller cells, offices, and deputies to manage.

The Secretariat of State

The Secretariat of Economy

The Secretariat of Public Sphere

The General Staff

The Secretariat of Infrastructure

The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs

Maria von Löwensberg

Matilda zu Ostmark

Hilda Muller

Hans von Regusen

Klein von Valtenz

Reinhart van Danz

responsible for
the nation's policing
emergency and national security
Supervision of local governments
Supervision of elections
Supervision of public administration

responsible for
superintending and regulating external trade
promoting economic growth,
government's finance,
economic policy and financial regulation,
national labour standards,
settling labour dispute and managing mechanisms,
workforce participation,
social security of the workingmen
all of Frievolk's economic sectors.

Responsible for
Public Education
Public Welfare
Public Healthcare
Distribution of the Public Wealth

Responsible for
the armed forces' budget and its equipment procurement,
the production and development of weapons
the creation of industrial factories,
the general military policy of the Empire.
It elects a Grand Marshal, which is the Commander-in-Chief of the Empire's military.

responsible for
the nation's postal service and communication system between regions,
road safety,
civil aviation,
maritime transport,
rail transport,
developing government transportation policy,
organizing public transport,
the maintenance and construction of infrastructural projects,
technological development
procurement of aircrafts,
oversees the various infrastructural sectors of Frievolk such as Telephone lines, Power lines, internet, etc.

Responsible for
foreign affairs
relations with the international world.

The Reiksdiät

The Reiksdiät (Frievolker for The Empire's Diet, or the Imperial Diet) is the Frievolker Empire's legislative body. It currently has 373 members (though the number can change provided provided an impressive or unforeseeable demographics change occurs) and is divided into two Houses: The Fursthaus and the Volkshaus.

The Fursthaus (The House of Princes) consists of the 'Princes' of the Empire, among whom the votes shall be divided in such a manner as that each State receives 1 to 3 Fursts for each county, province, or otherwise similar major subdivision it holds, furthermore Each of the Frievolker Oversees Dominions recieve three and each of the Frievolker Oversees Territories receive two votes for their entire dominion, making a total number of 80 Fursts in the Empire's Fursthaus. The Fursthaus acts as an unelected upper house of the Empire's legislature, and oversees the passing of legislature by the Volkshaus, ensuring it does not go against the Constitution.

The Volkshaus (The House of Folks), is the lower house of the Frievolker Parliament. The members of the Volkshaus are elected by universal suffrage, and by direct secret ballot. As a general rule, one representative will be elected in the place of every 750,000 citizens in the Empire. As of 1 August 2018, 24 deputies are elected in Frievolk, 20 are elected from Belgium, 7 from Sudseit Dover, 6 from Brabant-Limburg, 2 from Luxembourg, 1 from Zeeland; while 71 are elected from Hansfund, 6 from Kuwait, 134 from South Africa, 18 from Aden, 1 from The Persian Isles, 2 from Frievolker Karibb and 1 from the Non-specified Oversees Possessions, making a total number of 293 deputies in the Volkshaus. The Volkshaus is in charge of debate, discussion, and the making of laws.

The Reiksdiät is opened by the Emperor on the day of its convocation every year in the Parliament's Halls in the Palast von Weißkron, the Crown Palace of the Frievolker Empire. Read more...

Palast von Weißkron

Around Frievolk

If you are here to plan for a trip, this segment is where you should be looking. A short list of every Frievolker Domain and State can be found here, but in the following we have compiled a few highlights from every domain and where you should be visiting, and where you may need to be avoiding.

Frievolk, also called Land of the Fox and Home of the Free Folk by some, is located between Belgium and Netherlands. Thought it is the same rough size as the other two, it is only made of five provinces, the historical union of which originally created our proud nation. It has buildings as old as ten centuries in old Roman in the west, medieval and modern Nederstjil all over the kingdom, and German, Dutch, and French architecture where we inch towards their borders, particularly the territories that formerly belonged to the latter two realms.

The Frievolker Confederation, which is the Core of our Colonial Empire, spans across the Low Countries, overtaking northern France and some of the Rhineland as well. It is a popular tourist hub across the world, with Berun itself competing with Berlin, London, and Vienna as the most popular city in Europe. Frievolk's clean air, beautiful countrysides, as well as numerous landmarks of historical variety.

Outside of Europe, the Empire has a number of states across the globe. One can visit the Northern Glaciers and chilly, yet welcoming woods of Hansfund, enjoy an everlasting summer in our Caribbean dominions, enjoy hunting and visit the plentiful wonders -both native and settler- of Southern Africa. The Empire has a number of dominions in The Middle East and Northern Africa as well, but we do not, as of yet, recommend them for settling, nor visiting, due to the unstable nature of the region. The Empire, alongside our allies across the world, stopped at nothing to bring safety, prosperity, and stability to the region since the end of the Syrian Civil war of 2011-18. Read More...


The Guns of Berun (Berunsgeschütze), officially The Imperial Warforce of Frievolk (De Kaiserlik Krigsmacht des Frievolks), is the combined military forces of the Frievolker Empire. It is tasked with the defense of the property, life, and safety of the Frievolkers as well as power projection and furthering of the interests of the Empire. Today, The Guns of Berun consist of a highly mobile and quick Army, a small navy built for speed and quick termination of enemies, and an air force that is the fastest in the modern world. The Guns of Berun specialize on quick attacks, destructive hit-and-run tactics, and mobile units instead of the more conventional heavy-and-large tactic most of the world is a fan of. Read More....

The Commander-in-chief of the The Imperial Warforce is the Head of State, Kaiser Johann. However, its field marshal, and the highest ranking officer of the entire Military is the Grand Marshal of the Empire, currently Großmarschall Ingul von Kuhn.