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The Franconia Empire Constitution (2015- ?)

Amendment One: You have the right to say, write, print, etc., anything you want

Amendment Two: You have the right to a weapon. Only one per household.(Concealed Carry is allowed)
2-A: Revised in 2016, All homes may carry as many weapons as they want.
2-B: Revised in 2018, All homes may not have automatic or semi-automatic hand guns in the household

Amendment Three: You have the right to deny. Anything you say in court is written down.
Article One: This Amendment does not comply to the first Amendment.

Amendment Four: You have the right to an attorney. When being arrested, cops will read you the list of rights you have upon arrest.

Amendment Five: If the government were to go out on hand, the Emperial Army has the right to overthrow the Emperor/ Empress and serve three Terms as Emperor.

Amendment Six: Nudity is not a crime.

Amendment Seven: All peoples have the right to deny troops of housing in their own homes.

Amendment Eight: The maximum amount of terms an Emperor can serve is 36, one term being 12 years.
Amendment Eight Revised (2015): One term is now 4 years, and maximum number of terms is 2

Amendment Nine: Immigration is totally legal.

Amendment Ten: You have the right to deny service of the military if you feel ashamed of being a Franconian.

Amendment Eleven: You have to have a licence to serve and drink alcohol.

Amendment Twelve: You have the right to treat thy neighbor as good/ bad you want. Immigrants will be treated no different.

Amendment Thirteen: Immigrants have the right to a fair and speedy trial. Immigrants will have all rights as other Franconians come the trial date.
Article One: Immigrants have one free trial.

Article Two: Repealed by the "Crime Can Fight Itself Policy"

Amendment Fourteen: All adult activity (I.e. drinking, smoking, etc.) Is legal at the age of 18.
Amendment Fourteen Revised: (Alcohol: see amendment thirty)

Amendment Fifteen: Voting age is 21.
Amendment Fifteen Revised: Voting age is 18.

Amendment Sixteen: (Added in 2015) All UDN nations will help one another in times of need and crisis.
(Amendment repealed because UDN no longer exists.)

Crime Can Fight Itself Policy (Added in 2015): refer to dispatch.

Amendment Seventeen (Added in 2015): Homosexual marriage is perfectly legal.

Amendment Eighteen (Added in 2015): Racism is okay, it is going to happen anyway, so why outlaw it...
Amendment Eighteen Revised (2018): Racism is not tolerated, will not be tolerated, and will be treated as a criminal offense.

Amendment Nineteen (Added in 2015): Prayer is able to be taught in public schools, but only in religious classes.
Amendment Nineteen Revised (2018): Prayer may be taught in all schools outside of religious classes after Christianity was named the FE's official religion.

Amendment Twenty (Added in 2015): Homosexual couples are able to adopt children without a licence.

Amendment Twenty- One (Added in 2015): All UDN nations will be granted free citizenship in all of the UDN nations in The Nations of Intelligence (UDN no longer exists).

Amendment Twenty- Two (Added in 2015): Women are able to run for the position of Empress.

Amendment Twenty- Three (Added in 2015): Women are able to vote at the age of 25.
Amendment Twenty- Three Revised (Revised in 2015): Women are able to vote at the age of 18, when the rest of the nation can vote.

Amendment Twenty- Four (Added in 2015): Men and women will be payed the same wage of 23 UCB Credits/ hr.

Amendment Twenty- Five (Added in 2015): Segregation is pronounced illegal.

Amendment Twenty- Six (Added in 2015): Women are able to serve in the military as food service, postal, nursing, Coast guard, and Marine.
Amendment Twenty- Six Revised (2018): Women may serve in the Armistice and Army.

Amendment Twenty- Seven (Added in 2015): Police are not able to use excessive force for protection of citizens.

Amendment Twenty- Eight (Added in 2015): The people have the right to sue the Franconia Empire for excessive police force.

Amendment Twenty- Nine (2015): No alcoholic beverages shall be drunken in the vicinity of ten feet from children.

Amendment Thirty (2015): Nobody below the age of 29 shall drink alcoholic beverages.
Amendment Thirty Revised (2018): The legal drinking age is now 25.

Amendment Thirty-One (2015): If an Emperor/ Empress were to perish, die, or get assassinated, the Government of the Franconia Empire has to have an election that week of death or disappearance.
31A) If no party wishes to have a candidate for Emperor/ Empress, the Emperial Army will govern.
31B) If the Emperial Army is busy, the UDN Army will govern.
31C) If one decides to drop out during the candidacy or Emperial race and zero candidates are left, the successor
will be Speaker of Parliament.

Amendment Thirty- Two: Nuclear weapons are illegal on Franconian soil. Nuclear energy will be a backup source if there is a mass blackout.

Amendment Thirty- Three: Nobody will be caught bullying online, in schools, or on the streets. Anyone caught violating will be imprisoned.

Amendment Thirty- Four: No Franconian state shall call acts of war against each other. Instead you must report it to the Franconia Emperial Government and we will settle this in Parliamentary Court.

One: All Franconians are to be issued out alcohol as a medicine prescribed in a certain dose per day/ week/ month.

Two: (Marijuana is being disputed)By law, a person may be able to drive under the influence of Marijuana. If smoking it in a car full of animals, children, or babies, it will lead to arrest. [2017] (Passed in 2018)

Three: Gays and Lesbians are allowed to marry without judgment of the Franconia Emperial Government.

Four: All food labels will have the preservatives listed by June of 2016.

Five: Smoking age is 21 and Drinking age is 29 25.

Six: You must have a valid Franconian National Identification Card to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, and energy drinks. [Energy drink age is 16]

Seven: The Franconia Emperial Government thinks it is okay to show smutty television during the day because people fall in love and kids are visual learners.

Eight: All major corporations have to pay 90% tax. That tax is distributed down to the FE (1%) and small businesses (99%).