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Fishy Apples: A General Overview (WIP)

Fishy Apples (WIP)
[size=125][b][nation=noflag+long]Fishy Apples[/nation][/b][/size][hr]

LinkNational Flag

Our national flag depicts our current monarch,
Queen Jackie IV, sitting on a park bench painted by Onigiri artist Haruka Nishiwa.

Motto: "Never trust anyone offering to 'do you a solid.'
They may just want to take a dump on your table."

Anthem: Link"Inazuma Double Kick"

Geological Location





The Sweet Apple Ocean

Largest City

Scylla Falls

Official Language(s)

English, R'lyehian, Atlantean

National Language(s)

English, R'lyehian, Atlantean,
Cait Sithan, Ponish, Korean, German


Fishy Applesian


Female (77.954%)
Male (22.046%)


Mermaid (58%)[100% ♀]
Human (28.6%)[28% ♀, 72% ♂]
Nekomimi (7.2%)[100% ♀]
Centaur (4%)[86% ♀, 14% ♂]
Pony (1.8%)[61% ♀, 39% ♂]
Other (.4%)[52% ♀, 48% ♂]

Ethnic Groups

Ethnic Name (#%)
Ethnic Name (#%)
Other (#%)


Children of the
Bobbing Apple (42%)
Hindu (13%)
Cult of Cthulthu (12%)
Greek Pantheon (6.9%)
Wiccan (6.4%)
Buddhist (4.1%)
Violetist (3.3%)
Norse (2.7%)
Zoroastrian (1.9%)
Jewish (1.6%)
Satanist (1.5%)
Jainism (1.4%)
Pagan/Other (1.3%)
Islam (1%)
Christian (.9%)


Socialist Monarchy

Leader Title


Reigning Queen

Jackie IV


The Gala

Prime Minister

Prae Lin

Deputy Prime Minister

Courtney Longdraft

Upper House

The Seeds (200 Seats)

Lower House

The Dunes (1643 Seats)


Foreign Affairs

Natsume Shihiro


Poppy Erortzen


Violet Dawn


Max Krieger


Gurz rel-Sorza

Parks & Wildlife

Salla Kelde


Kela Velloriam


Ginger Starcoral


Army 80,600,000
Navy 104,450,000
Marines 88,212,500
Air Force 38,765,000
Coast Guard 1,045,000


Fart (ⅎ) (ⅎ1 = $1.75)


Vapors (۷) (1000 Vapors [1.000۷] = ⅎ1)


ⅎ79,300 Trillion (ⅎ17965.760 Per Capita)

Time Zone

Apple Standard Time

Calling Code


Drives on the


ISO Code


National Summary


Pre-Fishy Apples
Earliest records in the region show there was once a desert nation of mostly nekomimi known as Katavashli that spanned most of the southern half of the Makorili Desert from circa 7000 BCE - 2800 BCE. This empire seemed to be in constant conflict with the local merfolk for control of the shores and shipping routes for ages, which ultimately came to a head when an asteroid hit in the Braeburn Canyon around 6000 BCE, after which a mysterious plague began to sweep over the area, one unlike anything that has been seen before, or seen since, one that seemed to specifically target the Y chromosome. Between 6000 BCE and 2500 BCE, mermaids, nekomimi, fairies, kitsune, and other races all across the eastern part of The Bunny Fire, where all of the non-humans lived at the time, all saw the extinction of their males, and others like centaurs found their males highly endangered. Because the virus hit the nekomimi first, they found their population dwindling faster than the mermaids, who also had the extra advantage of longer lifespans than nekomimi. Around this time though, it was starting to become noticed that certain races, such as orcs, ogres, dwarves, elves, and most particularly humans, didn't seem fazed by this man-killing virus, and it just so happened the races that were affected could interbreed with those that were immune. This led to centuries of both sectarian violence as well as fighting between nekomimi and mermaids for land and access to males, with the mermaids beginning to gain the upper hand, as not only were they quickly expanding on the surface mobility they had been building up in their scuffles over the millenia with the Katavashli, but they had remained a united front while the nekomimi fought amongst themselves. Finally, all the bloodshed ended when the humans threatened to leave the region forever if they didn't lay down their arms and hammer out a lasting peace. The negotiation process lasted nearly a decade and finally led to the foundation of Fishy Apples in 164 BCE.
The First Dynasty

Queen Jackie I

The Democratic Republic of Fishy Apples

The Second Dynasty

King Red I

Queen Jazmine I

Setsuna I

The Third Dynasty

King Cortland I

The Fourth Dynasty

Queen Lorelai II
After the ouster of King Cortland I, who had left no legitimate heir in place, The Gala scrambled to figure out how to fill the vacant throne. Would they hold an election among the nobles? Would they appoint the senior senator of The Dunes? Would it be best to install Prime Minister Sandy Linwell as the new queen? Would they dissolve the monarchy and try a pure democracy again? Speculation ran abound for over two months as to what should be done, when finally the prime minister remarked that King Cortland had a mistress, a mermaid barkeep living in a middle class district of The Sweet Apple Ocean named Meril Neophys, and from her she had a child, a young waif no more than 12 known as Lorelai. Prime Minister Linwell made the bold move to propose putting the child carrying the deposed king's bloodline on the throne despite her age and being of wedlock.

