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Queen Jackie IV (WIP)

Queen Jackie IV
The Queen of Fishy Apples

Her Majesty

Queen Jackie IV

Queen Jackie IV enjoying one of her favorite pastimes; riding her scooter around The Sweet Apple Ocean,
photo shot December 12th, 2014.

Queen of Fishy Apples
8th Monarch of the Fourth Dynasty


Her Majesty (Formal)
Queen or simply Jackie (Informal)


October 9th, 2010 - Present (8 Years)


October 9th, 2010



June 20th, 1981 (Age 37)






Mermaid (Earth School)


5' 10" (Standing on tail; 7' body length from head to fin)


156 lbs.



Blood Type



Full Name

Jackie Neophys




Prince Gravenstein II (Gravenstein Neophys)


Princess Daisy (Daisy Neophys, neé Pearbutter)


Princess Bloomfield I (Bloomfield Neophys)







Fishy Applesian (Obviously...)


The University of Moonshine Gravy, The Onigiri Enclave
(Ph.D in Agricultural Studies, with a Minor in Information Technology)


The Children of the Bobbing Apple

Disclaimer – This factbook is currently work-in-progress

The southern drawl. The countryisms. The casual attitude. The t-shirt and denim skirt. The orange scaled fish tail. All of these things together surprise other world leaders that meet our nascent queen, Jackie the Fourth, as many who are still processing the many species of Fishy Apples tend to be even more perplexed that this mermaid with farm girl mannerisms is our queen. Queen Jackie was next in line to claim the throne when her grandmother, Queen Smith III, realizing that her traditional and conservative views and policies were growing further and further out of touch with the people at large and their desire to modernize, elected to abdicate in order to avoid civil unrest or worse. Jackie herself was of a more progressive bent, having been working with the nation's sages and scribes on an idea to try and begin bringing the internet to Fishy Apples despite a lack of computer or server infrastructure in place by using the nation's magical leylines. Within weeks after being coronated, Jackie was able to establish the first magical TCP/IP protocols, the announcement of which quickly placating the masses. Since then, work has been done to integrate more conventional broadband technology into the leyline system, forming the Broadband-Leyline Hybrid Network System, which has allowed roughly 69% of all Mer-Apples to get internet access, though at present the means of internet access is still either too expensive (conventional technology) or too taxing to use for long periods of time (the leyline system) unless you're a rich and/or a powerful wizard, though there is work being done by the queen and her newly formed Ministry of Telecommunications to continue trying to mitigate these issues.
Queen Jackie has currently ruled Fishy Apples for 8 years, during which she has been considered a "right neighborly" ruler, a ruler everyone considers to be highly amicable. That sort of amicable nature aids her well as the Head of the iPod Nano Distribution Department, a position appointed to her by a 2-1 vote in The Bunny Fire General Assembly in 2012 to act as main diplomat and liaison of The Bunny Fire, seeking out, making diplomatic relations with foreign regions, and requesting embassies with these potential allies.

Early Life

The Birth of Jackie

Being Orphaned & Her Early School Days
Jackie had a pretty normal family life until about the age of 5, when her mother Princess Daisy became pregnant with Jackie's sister Princess Bloomfield the First. During childbirth, complications arose that resulted in Daisy hemmorhaging, ultimately dying shortly after giving birth to Bloomfield. Their father Prince Gravenstein, as well as the nation, experienced a two week-long period of mourning after Daisy's passing. Gravenstein tried to carry on his duties and raise Jackie & Bloomfield, but just wasn't the same since losing his wife, not eating as he should, nor sleeping properly, ultimately his weakened body and will resulted in him falling ill just months later, and a year to the day Daisy died, so did Gravenstein, leaving Jackie and Bloomfield without either a mother or a father. As a result, the care of the two sisters fell to the royal wetnurses and their grandmother, the queen, Smith the Third.

