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A, much more, complex history of the Free Arabian Nation

A nation rises
It all began at the end of WW2, the Nazi Empire had fallen and America and the Soviet Union are the two global superpowers. The Soviets had taken large portions of Eastern Europe, taking everything in Europe except for France, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Italy (Which was divided between the Soviet North and American South). This much larger Soviet Union was partly due to the botched landing at D-Day. The Americans had failed to make a successful landing and thousands of Americans, British, French, Poles, Greeks, and everyone in between wasted their lives in a battle that put Gallipoli to shame. This newly found power brought power to Stalin's head and thus launched an Invasion eastward using the newly developed Nuclear Bomb in 1947. Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Napoli were wiped off the map along with several other cities in North America and Europe. Finding themselves without allies, the British asked the remains of the US to unite NATO under one banner called "The Atlantic Ocean Republic". Latin America and British Colonies across the globe joined to face the Soviet Threat. Now, you may be asking, "Where do the Arabs fit into all of this?". Well, while this was happening, a heavily shaken Arabia united under the Banner of King Faisal II of Iraq, much like NATO and the Warsaw Pact (Which was later renamed to the United Eurasian Socialist Republics). The Arabs, which consisted of only the already independent nations of Arabia, and the Atlantic Oceanianians had a brief alliance as to thwart Russian Imperialism when the Civil War happened. The Atlantic Oceanians had devolved into a Civil War between Freedom and a Home Grown ideology called "English Socialism". The Oceanians pulled out of Arabia as to fight their own problems which opened the borders to various invaders... but none came. For 4 years nobody invaded Arabia until the People's Republic of China invaded Persia and began to march down towards Mesopotamia. The Oceaniaians united under the Ideology of INGSOC and invaded from Yemen and the Eurasians took Kurdistan. At the time, Stalin and Mao still ran the 2 nations under a not-as-authoritarian regime and thus treated the peoples of Arabia with some compassion. The Oceanians showed no mercy during their march towards Mecca. Mao and Stalin were shocked at the sheer brutality of the invasion and swiftly declared war on Oceania out of pure disgust of Oceanian actions (Even if they would soon fall towards just as evil regimes). Speaking of China, China was still at war with itself, but Communist China invaded Arabia and Persia to get Oil to fuel the war effort against Nationalist China, The Empire of Japan (Which hasn't fallen yet due to the lack of a Nagasaki/Hiroshima), and now Oceania. Eventually, The Arabic people rose up against their oppressors, after the execution of Faisal II by a rogue Soviet officer, under the leader of Dassm Eniuss and pushed back the invaders... but they alone did not stop them. INGSOC became popular in other nations under 2 different names: Neo-Bolshevikism and Obliteration of the Self. The already weak and divided nations fought amongst each other as these new and totalitarian ideologies fought for power within their respective nations. Even for a brief moment, Arabia could have fallen to the Totalitarian Bureaucrats, but they held strong in their ideology of Freedom and Democracy. In most of the Civil Wars, multiple nuclear weapons were dropped on cities across Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and Both Americas. In the end, though, the Totalitarians won and these new Ideologies started fighting for control over the "Disputed Zone" which each side having their own de-jure reason for fighting over it. Likewise, as freedom died around them, the Arabic people remained strong and fended off attack after attack and began to restructure their Government

