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Ravenian Animation


Ratings: 4.7/5
TV Rating:TV-14
Airtime: 2020-
First Aired: July 10th, 2020
Last Aired:

Full Op: LinkTheme 1


Pilot Part 1
Three teens find themselves in a laboratory, changed into robotic velociraptors. With no memory of where they are, they escape. They find out who did this to them, but they find a cave, inhabited by the estranged professor from their school.

Pilot Part 2
The tree found Professor Wilhelm in a cave, after escaping a laboratory. With his help, they change back into their human form. After they do so, an alien invasion begins. They realize that they need to be able to fight back, so they are given devices to change them into their raptor forms. When they arrive at the city, they find the military fighting back.

Pilot Part 3
After arriving to the city, the three find that the military is fighting back. However, the invaders destroy the military's forces. The three then change into their raptor forms to combat the invaders. After defeating the invaders, army reinforcements arrive. They see the three, and believe that they are a threat. The three then escape.

Just a Normal Life
Rose, one of the three teens, wants things to go back to the way things were before. She wanders into an alleyway, where she meets a stranger who can grant her three wishes. Unknown to her, the stranger is an invader with the power to change a personís reality, while draining their life force. She is granted the wish to have a normal life. 3 days later, she starts to notice that she seems to be shrinking in size. She then finds the invader, and wishes for the wish to be reversed. He refuses, saying that she already committed to her wish. Rose then fights the invader. She then beats him and he reverses the wish before a creature on his forehead killed him. She then takes the specimen to Wilhelm and the others, where they find that it controls the host to obey orders.

Up the Chain
The city is attacked by an invader with the power to change gravity.

It Just Works
After a series of robberies with no video evidence of the crime, the police recruit the help of the three. They find out that two robbers were helped by an invader who can erase time.

Boy Who Cried Wolf
Alex, one of the three, is attacked by an invader, but when he calls the others, the invader is nowhere to be seen. Thinking that he was joking, the two leave and tell him not to clown around. The next day, he is attacked again, and he calls the two to help him. Again, the invader leaves before the two get there. They tell him again that he needs to stop joking. Later, Rose checks the security footage, and sees that Alex was telling the truth. While this was happening, Alex is attacked by the invader. Alex calls for help, but Trey doesnít come. Rose eventually shows up, helping Alex defeat the invader.

Dream Catcher
After a string of night deaths, kids start talking about how similar they are to a Wes Craven franchise. The 3 then figure out that they are dealing with an invader who appears in their dreams.