Queen Jackie IV
Queen Jackie the Fourth is the current monarch of Fishy Apples, having only ascended to the throne on October 9th, 2010, after the previous queen, her granmother Queen Smith III, elected to abdicate deciding she had become too old-fashioned and out of touch with her constituancy that was wanting more and more to embrace more progressive ideas and technological advances


A majority of the Fishy Applesian population, 58% of it, is made up of mermaids. As explained above, circumstances of chance, darwinism, and evolution resulted in a number of species either somehow finding ways to continue to live on as single-gender races in the region (as mermaids, nekomimi, and a few other races have), or adapt to a massive divide between the numbers of females and males of their race, as say the centaurs and ponies did. While the fact mermaids in Fishy Apples, and throughout all of The Bunny Fire are all female can be explained for this fact, and after a while outsiders seem to digest this fact, what always seems to confound them more is the whole idea of a desert nation with a majority mermaid population. "Wouldn't they dry out?" many ask. "What do they breathe?" others say. This is where the typical Fishy Applesian resists the urge to smack you with a newspaper and tell you, "No!! Bad. Stop it." We're here to separate reality from those fairytales, so prepare let us explain Mermaids 101!!

Mermaids come in five distinct subsets, typically referred to as "schools" (get it, because fish) that have developed unique traits and qualities over time, some allowing them to favor more of their piscis traits, some favoring their more mammalian traits, some becoming more arcane, and some now even adapting to a more arboreal existence. Confused? Well, let us explain the five schools a little more in detail:

  • Neptune: A Neptune mermaid is close to what many think of when many think "mermaid." Making up 32% of the mermaid population, they possess webbed ears and hands, a dual lung & gill breathing system allowing them to breathe freely both in and out of water, and an innate weak bioelectric field akin to electric eels. The typical Neptune mermaid has about 90% of the average physical strength of a human female. Neptune mermaids tend to be the metric by which the other schools are compared by, as their biology tends to be a jack of all trades, master of none. They tend to dehydrate about 33% faster than a human does, but, like all of their ilk, seem to be able to rehydrate via osmosis, so a quick dip is as effective as chugging a lot of water. A good rule of thumb is that for every six hours out of water a Neptune mermaid needs to spend about an hour in water to rehydrate. This would pose an issue for colonizing a nation that is 63% desert, but thanks to irrigation and mastery of water magic settlement of the desert became possible for most mermaids. Many Neptune mermaids in Fishy Apples can be found in our metropolitan centers, whether those cities are above or below water.

  • Earth: Earth mermaids make 29% of all mermaids, of which our current leader Queen Jackie IV and her sister Princess Bloomfield I are of this school. Outside of their tail flukes, Earth mermaids possess no other fins or webbing on their body, nor do they possess the bioelectric field of the Neptune school, and most importantly they do not possess gills, instead possessing very large and effecient lungs not unlike those of marine mammals, which of course means they have to surface to take in new breaths of air, and as a result, despite appearances, can drown. However, they also possess a special membrane in their throats that can allow them to speak underwater and eat like their fellow mermaids without sucking water down their esophogus. Earth mermaids are envied by their fellow schools by the fact that unlike their fellow schools they have no real dependence on water relative to those of a human being. They do not dehydrate faster than normal. Their physically strong bodies can support their mass easily, and almost all Earth mermaids utilize either, wheelchairs, segways, or even short hops on their tails to get about on land when not utilizing something more efficient, like a moped, motorcycle, automobile, etc. For all intensive purposes, one could almost think of them as just "humans with fish tails."
    For the reasons that they constantly have to surface for air anyways and the allure of advancing technology, the Earth mermaids were the first to leave the sea, and now nearly 84% of all Earth mermaids live exclusively on land, some even deep in the heart of the desert and atop the peaks of the tall Spartan Summits, their ancestors being the first to explore those dunes. Compared to all the other schools, Earth mermaids are physically the strongest of all the mermaids, the typical paradigm of this school is often at least ten times stronger than a typical human male. Over the centuries many of their school have been known to use this strength for farm labor, particularly on our nation's famous apple orchards, where so many of them have developed a technique of twisting and pivoting on their hands in order to land a decisively powerful kick with their tail in just a manner to the apple trees that it doesn't cause any damage to them while reverberating the impact through them, shaking loose nearly all the ripe & near-ripe apples at once. Many tourists who see this technique have said it reminded them of break dancing, and as a result, in recent years, tourism has had a boon in recent years as these Earth mermaid orchard farmers have begun to show off their moves in a more competition-style setting every year in the annual "Apple Jam Break Down Hoe-Down." Using this apple harvesting, now combined with newer farming technology, such as the tractor & cherry picker, as well as classic methods using portal magic, a team of two Earth mermaids & one Wood mermaid could clear out the same acreage in the same time as a crew of 200 humans. All of these factors over the centuries have caused all aspects of apple farming more appealing to Earth mermaids than to most any other race in Fishy Apples, thus their dominant numbers in the field. As a result, the staff and ownership of most orchards in Fishy Apples are dominated by Earth mermaids, with approximately 82.3% of all staff and 64.8% of all owners of apple orchards in Fishy Apples being Earth mermaids.

