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The mind behind Frievolk (Will be edited in a few days)


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Personal Details


December 1997
Tehran, Iran


Iranian, born and raised

Sex and Sexuality

Male, Probably Acearo


Currently studying Law


Secular Humanist

Political Compass





LinkSocial Libertarianism






Libertarian Monarchist

"Do I give a damn that I'm sharing personal information in a forum? No, No I do not."

No, Asshole, Deus does not, in fact, Vult.

Yeah, because I couldn't be arsed make a format for myself, I'm copying a template on the forums. Meh. I'll just share a bunch of stuff here.

Views of Religion

I'll be honest with you, Religion is probably where a reader of this factbook and I don't match. I'm not a religious person. Apart from a few cultural matters, I don't see the point of any form of religion, organized or not. I am a staunch atheist, at some points I have actually been misotheistic though I do like to think I've changed in that, but I'm 100% sure that an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent god can not, and does not exist. In religion, I prefer polytheistic and pagan religions to monotheism, and I have a general hatred of Islam and to a degree some forms of Christianity (i.e. Mormonism, 'Jehova's Witnesses', extremism of any type, etc.)

That said, I'd like to think I am not the kind of person to let my views on someone's religion affect my opinion on them. I try not to care about your religion when I interact with others, and I'd appreciate it if you told me off (politely) if you feel like I'm mistreating you due to your religion.

My Political Ideology

Until recently, I was a staunch republican anarchist. That has changed. My libertarianism, as well as my opinion on the State, has not changed, but some more has. I call my political belief "Libertarian Monarchism".
I view the State as, at best, a necessary evil and on average, something that ought to be made smaller, if not get ridden of completely. Of course, the full destruction of The State, while nice, is hardly possible so I believe that The State shouldn't be strictly abolished, but a directly democratic government should exist. Each Municipality (just make it small until you can work direct democracy with it. say, city or slightly larger.) is ran its own way, with the Government only in charge of watching over the emergency stuff (like, firefighters and hospitals) and the international stuff.
Like Bookchin's ideology, I do not view revolutionary anarchism as a smart idea. Revolutions, while nice, are extremely fickle and very very easy to hijack. You don't want to revolt only to get some Marxist Leninist totalitarian dictate which side of the bed you should get up from, do you?

Economic Policy
I do appear on the compass in the left-low section, but that said I do not want private property destroyed. Small Scale private property can and should exist, and shouldn't really be stopped because competition, to a certain level, is admirable. but any larger scale private entities should be destroyed. Corporations, multi-national companies, stuff like that, shouldn't be allowed to exist. instead, we have Worker cooperatives, collective ownerships, and Self-owned Employment (see: when you work for yourself). it is obvious that There should be no State owned industry, and for this reason, I stand completely against Nationalization and State Employment of all types.

That said, the question remains whether or not currency should exist, and how trade can commence. Well, ideally, currency wouldn't exist. personally I don't think Currency would exist at the scale it is now.
Allow me to elaborate. Most companies require stuff other companies produce to work. a clothmaking organization buys linen and makes clothes. Between them, trade should be quid-pro-quo. The Clothmaker takes linen, and gives a percentage of the stuff they produce to the linen maker (or the farmers giving him linen).
That said, it is horribly idealistic and not efficient at all, so small-scale currency-based trade needs to exist. We aren't anarcho-communists, and therefore trade has to commence. Currency is mostly for inter-community trade and/or when you can't trade quid-pro-quo.

Education Policy
Personally, I don't see Education as something a small government would need to overwatch. it doesn't concern them, as it's a personal issue. Personally, I'd prefer a level of education in humanities, math, science, literature, and history. but that's irrelevant.

Social Policy
Well, obviously, it's an anarchist society, and an anarchist society, if it's not a bunch of loner individualists, needs to have a communal society. Personally, I view nationalism as something important. Civic Nationalism, aka the nation (as opposed to the race) should be held above all.
When I say Nation, I mean the smallest possibly community that an individual can belong to. In my personal opinion, that's a City-State, which will be called a Nation here (as City-states are technically nations).
Personally, I view nationalism as something necessary. It's simple pragmatism. for whatever reason, you are living in a nation (whether you were born here, raised here, or moved here, is irrelevant). This piece of land and this community might not be superior to others, but it is your collective. from a logical perspective, you have to put it first. If you have the resources, you help your own first, and then use the spares to help others.

I view monarchy as a perfect mix for a sovereign society without a state. In my opinion, a society without a republican tradition generally screws up when changed into a republic, and most republics do not have a republican tradition at all. Therefore, In my opinion, a monarchy should be established in a society, but the monarch should act as a figurehead, except for where the sovereign society is in a vacuum or a very emergency situation. I realize that it would be easy for a monarch to take power in such a situation, but that's true for any form of anarchy anyway.

The Next thing I believe is something I like to call Libertine Justice. Justice, at least a level of it, needs to be held. Laws need to exist, because a society can't operate without them. Obviously laws need to be directly and democratically legislated (see: The Thing in the Scandinavian societies) and by not just majority but absolute vote (as in, not 51%, but a level of approval that almost everyone agrees to it. There wouldn't be that many laws, since there are few stuff that, say, 90% of a population agrees on, but those laws would be, pardon my french, sacred. Those, until decided otherwise, are stuff that are the pillars of a community, and for this reason alone, breaking them requires swift justice.
I personally don't believe in capital punishment except for the stuff that concern The First Right. Murder, Slavery, Rape and actions of extreme non-consent need to be punished swiftly. Apart from that, I do not believe in incarceration. Exile and rehabilitation are better alternatives. But Libertine Justice is an absolutely important pillar of a community.

