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The Scientific Collectives of
Left-Leaning College State

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Common Abbreviations and Conventions

The following is a list of abbreviations that may appear in government information or factbooks:

    CIB - Corporate Investment Bank
    EMC - Executive Ministry Council
    G.H. - After (Equestria's) Establishment [from Giom Haźteu]
    HT - Haupttribunal
    LEC - Limited Employee Cooperative
    MA - Member of the Assembly
    MAP - Minister Advisor and President
    SFAE - Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Economy
    SRSC - Social Republic and Scientific Collectives
    UNB - University of Neue Bayreuth

Because Neighland was traditionally a matriarchal society, and of a significant feminist strain in Joplinia, Freneq English typically uses “she” as the generic, individual personal pronoun.