  • Sailfish: Sailfish mermaids, who make up 9% of all mermaids, of all the schools, are considered the aquatic and fish-like of the five schools, possessing scales up their hips and waists, as well as on their arms, an on their necks and cheeks. They also have the largest forearm fins of all schools, as well as fins on their shoulders, hips, and a large retractable dorsal fin (which in part lends to their name Sailfish mermaid). They also have more pronounced webbing on their hands, clawed fingers, and ray-like webbing going from their ribs to their elbows. All of these aquatic modifications make them the fastest swimmers among all of the mermaid schools. However, of the five schools, their air breathing capacity is the weakest, only capable of staying out of water for maybe a half-hour to an hour before becoming light headed, and two before outright asphyxiating. As such, any protracted trips out of the ocean must be planned out and require a rebreather device and several rest stops at watering holes. As such, most Sailfish mermaids rarely travel more than 50 miles from the shore, always fearful of feeling like a literal fish out of water. However, in our seaside and underwater cities where most of them live, they easily thrive, creating a rich culture of their own. However, this isolation from the mainland and our non-mermaid inhabitants is beginning to gnaw at them. Some are feeling lonely and are wanting to find newer ways to socialize with Fishy Apples proper, especially given, among other things, that Fishy Apples' strong racing culture applies to the Sailfish mermaids as well, but most Earth mermaids have little interest in going out to where they live, and Wood mermaids and non-mermaids in general can't visit their cities without special equipment or charms

  • Angler: Angler mermaid consist of 19% of all mermaids. Angler mermaids do not differ too much from Neptune mermaids, except that Angler mermaids possess pearls surrounded by scales on the backs of their hands, larger forearm fins, though not as large as those of the Sailfish mermaids, and most importantly, a giant bioluminescent angler horn protruding from their forehead.

  • Wood: One of the most recent schools to spring up in recent history, totaling 11% of the mermaid population, its traits began to show up starting in the 3rd centurd AD, and then their numbers began to explode after The Onigiri Enclave was founded, it seems the school profilerated greatly in their Sake Swamp region. Ultimately a number of them emigrated back across the Tufahije River to their motherland, most settling into the flood basins around the eastern banks of the Tufahije River or going further east or north, settling in the apple orchards of the Jonagold Foothills, while a few more settled into the forests around Siren Peak, in short their resettlement into Fishy Apples has namely favored wooded areas possessing a source of fresh water or has a high amount of rain every year. It would appear Wood mermaids have lost the ability to process salt water, thus why they no longer settle near the ocean. The first thing one notices about them physically is that their their tail fins and the webbing that makes up their ears looks more like algae or even leaves than regular fins. Even more peculiar are the six almost leaf like appendages extending from their shoulder blades which seem to allow them accelerated movement in water, but even more peculiar being their partial prehensile nature, which allows them to move around terrain, to swing through trees from branch to branch with ease, as well as carry light things. Just like Earth mermaids they possess large lungs and must surface for air, thus meaning it is more advantageous for them to live close to the surface of water, on the shores, or as most of them do, in the treetops, using effeciently designed treehouses to harvest rainwater, and in the case of those living along the Tufahije River (and in the Sake Swamp inside The Onigiri Enclave), they make use of the vines in the trees to swing from tree to tree.