Attending The University of Moonshine Gravy
As her primary schooling was coming to a close, then-Princess Jackie was beset by a number of elite schools across Fishy Apples wanting her to attend their pretigious schools. However, their ritzy atmospheres, posh decor, and snobby class & faculty at many of these places trying to vie for her scholorship simply rubbed her the wrong way, and those that didn't come off as so pretentious simply didn't offer the classes that interested Jackie. Jackie almost considered forgoing higher education in favor of military service when her younger sister Princess Bloomfield sugested trying looking at schools outside of Fishy Apples. Insipred by this, Jackie asked for the Ministry of Information to help her find schools outside the country to apply to, upon which she mailed out her application to these schools. While many universities outside of The Bunny Fire showed little interest in accepting her application, there were some schools in The Onigiri Enclave that showed interest in taking in the princess, and Jackie found their lack of elitism when it came to wealth refreshing, though it was still hard to find any of their schools that had courses that focused on preferred interests, particularly in agriculture. However, luck so happened the University of Moonshine Gravy offered not only courses in agriculture in an inclusive, humble, down home setting Jackie liked, but those agriculture courses had doctorate programs, meaning she could get her Ph.D in the field if she wished.
While at the University of Moonshine Gravy, Princess Jackie ot her first taste of advanced technoloy, the internet, and seeing foreign cultures outside of those that visited the palace, and it made her realize her grandmother's closed-minded and old-fashioned ideals were holding back the nation, and she wasn't alone in thinking this, as many of her fellow Mer-Apples back home were beginning to feel the same way. As such, while continuing to study agriculture, Jackie began to minor in information technology, learning all she could about the internet, setting up & maintaining servers, coding, and various peer-to-peer protocol networks. She studied all of this, however, she realized Fishy Apples lacked the means or skill to easily adapt a major broadband internet network without it either taking possibly decades of infrastructure updating costing billions of farts or a radical solution. Jackie opted for the radical solution.

Working on the Broadband-Leyline Hybrid Network System


Political Views
In terms of political philosophy, Queen Jackie seems to be of the mindset of, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." She believes the current system in place where the royal family is the supreme executive power that can lay out royal edicts, however those edicts can be vetoed by the combined power of 80% of The Seeds and 75% of The Dunes of The Gala and the Prime Minister, while The Gala can also enact laws themselves by voting on bills, those bills can then be vetoed by the Prime Minister, but the vetoes of Gala bills by the Prime Minister can be overwritten by either a 65% majority of both houses or by the queen. Queen Jackie's overall political views are on the center-left spectrum, being pro-choice, in favor of universal healthcare, universal public education, strong & balanced taxes on the wealthy, and pro-research. However, she does break with typical leftist views by being in favor of allowing citizens the freedom to bear arms, both conventional and magical.

Economic Views

Religious Views
While not being overly devout, Queen Jackie has been a lifelong follower of the Children of the Bobbing Apple since childhood. However, she is an avid proponent of religious equality, allowing the expression of any and all religion in Fishy Apples, as so long as it does not bring harm to others or to property, nor does their practice of said religion infringe on the rights of other to practice their religion.

For & Against

  • For: Apples, Unity Among Races, Family, Honesty, Agriculture, Constitutional Monarchy, Modernization, The Bunny Fire, Healthcare For All, Mangoes, The Oatland Games, Well-Regulated Capitalism

  • Neutral: Democracy, Military Strength

  • Against: Strawberries, Deception, Bigotry, Gender Inequality, Corruption, Overly Fancy/"Frou-Frou" Things, Autocracy


