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2017 Minuscule Canyon Quake

3:57 am: Shaking starts in Minuscule Canyon as a 4.1 magnitude starts 421 miles underneath. Very little was felt. Power surged and car alarms started to go off. No damage...

4:12 am: Diamondville feels a 3.9 just west of Downtown. People started to worry. It was shallow...

4:27 am: Minuscule Canyon is hit with a 6.6, this time, a water main breaks spilling millions of gallons of water onto city and suburban streets, lights go out and windows shatter.

4:05 pm: A 7.9 mangitude earthquake rocks the cities of Diamondville and Minuscule Canyon. Total death toll is 144. Minuscule Canyon is uncertain about the death toll or amount of damage done.

7:50 pm: Emperor Xemptoworth tours the damage in Diamondville. "Magnitudes of damage is shown by the communitues of Minuscule Canyon and Diamondville. Minuscule Canyon cannot communicate their situation due to massive communications outages. When they get back online, people will be able to see how truly horrible the damage is. Minuscule Canyon WILL HET HELP!"

8:17 pm: Disturbing videos of the 58 mile deep, 7.9 magnitude earthquake surface to news media outlets EVERYWHERE in the nation. The video shows the Margie Tower tip and crumble with people inside, including the peraon tsking the video. Floors fell from underneath your feet.

8:21 pm: Empress Xemptoworth weeps and asks the nation to pray on live tv.

"All I ask of you is to pray. Don't donate any money. Pray to your God that He/She/ They can rescue those in Minuscule Canyon. The Gods you pray to are important. They save... 😢😢😢... lives."

A day of grief in FE