Humans ahve lived sporadically in the Fishy Apples region during pre-history but anthropological evidence shows their numbers remained rather low for centuries as they found it hard to compete with the more powerful and more magically inclined races in the region. However, starting around the third millenium BCE humanity's luck began to change as all of males of several races began to drop dead from a mysterious genetic virus. Luck would have it though that the human genome would be among the handful resistant to the virus, allowing them to proliferate in the region as mermaids and nekomimi, among others, during that time, worried they faced their end times. However, it was a relationship between a mermaid and a human man, once thought taboo, that ultimately saved the infected races, as it was discovered thanks to this coupling that all the races that lost all their males could simply substitute a male from another sapient race, their biology having mutated in such a fashion that any male children they birth will the same race of their father, while their female progeny will be the race of the mother. This led to humans being fought over for millenia, until, finally tired of feeling treated like a combination of breeding stock and pawns on a chess boards, the humans of the desert threatened to leave the land forever if the mermaids and nekomimi didn't stop the bloodshed and weren't willing to treat them as equals. The two sides fighting over them at first scoffed at the threat, but then realized how screwed they'd be without them, so they came to the table. As a result, in 164 BCE, Fishy Apples was founded largely thanks to the humans.
After the foundation of the nation, humanity continued to meet with mixed success in the early days of the nation. While human males were lauded and revered, many finding their way into middle class positions, and the princes of the royal family enjoying lavish lifestyles, most human females, as well as a handful of men, were finding things more difficult, as the monarchy was starting to prove it didn't care about them, focusing on a pro-mermaid agenda. Knowing they didn't have the strength to revolt and recalling the stories of how man once threatened to leave if things didn't change, a number of the poor, mostly humans, decided to simply leave Fishy Apples. So In 664 AD, they did. Nearly three-quarters of all the human population, along with several other poor peoples and sympathizers all left Fishy Apples and headed west, eventually forming The Onigiri Enclave. This action finally made everyone in Fishy Apples sit up and take notice of the growing unrest, and once more, in part thanks to humans, change came to Fishy Apples.
During the era of the Democratic Republic of Fishy Apples, the human populace pushed forward more reforms, but the gridlock of the system established meant not much changed for nearly 200 years. Finally, when the people decided to return to



Some 76,500,000 Equestrian Ponies call Fishy Apples home, many of them setting up residence in the Jonagold Foothills, and along the edges of the Braeburn Canyon. Ponies had been an uncommon sight in Fishy Apples for much of the First, Second, & Third Dynasties, mostly only the occasional pony trader, with ponies rarely settling here, but partway into the Fourth Dynasty word of mouth began to get out that we were a relatively safe place to live with plenty of space to homestead, which lead to a over time a slowly growing trickle of ponies that seem to grow tired of regular minor apocalypses breaking out. Sure, they always seem to get resolved between an hour to a couple of days and usually no one dies, but the property damage is often in the million of bits. Meanwhile, Fishy Apples hasn't been in any armed conflict since Queen Jazmine II set loose the Sundering Pillar to stop The Onigiri Enclave and Windiria fighting each other in 1332 AD when both tried to drag Fishy Apples into their conflict on their side (which of course led to the famed "Bunny Fire" and ultimately our region). Because of our continuing stability and the fertile farmlands the Jonagold Foothills, Spartna Summits, and the Coral Forest around Siren Peak, our appeal continues to grow to ponies.

  • Earth:

  • Pegasus: Of the 76,500,000 ponies in Fishy Apples, 17,060,000 of them are pegasi. Pegasi ponies possess semi-prehensile wings on their back that assist them in flight, that when not flying they can manipulate almost like simplistic hands for grasping objects, but aren't actually the primary agents of their levitation in flight, as relative to the square-cube law the wings are clearly not large enough to support on their own. Indeed, most pegasus ponies utilize a passive form of magic that allows their wings to overcome the issues of the square-cube law and provide them the thrust they need for flight to shockingly effective results, allowing some better trained pegasi to easily break the sound barrier as they fly. However, a rare few pegasi for reasons unknown seem incapable of generating this innate levitation mana, and thus cannot fly, such individuals potentially garnering a pejoritive association with chickens from those less than understanding to their plight.
    Another attribute unique to pegasi ponies is their power to manipulate clouds & weather patterns. Pegasi are born with an innate ability to know how to walk on cloud tops as though they were solid ground, again utilizing a form of passive magic. This ability can extend further to manipulting those clouds, whether by pushing or pulling them to move them in place, to squeeze them in place to increase the relative humidity of a given area in order to force prepicipation, spinning them to lower barometric pressure or even induce tornadoes or hurricanes, or even stimulate them in order build electrical charge in them to turn them into mighty thunderheads. Using these techniques in their original native land they have helped shaped the land into something of a clockwork utopia, where the seasons themselves are almost perfectly timed, and the citizens know exactly what the weather will be for the day.
    Now, there isn't a large enough pegasus population in Fishy Apples to fully control all the weather everywhere, nor would we expect them to. Instead, pegasi who live in Fishy Apples tend to either work in professions that nothing to do weather control, or they only control the local weather around the communities they live in, and this mostly applies to the areas around New Moria and Pannekoeken, where the two largest pegasi populations of Fishy Apples currently live, the latter city even having a cloud district not unlike their native Cloudsdale.