Queen Jackie is a monarch that has made sure to give herself plenty of interests and hobbies to divest the time she isn't working to improve Fishy Apples, and it so happens she has more free time than her predecessors thanks to her initial efforts to modernize Fishy Apples combined with a more active Gala. As such she likes to spends her free time on many different activities.
Well, as you may have already seen in the picture above of the queen, she loves to drive about the capital on her scooter which personally tricked out, modifying to be able to do up to 70 MPH and run on rechargeable mana crystals. She likes to ride on her scooter to travel about the city, riding it to the Celestial Orchard, the legislative building where The Gala operates from, or to visit The Sweet Apple Orchard Farmer's Market, which is considered the largest farmer's market in all of The Bunny Fire. Jackie even likes to just scoot around the town sometimes, seeing the sites and meeting her people.
Another thing hobby Jackie is fond is working in the royal apple orchard whenever she has the chance. She takes great care in cultivating the apple trees each year, working to grow a bumper crop which she harvests to make all of her favorite foods, from apple fritters, apple risotto, and barbecued pork & apple kebabs. What she doesn't use she donates to food shelters in The Sweet Apple Ocean.
Queen Jackie is also well known for raising and grooming a stable of prize camels, right now caring for five camels in her stables. Two of Jackie's camels, Esogus & Goélette, have been entered into pet shows in The Sweet Apple Ocean, Goélette winning second place in last year's show. Not long from now another pet show is due to begin, and Jackie is expected to enter at least one of her camels once again...
Like many of her Earth & Wood Mermaid citizens, and like her ancestor Lorelai III who helped popularize the sport with mermaids, Queen Jackie is an avid fan of the rodeo and also performs in rodeo events, particularly excelling in whipcracking, yak riding, barrel racing, and steer wrestling. Her rodeo expertise also led her to take up trick roping, and as such has become a whiz at the lasso, able to perform numerous feats with just a simple rope.
Gaining her first exposure to the game at the University of Moonshine Gravy, Queen Jackie began to pick up the sport of basketball, proving at first proficient at shooting & passing, but had issues a number of mermaids have when they first try the game - trying to dribble the ball down the court. Her inability to move like she wanted while maintaining proper ball control or being called for travelling was vexing her to the point she almost considered abandoning the sport, until that is a lamia on the school's basketball team noticed her playing a pick-up game and getting frustrated trying to move the ball down the court. Seeing that her other skills were actually pretty exceptional, she decided to show her a training technique many "legless" species use for basketball and soccer; trampolines & bounce houses. By learning to control one's bounce in concert with the ball's bounce, they could not only move anywhere on the court, the opponent nearly unable to read your moves, and you even explode from end of the court to the other if you had the opening, which was why this lamia was the star player on the university's team. Using this, Jackie finally became a well-rounded player before she graduated, and upon returning to Fishy Apples had a basketball court built on the grounds of the Royal Palace. The curiosity over the then-Princess' new fascination over this game began a fervor over the game all over Fishy Apples, making it a new national pastime, especially with the mermaid populace, much like how Lorelai III popularlized the rodeo three centuries earlier.
Queen Jackie currently has a dog, an Akita named Naomi, and much like her camel, can commonly be found taking care of it, training it, and playing with in her off time, though her grooming seems to spend an overly long time on Naomi's curly tail...


  • Despite what one would think, even though she is a mermaid, Jackie is rarely fond of taking a swim. At most the queen will ever be found dipping a fin in the royal pool maybe once every other month at best.

  • Queen Jackie has an innate and intense disdain for having to get dressed up in formal attire and for having to attend formal balls, preferring her more casual "duds" and having any festivities operate more akin to shindigs & hoe-downs. Most of the time Jackie is often known to be sporting some kind of t-shirt and skirt (almost always of the denim variety), though she is known to elect to wear a tanktop or bandeau instead when the weather is particularly hot, and will usually don a Western shirt instead in the winter months.

  • While she doesn't race herself, Jackie is avid racing fan, and has been the emcee of the annual Lionpuffer-Shirow-Ponnekoeken Rally three times, in 2011, 2015, and in 2016.

  • Queen Jackie is one of the physically imposing mermaids, let alone queens, in the history of Fishy Apples, but can hardly cast spells to save her life. She has been documented and seen bench pressing well over 12,300 lbs. before, and can easily "kick" through solid concrete barriers with her tail. However, her attempts to cast magic often result in backfires and sometimes a sparkly light show, maybe sometimes pulling off a spell a typical 4 year old could do at best, her most impressive feat being a minor electrical spell. Most clerics suspect it may have to do with Jackie's upbringing, that her lack of exposure to magic caused her to adapt by changing regular stockpiled thaumatic output into physical output, giving her ridiculous magic-enhanced strength. As a result, this means Jackie IV is probably one of the most magically inept monarchs in Fishy Apples' history.

  • As demonstrated by her grooming of her dog Naomi, Queen Jackie really has a thing for dogs & squirrels with fluffy tails, which normally isn't an issue, but can sometimes can lead to awkward stares from the queen and the queen being distracted by such appendages when dealing with the occasional doggirl or squirrel girl employee or foreign dignitary.

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