International Policy
Personally, I have a dovish internationalist opinion. military operations, aside from guerrilla warfare against an oppressive nation, are dumb, ineffective, and costly. Wars, especially starting them, is something I absolutely detest. Use of bigger guns and weapons (nukes and chemicals, per se) are both horrible and absolutely dumb. From a pragmatist notion, even owning a nuke is absolutely dumb.

Ignoring that, I believe in open trade with other communities of similar opinions, and ban of trade with collectives of opposite views. if you live in an Anarchist society, trading with someone like DPRK isn't smart.

some personal stuff

I am a staunch believer of the right to arms. The One thing hardline conservatives and hardline ancoms can agree with (though for different reasons). Arming yourself and self-defense is an absolutely important part of an individual's rights. if you aren't armed, you won't be able to defend yourself. I detest any action to take away my arms or limit me from acquiring more weapons.

I believe in Secular worship. IMO, temples should not be tax-exempt (so long as tax exists, ofc), and be taxed. Religious belief should have no place in any political matter, nor social. Following this, I am a staunch supporter of the Pro-choice cause, I detest homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, etc. etc.

I love travelling, especially meeting people of different cultures (enjoying foreign cuisine, learning about other people's culture, etc.). I personally make a point of visiting the historical sites of places I travel to, and I have personally been to Various cities in Iran (duuuuh, I live here), Iraq, Syria, Malaysia, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Hungary. I am planning on travelling to England, as well as a few Scandinavian Countries.

I am also somewhat a vexillologist. Some of the flags I designed on the appropriate NS forum include that of Elmyra (viewtopic.php?f=12&t=442202&p=34426757#p34426757), Kyneland (viewtopic.php?p=34436110#p34436110), The Russian Nations (viewtopic.php?p=35036963#p35036963), The Allied Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (viewtopic.php?p=35093818#p35093818), Djalland (viewtopic.php?p=35102437#p35102437), Ryssia (viewtopic.php?p=35102237#p35102237), and The Kreise Federation (viewtopic.php?p=35251823#p35251823).

(If you don't want me to name you send me a TG and I'll remove the names)

List of all my Puppets




My Current main NS, I am very active on this account, both in forums and in factbooks.
A Kingdom and Empire, with its core in Benelux, controls most of it (apart from Netherlands), as well as Canada and the Persian Islands in the Persian Gulf.
this NS is part of the Prime-world.


Your average anachronistic stupid PMT/FT observer state.


the Polar Opposite to Pilarcraft and its main opponent.
This NS I made, trying to be as cartoonishly oppressive as possible. Do not view this as anywhere close to my personal opinion, as there's nothing in it that is close to mine.
This Nation is part of the Prime-World

Allied Iran

This is a new NS that I've recently made, and am in the process of working on its main factbook. this NS is part of the Prime-world.
This Nation is part of the Prime-World

Neu libertalia

That Pirate Republic in Caribbean that somehow survived all the way to modern age. Part of the Prime-world..

Pax pilartica

A Future Tech! Space Empire that Pilarcraft ended up forming after uniting Earth under its own banner.

Greate Boston

My Fallout Puppet. Used to be more involved with it a few months back.

List of all my Factbooks Templates

Alright, so there's no many, but here's one:

Voltron Thread No. 1: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=437658

Random Stuff I found funny on NSG

Basically, the NSG is a great site to find funny stuff, if you ignore the weirdness, the debates, and the side-eyeing thing that's going on everywhere. It's also where the Right Libertarians have more to agree with Tankies than the Tankies have with other tankies.

Horseshoe leftists, fishhook centrists
Everyone's a fascist except me
Feminazis, Men's Reich Activists
Everyone's a fascist except me
Libertaryans, pacifuhrers
Not a thing could be surer
Everyone's a fascist except me

Unnecessary high stakes brinkmanship did not immediately lead to war; all political leaders involved to get medals.

Tone-moan distraction tactics and refusing to answer reasonable questions is well known to be one of the highest argument tiers, rivalling the smug anime face.

Today you've made yourself a powerful enemy in the Waifu Liberation Front.

Stuff I've said

One can argue that Capitalism is not possible in a Democratic system. Indeed, Democracy is impossible in a system that allows a person to use another person's labor for profit. The Sheer Inequality of it will mean that different persons will not be worth the same to the capitalist economy, and thus the nation itself. To make it short, he who is to compete politically needs to either have a net worth high enough to support him, or to bend to the will of he who has more. Any Capitalist Society will eventually end in an Oligarchy."

"Capitalism is inherently Oppressive. A system that is motivated by profit runs by profit, what is more profitable for a person than to control a market all by himself? Monopolies are the logical extreme of any 'free' market that isn't regulated, and monopolies end only with oligarchy. indeed, this can be seen all over the world. Same people own different Gigantic Corporations, and with that control the world. is that anything other than oppression?"

"In Republics, Directorial. In Monarchies, Constitutional."

"No, you aren't against "political correctness", you just miss your fountain privileges."