  • Unicorn:

  • Alicorn: Currently 42 alicorns reside in Fishy Apples. Alicorns possess all the attributes of all three base tribes; the durability & affinity with nature associated with Earth Pony tribes, the wings, cold resistance, cloud walking, and weather manipulation abilites of the Pegasi tribes, and the horn, telekinetic abilites, & advanced outward magical abilities of the Unicorn tribes. Of special note is that like the mermaids, nekomimi, and a handful of other species in Fishy Apples, alicorns are all female. However, the reason for this is still unknown, and the birth of one is rare and sometimes can seemingly occur wholly at random in a pony's family lineage, though is far more likely if the mother is an alicorn herself.

Other Races Living in Fishy Apples
Beyond the most populous Species, there are a number of other races living in Fishy Apples, all these various other species together accounting for some 17 million of our total population, many in the far eastern areas. Living around the area of New Moria and the island city of Sagwaju there is a contingent of nearly 4 million dwarves, operating a profitable mine in the city of New Moria that produces much of the nation's mythril, tin, cesium, and cobalt. Mostly concentrated around the city of Newt and the northern half of the Spartan Summits live our nation's population of over 3 million orcs, many of whom have made a career running the Spartan Copper Mining Co., becoming some of the company's top executives. Living in and around the Jonagold Foothills are roughly some 1 million elves, who mostly seem to keep to themselves, mostly living in secluded forest communities just outside of smaller towns and just off of some of the larger apple orchards.



Foreign Relations

Within The Bunny Fire

The Onigiri Enclave
What can we say about the people that the crown of the First Dynasty essentially drove out of Fishy Apples with their avaricious practices and mermaid-first philosophies? Well... they have a few screws loose. No, they have many screws loose. Wait, let us correct that again. They said, "To hell with the screws, let's hold the whole thing together with ice cream, and when that doesn't work let's set it on fire, because honestly I just wanted to set it on fire from the get go. Didn't you? No?! Yeah, you're right. That'd be a perfectly good waste of ice cream. Not to mention, think of all the poor screws. Screw it." and then they'd set themselves on fire. In 663 AD, after yet another round of heavy taxation programs were levied by the crown on the poor and non-mermaids alike, a massive group of citizens grew fed up of the crown's excesses, but knew they didn't have the arms or mages to revolt. However, at the time, almost no one dared go west of the Tufahije River, the lands considered a deadly no-man's land at the time. Deciding it was better than being taxed to death and believing their numbers massive enough to overcome the dangers of the west, these disenfranchised ex-Fishy Applesians, made up of largely of humans but also containing some nekomimi, as well as some mermaid sympathizers, ponies, fairies, dwarves, elves, centaurs, kitsune, and other races, and began a mass exodus, fording the Tufahije River in June of 664 AD. As they braved the region now known as the Sake Swamp, they first encountered the beings we now as the Fabulous Onigiri, who took them in and helped them learn about the region. Two years later, on May 20th, 666 AD, The Onigiri Enclave was established, a democracy vowing to explore the truth of freedom. Something tells us they explored just a hair too far, because now you have hedge fund managers doing gallons of LSD running around naked screaming incoherent statements, handguns and small-caliber rifles are illegal in all forms everywhere in The Onigiri Enclave, but miniguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and .50 depleted uranium anti-materiel rifles are perfectly legal for civilians to carry openly on the streets, and jaywalking is considered the greatest, most unforgivable crime one can commit in their nation, a crime that, we kid you not, they permit their citizens to carry out, as it says in their law books, "If the vile act of jaywalking occurs before you, you, as a citizen of The Onigiri Enclave, are hereby allowed any and all force to rememdy and terminate this action, even as far as the extermination of all life in the universe, as so long as you yourself do not jaywalk." However, this is oddly justified seeing as jaywalking in The Onigiri Encalve always seems to end up having... apocalyptic consequences.
Whether it is a result of their madness or in spite of it, they seem to have become a bastion of technological research. While most nations of the world were dredging through the Dark Ages, they seemed to bypass most of that, to the point that they were impressing many of our wizards and youth back here by showing off their manned space flights to the moon in the 1760's, their space flights ultimately leading to first contact with alien life in 1823. From there they continued to develop their science, making things that keep even the most enlightened of archmages up at night.
Their mad logic seems to be doing something right though, as The Onigiri Enclave and The Bunny Fire are both thriving as a result of their decision making so far, now making several key alliances throughout the world in part due to their planning. In essence, they seem to be the glue that holds the region together, and they're putting off some pretty trippy fumes...

