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The Confederacy of
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President Adarsh Sawant

Adarsh Sawant

Adarsh Sawant, as MP for Ratnagiri

President of the Confederacy

In office: 14 Oct 2020 - Current Day

Preceded by: Chandrababu Naidu

Minister of Tourism
पर्यटन मंत्री

In office: 3 November 2015 - 13 October 2020

Preceded by: Jaichand Singh

Succeeded by: Nishant Patnaik

Personal Details


9 January 1975 (age 45)
Ratnagiri, Konkan (now part of FIS)


Konkani, Indian

Political Party:

स्वतंत्रता संघ (Liberty Union)


Sita Sawant


Mohan Sawant, Anjali Sawant


Panjim Naval Academy
- Degree in Mechanical Engineering





Military Service
सैन्य सेवा


Confederacy of Free Indian States

Service Branch:

Indian Confederate Navy

Years of Service:



Vice Captain


Panjim, State of Konkan

"To pray to God daily is devotion. To fear the consequences for accidentally forgetting to do it one day is superstition."
- Adarsh Sawant, when asked about his religious beliefs.

Adarsh Sawant is a naval officer turned politician from Ratnagiri, State of Konkan, known for his courage, pragmatism and discipline. He is the 6th President of the Confederacy of Free Indian States. He is very patriotic and loves to narrate stories from his time in the navy.

Early Life

Adarsh Sawant was born to a middle class family in Ratnagiri in the then Republic of Konkan (now state of Konkan) on 9th January 1975. He went to a public school for all of his school life. His family was quite religious and as a result he held dear, the values they'd taught him. His father owned a small ferry service that took passengers from Ratnagiri to Panjim and back. On school holidays Adarsh accompanied his father on these trips, occasionally bringing a friend along with him. On these trips, he used to keenly observe random passengers, sometimes even eavesdrop on their conversations. Through this, he learnt a lot about what problems people in various sections of society faced. In 10th grade, he started taking an interest in politics, though at the time it was merely reading the more political themed articles in the newspaper. When the Indian states united to form the Confederacy in 1992, he was quite happy about it. He went to the Panjim Naval Academy in 1993 to become a naval officer. Tough life and training in the Academy caused him to develop alcoholism. He graduated from there in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Later that year, he married Sita Jha, a childhood friend from his school, a girl of Maithili origin, who's family had fled their hometown and had settled in Ratnagiri during the 2nd World War. She was the same age as he, and helped him overcome his alcohol addiction.

Naval Career

Adarsh was admitted into the navy as a lieutenant. He quickly rose through the ranks, owing mostly to his diligence and partly to his uncle Narayan Rao being a Vice Admiral.

Adarsh, now a changed man, gave up alcohol completely. He founded the Association of Sober Sailors (A.S.S. for short) along with his friend and junior, Lieutenant ,Yashwant Nagar. He resigned from the A.S.S. about 4 months later when during a party, he drank from a glass which he thought contained apple juice, but which was secretly swapped with cider by another officer.

He fought in the intervention war in Burma in 2012 as a vice captain aboard the missile boat CIS Karwar. Under his command, his ship successfully helped sink the Burmese destroyer BNS Mandalay with the support of two other missile boats. Later in the war, his ship was hit by coastal artillery when he was tasked with joining other ships in a blockade of the coast of Arakan. He happened to be going downstairs to the hold at that moment, and the shock caused him to trip and fall down the stairs, fracturing his left arm and causing a hairline crack in his left collar bone. He was soon evacuated from the blockade and transferred to the army hospital in Chittagong.

Rise in Politics

When Captain Sawant recovered a few months later, he chose to resign from the navy and join politics instead, and took membership of the Liberty Union. He was elected as a member of the Lower House for Ratnagiri. Him being a navy veteran who got injured, along with his charismatic personality as a speaker, helped him get elected. He worked hard to support the tourism industry in his constituency and used all the funds he got for his budget to develop infrastructure in Ratnagiri, sometimes even going over his budget. His work was noticed by senior party members, who made him the Minister of Tourism in 2015, when his predecessor Jaichand Singh was found guilty in a corruption scandal and was forced to resign.

In the 2020 election campaign, the Liberty Union used Sawant's public image as a veteran, and as a politician who had helped in the development of his constituency. His public speaking skills, which he had worked to improve over time, attracted the people to his political opinions, allowing his party to win the elections. When the time came for the Parliament to elect the President, his name was met with opposition from older members, even within his party, but he received support from younger members from other parties. Eventually, they parliament agreed to elect him as the President, since popular sentiments too were with him, and not doing so would be an insult to the electorate.


Will be added later


  • IFTC membership
    After much debate with Trade and Finance Minister, Mohan Singh, and pressure from his party, the Prez. agreed to go back on his policy of nationalist economics, follow a less interventionist approach, and join the International Free Trade Coalition.

  • Universal Healthcare
    The universal healthcare scheme would provide a government owned health insurance to all. Citizens would have to pay slightly more in tax, while medical treatment and medicines would be provided for free or at a subsidised cost, depending upon the patient's financial status. Private hospitals are NOT nationalised under the scheme. People who do not wish to take the benefit are allowed to drop the scheme at any time. However, once a citizen signs up for the insurance, he/she cannot drop it and will have to pay the premium through tax for atleast one year. Only Indian citizens are allowed to benefit from the insurance. Foreign patients would still have to pay the full cost of treatment.

For & Against

  • For: Patriotism, low income taxes, capitalism, religious freedom, free speech, internet privacy, social conservatism, gun rights, traditional art and architecture, States Rights

  • Against: Communism, anarchism, national socialism, modern art, brutalist architecture, anti-theism, censorship, centralisation of the Confederacy, illegal immigration, unrestricted access to abortion

Personal Information

Adarsh's wife, Sita, was actually the first person he'd met when on his first day in school. She didn't allow him to sit beside her right then, but eventually as they grew up through primary school, they became very good friends. Later in high school, he told her about his feelings for her and she said she shared them. Later they got married in 1998 at the age of 23, when Adarsh had graduated from the Naval Academy and Sita had got a degree in Economics. Their first child, Mohan, was born in 2001 and the second child, Anjali was born in 2005. He was able to get a leave on both occasions to go home and be with his wife during childbirth. While she couldn't go out for a job while taking care of two kids, she worked as an accountant at her father-in-law's ferry business, which had grown larger by then. Later in 2012, when Adarsh got injured in the war, she quit her job to look after him. As a President, Adarsh often asks for her opinion on economic matters and takes it into consideration, as he has never studied economics other than reading books on the subject while in hospital. He sincerely loves his wife to this day and is grateful for her being with him when he needed her the most, and considers himself incomplete without her.

Personal Trivia

  • Adarsh has a pet beagle named "Snoopy" named after the one from the comic, "Peanuts".

  • Despite quitting the Association of Sober Sailors (A.S.S.) after accidentally breaking the pledge, he still practices temperance in his life and drinks only when the formalities demand it.

  • Despite being very traditional, he has a general dislike for monarchy of any kind. However, he doesn't want to allow it to affect his policymaking, as it would instantly kill much support in the Upper House.

  • After his resignation from the navy, he purchased his 9mm K1 service pistol.

  • The real person in his picture is Sam Manekshaw.


“Those people with the 'Not my job' attitude are the worst scum on this planet. They disappoint me more than anything else. If it doesn't hurt to do that extra bit, one should do it, if not from sense of duty, then at least out of kindness.”


"Huh, this apple juice tastes funny. Oh wait, f**k no its cider!"

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