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The Free and Open Peoples of
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Political Parties in the FE

People for Social Democracy (Green Party):

They think the FE should have a UBI paid for by corporate Franconia at 100%. Pro-VA. Immigration should be simple and easy by only having background checks done in 5 hours. Minorities should be able to vote if they are paying taxes in the FE. Minorities should have healthcare, including undocumented immigrants. Immigrants should be able to work freely in the Empire, being paid the same wage as everyone else. Education should be provided at reduced University cost for rent. Religion and government should not be aligned, but people should be able to choose their religion freely. LGBTQIA+ may marry and be able to adopt in the same time period as a "traditional" couple. LGBTQIA+ are free to work wherever they'd like and it isn't a crime to hold hands or any affection in public. Trans people can go to the restroom in the restroom they wish (male or female). Guns should be outlawed completely unless it is military personnel, not even police. Pro Environment. Age limits on running for political office.

Liberal Franconians Party:

Pro-VA. Believes the FE should have UBI only for people with low income. Immigration to the FE should be done through a 7 day process: Day 1) health screening, mental health check Day 2 - Day 5) Education on Franconian History so they know what to expect from a new country, Day 6 - 7) Background Check. People of different origin are allowed to work and live in the Empire on a 4 Year visa if they are visiting. Minorities have free healthcare. There should be a separation of church and state, but people can choose freely to celebrate whatever religion they want to. LGBTQIA+ are free to marry, live, and work as they please. Women have full bodily autonomy. Pro-Environment, but cuts corporate some slack every once in a while.

Commoners Party:

Newest of the parties, Commoners Party has more centrist views. Pro-VA. They value the environment, but pump money into Corporate Franconia only to give it back to Environmental groups. No Immigration stance has been reviewed. Minorities should work and live wherever they want to. Commoners Party believes that priests and high priestess(es) should be able to run for Parliament, but not as Emperor or Empress. You may choose a religion that fits you. LGBTQIA+ should be allowed to marry, but should not be able to adopt for religious reasons. You should be able to own a firearm, but no semiautomatic ones. Believes laws that prevent corporations from giving large sums of money to political candidates should be repealed.

Party for the People:

Pure, Franconian economy with no VA influence. Believes the FE would be better in the Commonwealth. Thinks it would be best to make an arms manufacturing deal with Vekkla to cool tensions. Religion should be involved in politics. LGBTQIA+ should not be allowed to marry or adopt, but can still be together. Women should have no bodily autonomy. Guns should be able to be bought freely. Pro-Corporate donations to FE candodates