Unfortunately, not a lot is known about Windiria and their Shady Missionaries, not even by The Onigiri Enclave, who invited them as founding members of The Bunny Fire after the resolution of their short border war back in the 14th century, and we believe they prefer it like this. The Shady Missionaries of Windiria seem to act in a clandestine manner, always keeping The Bunny Fire safe from threats both domestic and foreign. As a result, The Onigiri Enclave assigned them an office of security, the office of the Gypsy Bard, roving the lands in secret. In terms of what little is known of their military power, they field an army that is larger and more technologically advanced than our own, but is not moreso than The Onigiri Enclave, however, they do not seem to be magically adept at all. Windiria's armaments seems to be tailored towards highly advanced guerilla and ambush style combat, with a hint of shinobi style tactics and weaponry and focus on one-hit/shot, one kill assassination style strikes. The Onigiri Enclave often touts that it is the balance of their tech, our magic, and Windiria's manpower & stealth that keeps The Bunny Fire safe. A common saying here in The Bunny Fire is, "If you are in The Bunny Fire, a Shady Missionary is watching you."
As for Windiria proper and it's people, again not much is known, as Windiria prefers to keep their borders tightly sealed except in regional emergencies for security reasons. Some say it is a tough place to live in. Others claim it is a paradise. Given there is very little emigration or tourism within Windiria this cannot be confirmed, but based on what diplomats and past rulers that have visited their capital Windire City have said about the experience, one could possibly see how the nation got their name, as strong west-south-west winds break on the nearby mountains, shifting direction and joining a second northwest jet stream just offshore that results in the Great Onigiri Current that brings The Onigiri Enclave all their cool wet weather while also causing the much of the arid climate of Fishy Apples. Of the few Shady Missionaries we met, many were highly work-oriented, somewhat cynical, and some in our delegation swore they saw several of the same person over and over again, which we initially decried as them working too hard... although on further review we think there could be some merit to this. Golems? Homonculi? That "cloning" thing The Onigiri Enclave showed us that one time?

Outside of The Bunny Fire


Head of the iPod Nano Distribution Department
In a Bunny Fire General Council meeting in 2009, discussions were held to try and make The Bunny Fire more open to the outside world. Windiria was apprehensive of such a move, while The Onigiri Enclave was the one championing more open broders. Debates continued for years, until in 2012, over Windiria's prostrinations, El Presidente Lord Nanfoodle of The Onigiri Enclave won over new monarch Queen Jackie IV, voting 2-1 to establish an ambassadorial & diplomatic arm to the region, and with it a title and position. Ultimately it was decidely Fishy Apples would fill this new office, officially titled the "Head of the iPod Nano Distribution Department" by The Onigiri Enclave as means of compromising with Windiria, who wanted to call the post "The Nigerian Prince" (they still thought this pilot embassy program was a huge security risk), because Windiria did not want the position, and many thought putting The Onigiri Enclave out as the face of The Bunny Fire would... *cuts to raving lunatics blasting minguns as the city around them crumbles* "OH!! OH GOD!! SOMEONE?! MOMMA?! ANYONE!! CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME..." *explosion* "JUST WHY THE HELL DO KIDS LIKE THE TASTE OF CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH?!!" *someone leans in and whispers into the gunman's ear* "Wait? THAT'S why? ...Neat." *pulls out phone* "Hey dear, what's for supper tonight?" *cuts back to the factbook* ...yeah, that. Also, there would be the claims of nepotism and corruption, and they couldn't have that, so we were the only logical option.
In this role, we began evaluating the world stage to see who best to send out our diplomats, and in 2017 we finally began our to reach out to foreign regions and establish ourselves, setting up The Bunny Fire's first embassies in Neo Otaku Utopia, My Little Pony Equestria, and Happy Utopia, with Carnival of Souls, Angels of Derp, Krillin, and The Empire of Friendship quickly following. It was decided this was excellent first start after it appeared that these ambassadorial relationships were still in good faith after nearly half a year, so it was then we decided a proposal to expand our diplomatic borders, more than quadrupling our diplomatic ties in one fell swoop. It was in this ambassadorial expansion of The Bunny Fire we allied some of our more staunch allies, such as Oatland and Coristno. For a while this was a satisfactory foreign relations program, but then The Onigiri Enclave announced they wanted another major foreign relations expansion, so we set out on yet another major embassy invitational back in January, ultimately opening formal relations with yet another 28 regions, bringing the total number of regions we have brought our culture and goods to is 70.

The Ministry of Fishy Apples

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of the Military

The Ministry of Magic

The Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Parks & Wildlife

The Ministry of Science

The Ministry of Apples


The Fishy Applesian military has been considered a powerhouse in The Bunny Fire for centuries, providing a large portion of the region's logistical support and nearly all of the region's arcane defenses. Like The Onigiri Enclave, Fishy Apples is bound by a Non-Aggression Pact, meaning that we are allowed to be the aggressors in any conflict. However, if we were to be attacked, we are free to counterattack with any force deemed necessary. In all, over 300 million Mer-Apples serve in the Fishy Applesian military in some capacity from all sorts of backgrounds, though many are quick to point out that a staggering 90.8% of our fighting force is female, which again stems not from discrimination but from our inherit gender & species ratios. These forces are divided up into five major divisions, with four out of these five divisions having specialty sub-divisions within their ranks.
Of note about our military technology is that due to a combination of factors stemming from our alliance with allies with greater focus on technology, our magical heritage, and our hesitance to try new things (which we're working on), we never really developed our firearms technology all that much, mostly still using percussion-cap muskets and rifles many nations were using in the early 1800's, our most advanced firearm being the revolver. Instead, we've focused on enhancing and improving our arsenal of melee weapons, bows, and crossbows, building a vast repository of weapons both magical and non-magical to arm our troops that are capable to overcome our limited firearms options.

