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News about Teutonic invasion of Lithuania

(OOC me here, I do not support the actions of what RL Russia has done, I did not plan on continuing this war the way it will, nor do I mean any harm drawing eyes away from the war there, but I really had no real way of expressing myself during this war, and instead of retconning my lore to have TTL Russia invade TTL ukraine, I have opted to make this my nation’s Ukraine. I still hope you understand that this is no means insensitive on purpose, but is how I am coping with the war going on right now.

Memel has been under Lithuanian rule since 1991, but since yesterday’s Germanic nationalist bombing, relations with neighboring state Teutonia have begun to heat up. PM Ägidius Lexer and PM Vita Krugeliene discuss the matter in the Memel Summit. The type of summit will be a judicial summit. Nine other nations will make up the jury to reach the verdict.

On September 15th, 2020, five bombs went off in the eastern Memel Province Parliamentary Building at 8:35 PM. Three minutes later, two more bombs went off in the southern building. A total of 296 people were killed in the attack, with another 20584 injured.

“Memel has suffered enough from the Soviets, and the Canadians tried to negotiate with the Russians to allow Eastern Germans to live in one state,” states Lexer. “If we let Memel be annexed by Teutonia, Oliver’s dreams of an Eastern Germanic State will be fulfilled.”

"We will not negotiate with these terrorists, nor will we ever let the Germans unify under one banner. The last time the Germans tried to unite, the world was nearly destroyed," states Krugeliene, "that is why we need to keep the Germans separated. They must not destroy the world."

After three days of the summit, the verdict has been reached. Memel will remain under Lithuanian rule, and the terrorists responsible in Teutonia will be brought to justice by the Lithuanian government.

3 days after the summit, Teutonia has begun to justify war goals against Lithuania, according to Estonian spies. Estonia warned Lithuania about the upcoming war, but Lithuania dismissed the issue as "fake news." As it turns out, Teutonia had justified war goals against Lithuania, just to claim Memel. Teutonia sent an ultimatum for Memel, and Lithuania refused. The war has begun for Memel.

After a few weeks of regular battles, the conflict later devolved into a provincial skirmish, where they send a squad to raise their flag on the provincial control marker, with a few border skirmishes along the province border. This is similar to the dispute over the Falklands and other places in the world.

A ceasefire was issued to both sides by the UNOEA (United Nations Office of European Affairs) on December 30th. VC forces will set up, manage, and enforce the DMZ until all wounded and civilians are evacuated from the areas affected. The ceasefire was put into effect at 13:35 EET on December 31st, and VC peacekeepers arrived at 15:10 EET the same day.

During a routine inspection of one building, phosgene and Novichok agents were found in canisters and trace amounts were polluting a surrounding farm. Both sides deny the use of chemical warfare during the short period of conflict, but witness testimonies suggest that both sides were trying to make certain areas unusable for one side. Further investigations should reveal the true reason for the deployment of the chemicals.

At 6:55 AM, a nuclear device was detonated in Vilnius, Lithuania. The explosive was detonated by a Teutonian ultranationalist group that was responsible for the bombing in Memel. Radiation from the explosion has leaked into Belarusian territories, and left Vilnius uninhabitable. The explosion could be heard from Koenigsburg, and shattered glass all the way to Kaunas.

A coup d'état has succeeded in Teutonia. The coup was led by the ultranationalist Waldemarr Rald and his fellow conspirators, and they were the ones behind the Memel bombings and the Vilnius nuclear explosion. The new government placed Rald as the Chancellor and Supreme Ruler of the new Teutonic Reich. Rald and his fellow conspirators then seized all of the Klaipeda Region while the VC Peacekeepers were sent to Kaunas, the new capitol of Lithuania. Rald and his group of ultranationalists believed in returning Germany to her former glory under national socialism, yet believing that Hitler’s ideology did not go far enough.

Several superweapons, both legal and illegal have went missing from the respective governments. The superweapons in question mainly consist of Chinese and Nazi design, yet one MAC 10000 Railgun is missing as well. The UN will investigate on the matter, and the Republic of Canada threatens Teutonia, the prime suspect, to stand down, or “Canada will leave Earth, taking her technology with her.”

At 8:58 am, Teutonic artillery opened fire upon the Lithuanian village of Graudūšiai, and later pushing armored vehicles to take what remained of the village. Later, at 9:04 am, tanks and mechanized infantry began their assault upon Kybartai. The assaults have reignited the war between the two states, and the international community has condemned the attacks, labeling them as insensitive to Multiversal affairs. Many sources stated that the Teutonians were using the ceasefire to prepare for these attacks, but none of these have been confirmed.