A nation struggles
It was not all fun and games for the Arabs though, especially when it came to defense and internal conflicts. Pan-Arab unity was not an idea accepted by all in Arabia and there was one big question on everyone's mind: The Jews. The Jewish people still owned Israel but joined Free Arabia out of desperation. Suffice to say, there was an intense hatred within the nation against the Jewish People. However, in 5/5/1956, a Constitutional Convention was brought up. Dassm and 2 delegates from each Nation joined up and signed a constitution. This constitution declared that "Arabs, Kurds, Jews, Persians, and everyone else would be declared equals. There shall be no, legal, discrimination based off of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability and that all peoples will be judged off who they are and not what they are". The constitution also brought up the idea of democracy, which is to be done locally and nationally once a state of global peace is declared. Not everyone was happy though, and around 20K Jordanians rose up against the "Tyrants just as bad as the damn Totalitarians". It grew and grew until the nation was divided against itself. Before a single shot could be fire though, the Eurasians invaded in mass in order to get a land route to Africa. They invaded as far south as Jerusalem and threatened both Arab, Jew, and Kurd alike. On the verge of collapse, the people began building fortifications and stealing weapons from supply convoys. This began the Arabian tradition of the people being so heavily armed it puts the real-life Americans to shame. The Battle of Jerusalem began 5/7/1956. That day is known as Unification Day due to how politically important the battle was. Around 345400 lived in Jerusalem and half of them rose up against the Eurasians. Of the 172700 who fought that day, 74894 died along with 32000 Arabian Soldiers but there were around 640 Thousand Eurasians casualties causing them to retreat back to Turkey. During the battle, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, peoples of all backgrounds rose up to fight the invading Eurasian Army. This battle caused a wave of mutual respect between the very divided groups and united them under the banner of freedom. The peoples of Arabia were now free and united at last... now they just got to survive.

Post-50's Arabia
Since the 50's: Oceanians, Eurasians, and Eastasians invaded Arabia in an attempt to enslave the peoples of Arabia and suck up the resources of the nation. Most of the time they are pushed back with heavy loses for the invaders. That doesn't mean the Arabians haven't taken any hits. Many scientists across Arabia have estimated that around 22.3 Million Arabs either died or were simply never born because of the war. 22.3 million people who either never existed in the first place or had their lives taken away. Despite, moral has not lowered and the Arabian Nation continues to fend off totalitarianism to this day. Many of the famous battles after 1960 are the Battle of Mecca in 1962, The Battle of Damascus in 1971, and the Battle of Baghdad in 1982. These 3 battles consisted of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and were the closest Arabia has gotten to falling since Faisal II. The desperate defenses of those cities proved effective as each time they were pushed back and prevented the collapse of the nation.

Outside of Arabia
Things are quite messy outside of Arabia. In India, Indo-China, Africa, and Indonesia, many resistance groups have also risen up but are quickly suppressed due to how unorganized they are. The rest of the Disputed zone has no allegiance, not to Freedom not to Tyranny, and is thus easy pickings for the 3 superpowers. The lands of the disputed zone also have way more resources/free manpower than the united and industrious Arabia and so a lot more effort is put towards invading those nations rather than Arabia. This also is the reason why Arabia has survived for so long instead of being instantly and easily destroyed by the united forces of one nation. Outside of the Disputed Zone in Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania the peoples there are constantly oppressed, but some are more oppressed than others. Central Asia, Persia, Siberia, and South America are treated more like the peoples of the Disputed Zone rather than the heavily caste-based peoples of Europe, North America, and the Bulk of Eastasia. The peoples in these zones are defeated and only work/fight to survive another day rather than out of love for the party. Many of the Rural areas of America and Australia have no clue that a war is even happening/there were a regime change and so many still wave the American/Australian flag and believe they are making food for their respective peoples instead of Oceania as a whole. It is still unknown how major cities like London, "Revolution City" (St. Petersburg), and Linyi (The "Capitals" of Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia respectively) managed to survive the nukes along with most of the world. Many believe that much fewer nukes were used than predicted and most of Europe, Asia, and America and most died due to radiation/party induced starvation while others believe that the hypothetical of Nuclear Winter did not actually happen.

Technological Improvements/Outside Influences
Technological Increase is surprisingly slow despite the war with most Technological breakthroughs being from accidents/private scientists. One of the most major breakthroughs includes a device known as "The Internet", which is used by Military Officials for communication, and "Interdimensional Communicator" which was invented by Dassm himself. What this device does is still unknown and a heavily guarded secrete, but leaked military files proclaim that it allows people to communicate to a "Realm" called "Forum 7". What the "Forum 7" is is still unknown and is probably a top-secret military program.