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Franconian Economy and Wealth Distribution

Main Exports

Consumer Electronics: Phones, TVs, tablets, etc.

Teas, herbs, and spices

Vehicles (mainly Electric)

Exotic fruit

Computer chips

Main Imports

Nuclear Energy (from the Mydic-Franconia Super Grid, proposed by Mydic Empire in times of Franconian need)

Rare Earth Metals (Mydic Empire,)

Agricultural goods

Consumer Electronics: Phones, TVS, Tablets, etc.

Optical and Medical Equipment

Plastic (average price per cubic cm: .44 Astrons)


Education- 45%
Healthcare- 29%
Arms Manufacturing- 10%
Other- 16%

Wealth and Income Distribution

Current Poverty Level: 49,500 Astrons per year

Current State Mandated Minimum Wage: 19 Astrons per Hour.

Current Income of Poor

Income Tier Income Tax Bracket

5) 55,000 24%
4) 53,500 24%
3) 52,400 23%
2) 50,125 21%
1) 49,950 20%

Average Middle Class Income: 69,312 Astrons

Income Tier Income Tax Bracket

5) 78,500 25%
4) 77,590 25%
3) 76,500 25%
2) 75,590 25%
1) 74,900 25%

Average Low Density Commercial revenue

Retail: About 700 Billion Astrons/ yr

Restaurants and Food: 810 Billion Astrons/ yr

Churches: Undefined due to Separation of Church and State

Average Low Density Commercial Tax: 0.75%

Sales Tax (Low Density): 0.29%

Average Revenue Tax (Low Density): 28%

Corporate Tax Rate: Large Corporations have to pay 68% of revenue in taxes each year due to wealth distribution laws. Corporations have to pay out to cover the Emperial Healthcare Services, Education and Student Debt Forgiveness, and Universal Kindergarten.

Monopoly Tax: If a company to become a Monopoly in the FE, Corporate Franconia has the worst of the Tax burden. Companies that make over 1.9 Billion and up, have 1 million to 3 million employees have to pay 79% of revenue to support funding for Emperial Healthcare Services, Free Education for Franconian and VA citizens, Universal Pre-Priamary, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Free Primary to University Education, and 1% of the Franconian Navy. That's heavy stuff!!! 5 Companies are on this tax bracket, still have enough to pay quality wages, and have heavily regulated business standards by the FE Government.