The Army
Sporting just over 80 millions souls, the Fishy Applesian Royal Army is stationed in 2058 military bases across Fishy Apples. New cadets undergo 24 weeks of grueling basic training in boot camps deep in the desert to bolster strength, endurance, dexterity, close-quarters fighting skills, weapons training, and draw out at least some form of magical combat talent. In the end every cadet that passes basic training is proficient in at least three melee weapons, the bow, and has at least basic grasp on one to two types of magics.

The Apple Corps
The Apple Corps are one of four special forces sub-divisions of the Fishy Apples Royal Army, containing 12 million of the 80 million soldiers in the general army, founded by Red I in 1152 alongside The Imperial Hex Force, which has resulted in a sort of friendly rivalry between the two divisions. The Apple Corps are an elite fighting force that generally help train other special forces units, but when deployed tend to operate in small cells to utilize geurilla warfare, misinformation tactics, subversion, and subterfuge to defeat the enemy. Compared to most other facet of the Fishy Apples military, they mostly eschew magic for stealth and advanced conventional arms, though it isn't to say there isn't a place for the occasional magical artifact or weapon in a mission.
The Apple Corps is often used in a counterterrorism function, though they have been deployed for stealth asset retrieval and hostage liberation ops. In many ways, they operate a lot like the American Green Berets in those regards.

The Imperial Hex Force
The Imperial Hex Force is one of the major wings of the Fishy Apples Royal Army, 7 million officers making up this spec-ops force. This elite force of powerful mage warriors was founded by Red I in 1152 alongside The Apple Corps, to which the two factions look at as both a bond of fraternity and the oath of rivalry. Red I founded The Imperial Hex Force realizing there were several up and coming soldiers in his army with spectacular magical potential, but given how disorganized the army was at the time, they were sure to be lost in the military beauracracy, limiting both the power of the military and the ability to train these nascent mages. As part of his restructuring, Red I made The Imperial Hex Force to not only get these mages together to train, but to effectively use their power.
The Imperial Hex Force uses their powerful magic to act as mobile artillery, as well as filling roles of short-to-medium range battalion teleportation, area denial, attribute enhancement, psychic warfare, mystical reconnisance, and barrier generation. Until the 16th century, they were also the division used to handle domestic magical threats and the guarding of dangerous magical prisoners, but then those duties were off-loaded by the edict of Queen Akane I onto the then-newly formed Royal Paladins of Setsuna, allowing The Royal Hex Force to more hone their focus on being an advanced magical support unit.

The Royal Paladins of Setsuna
The Royal Paladins of Setsuna are another of the sub-divisions of the Fishy Apples Royal Army, a scant 1 million officers making up this division. The role of the Royal Paladins of Setsuna, established in 1506 by Queen Akane I in part as a response to the assassination of Setsuna I, Akane wanting to establish an elite arm of the army with powerful magical abilities primarily desginated to guard the royal family, the prime minister, The Gala, and starting in 2012 with the founding of the Magus Sisters, the family & friends of active-duty Magus Sisters, as well as in the future, retired Magus Sisters themselves. In addition, they were give some extra roles to serve, such as advanced garrison to all the major cities, mobilizing forces throughout the cities via portals, neutralizing domestic arcane threats, securing high-risk magical items & prisoners, exposing magical hoaxes & frauds, and dealing with counterfeiting of currency. The Royal Paladins wear special enchanted segmented mythril plate armor with a kevlar ballistic weave underneath, the runes on the plate armor both make the armor feel lighter to the wearer without sacrificing material and also keeps the wearer cool despite the desert heat & underlying ballistic weave. The ballistic weave, which they switched to from chain mail in 1992, was something the generals and advisors fought long and hard with Queen Smith III on in order to provide the Royal Paladins more protection from firearms before she relented.

