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Communal Housing and 5 minute Walk Community Project

Presented by The Commoners Party, this massive piece of legislation will change the shape of FE cities and will form a new look at how the FE economy runs.

The Empress and the FCP do not seem to like this legislation due to immobility of economic goods and would require a massive overhaul of shipping lines via highway; train; and air, and would require mass eviction of the 382,000 people living in snake neighborhoods, require costly replanning of industrial zones and would stop the movement of Franconian goods for 2 months, or in best cases slow down the Franconian economy by 42.38% causing a tax hike to the middle class and massive corporations by 48% each. FCP does admit taxes under current administration are quite punitive and have ideas that would include multiparty funding of the project.

The Empress asked lawmakers for the Commoners Party what the tally would cost. The whole project cost taxpayers a surprisingly low 530 million Astrons, but flaws in current design would only add at least 27 Billion Astrons to the bill. Xemptoworth has said it is feasible with current funding, but needs more time to help plan the Commoners Party first popular piece of legislation.

Details: Housing for Franconians will look different, but will promise to be the future design of low density living until more eco design is included. Materials are lightweight and will not cost very much and will be all recycled materials. Solar panels will power the homes and businesses in this neighborhood of the future. They include community-based amenities such as parks and shopping on being a 5 minute walk away. Walls will require recycled, eco friendly, asthma and filtered air conditioning units. Hypoallergenic materials are going to be required, PVC pipes will be required underground, smart technology and motherboard technology will be required, Parks and community gardens will be required for sustainable urban farming legislation (passed in 2026). Requires accessible routes by walking and roads. Emergency Access for medical and police. Will include monthly maintenance and garbage services fee of .28% of asking price.

Cost: 27,530,999,321.88 Astrons.

Funding: TBD

Vote: Majority backed. Minority backed. Multipartisan.

Urban Planning Cost per Unit: Actual Cost equivalent to, but not totally 81,000 Astrons per Communal House. Additional cost will include tax and community fees of only 2% of asking price.

Lot Sizes: Lots will be include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a petite kitchen and a 2 car garage. 2 stories will total 1,300 square feet of living space. Lot sizes will include 10 Communal Homes for a total lot size of 13,000 square feet allotted for living space, large parks that will be 3,000 square feet and schools with a capacity of 30 kids each to bring together communities. Community events can be held 3 times weekly and recreational ganja is provided from the community gardens, both 400 square feet of allotted space. The grand total of the lots that will be needed to achieve this project comes out to be 18,924 square feet, equivalent to one quarter of a block in San Juarez.

Environmental Impact: There will be Environmental gains from this project. More green energy use will prompt a new boom in the solar industry, lessening the need for FEG&E's heavy grid tax. Small businesses will be able to access the community garden and will be able to contribute to garden crops so everything can be locally sourced and fresh. No pesticides are permitted. All vehicles must be electric and not gasoline powered.

Total Bill: 712 Billion Astrons