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The Social Republic and Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta

The Social Republic and Scientific Collectives of Frenequesta is a nation that occupies some sleepy crossroads of the Pony Lands. It is well-known for its restrictive advertising laws, government-mandated union shops, rich musical and scientific heritage, and its eclectic political system. It is a fairly recent state, having formed from the merger of the human colony of Joplinia-Lambscott and the Pony nation of Neighland, following a century of trade wars, one actual war, and more than its fair share of major environmental disasters.

(Note: Where there is a double name, the human name is listed first, and the Pony name second. The numbers following are populations for the city proper.)
Capital: Neue Bayreuth|Violasfarne (11.4 million)
Major Cities: Fox Dole Altar (4.3 million), Unirove|Farrier City (2.1 million), Reinsburgh (2.0 million), Denniston (1.8 million), Platzetorf|Liveryville (1.7 million), Haymarket (1.1 million)

Demonym: Frenequestan (document official), Freneq

Area: 1,120,994 km2
Population: 95,045,237 (1348 est.)
Density: 84.8 persons/km2

Government: Semi-Federal Presidential Technocratic Republic
Legislature: The Assembly(unicameral)
Executive: The Ministry Network of Frenequesta
Head of State: Minister Advisor and President Claire Ritter Rieu
Head of Government: The Ministry Council of Frenequesta

GDP: 3.59 Trillion $NS (1348 est.)
GDP per Capita: 37,771.49 $NS
Currency: New Sync

Languages: English, Equestrian, German, Mandarin Chinese
Ethnic Breakdown: Joplinian 63.1%, Pony 31.4%, Other 5.5%