The Magus Sisters
In early 2012, using the Broadband-Leyline Hybrid Network System she helped to pioneer to bring internet access to large swaths of Fishy Apples, Queen Jackie IV was browsing online and became intrigued by the concept of "magical girls" and various principles around them, namely the idea of a powerful group of unorthodox magic users bound by a contract. Theorizing there could very well be those with thaumatic output close to or rivaling that of Queen Jazmine II just waiting to be discovered out there, and also considering that while the role of the Imperial Hex Force is useful and powerful, they seem to serve a more support oriented role, and their magic too structured and regimented for the purposes Jackie had in mind, so Jackie decided to form the Magus Sisters, largely in part to finally have a division of the military that truly had a dedicated offensive magical function (but also because Jackie has admitted in private meetings that was just a tiny bit envious of The Onigiri Enclave's Seven Samurai after getting to see them in action and wanted something like that for Fishy Apples). Searches went out for the most powerful magic users in all of Fishy Apples, ultimately resulting in finding 121 extraordinary spellslingers (which coincidentally were all female).
Following both ancient magical lore and the inspiration given from the concept of mahou-shojo, the bones from the corpses of an assortment of malevolent and corrupted beings (not necessarily just demons & djinns, and it is important to make this distinction, as most demons & djinns aren't evil or malevolent at all, unlike what certain theologies would lead you to believe) were ground up into a pulp and then purified of its evil essence, then that sanctified pulp made into a paper upon which special contracts were printed, each one written with an ink made from blood gathered from all the generals of Fishy Apples, as well as the Prime Minister Prae Lin and Queen Jackie IV herself, to which each applicant was offered to sign in their own blood as well, the terms being that they will serve Fishy Apples for a guaranteed term of no less than 20 years and/or preventing 2 apocalypses (unless they become medically unable to continue to continue serving, then they recieve a medical discharge). During that time, the nation will guarantee the safety and livelyhood of their family and friends. After a Magus Sister's term is over, they are free to retire or to renew the contract, and if they so choose to retire, they too will be given eternal succor from the state. If they receive a medical discharge, they and their family/friends will still continue to receive protection and assistance from the state, but will be asked to relinquish their powers to the contract. If somehow the state fails to protect a Magus Sister's loved ones from being killed by possible foreign agents, domestic terrorists, or other threats that would possibly target them to get to (the Sister), then the Sister is automicatically released from her contract no strings attached and given ⅎ1,000,000,000 as compensation for each slain loved one. The contract also assures them at no time they should ever fear that we will ever consider their power a threat, as if at any time should any agent of the state deliberately & knowingly act to eliminate a Magus Sister, the contract shall bestow plague and calamity upon those that do so. Of course, the reverse is also true, in that if a Magus Sister ever were to deliberately lash out upon the state or it's people for her own personal gain, the contract would immediately seal then strip them of their magic. This particular wording was chosen in the event there was a situation where the state was being controlled by an outside force or became so corrupt there was no choice but to overthrow it for the sake of the people, thus it allowed the Magus Sisters the means to do so if such an extreme situation ever arose. If a Magus Sister could not meet these conditions (serve at least 20 years and loyally serve the state) and resigned or went AWOL, then the contract would strip them of all of their power, and the state would no longer be bound to protect their families & friends.
This contract assured these magical prodigies there would be no shenanigans by the state, thus they all signed, but what happened next was not expected at all... or it was so totally obvious it just seemed stupid, but... they became magical girls. Frilly pastel dresses, silly star & heart motif wands, the works. Even Queen Jackie was flabbergasted. "Well, ah know we were drawin' inspiration from them, but I sure an sugar didn't think doin' all of this with these here magical contracts would actually create REAL magical girls... This... This is unexpected. However, I'm a thinkin' we can work with it." Queen Jackie was reported saying upon seeing the newly minted Magus Sisters undergo their first sudden magical girl transformation after signing the contract. Another effect of the contract the government hadn't quite expected was that it amplified the Magus Sisters' already outrageous thaumatic output even further, to the point that two of these Sisters' magic spells, coincidentally actual biological sisters, could be considered so destructive as to be potential threats to all life on Earth. As such, Queen Jackie sorta got what she wanted, just that hadn't planned on following the trope to the letter to do so. At any rate, as a result of this, the additional condition that one must be female to be recruited into the Magus Sisters was added into the syllabus, as to prevent a possible genderbending issue that could arise from the contract based on its wording as pointed out by the Minister of Magic.

The Navy

Team Poseidon

The Marines

Red Tide
The Red Tide is the Marines' tactical infiltration and sharpshooting unit, specializing in remote liquidation of high-priority assets.

The Air Force

Fishy Apples Space Force
The Fishy Apples Space is the space exploration division of the air force, much akin to many other nations' space agencies. It is still in its infancy, as we have only sent our first manned spacecraft into orbit back in 2014, and sadly cannot claim to have sent the first mermaid into space (that honor going to The Onigiri Enclave back on November 5th, 1762), to the moon (August 24th, 1764), or to Mars (January 27th, 1810), but we hope to continue expanding the program further in hopes to become a sister program to that of the Onigiri Space Alliance.

The Coast Guard



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