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Armed Forces of the First Holy Galactic Empire of Arcadia

The armed forces of the Arcadia Empire are defined in 5 military branches: the Earth Task Force, Imperial Navy, Imperial Air Force, Imperial Galactic Force and Imperial Guard. Thanks to the exceptional budgets of the government, the laboratories of Hexiron Industry have been able to create material and resources superior to all the other nations of the continent of Europe. The current leaders of the armies are the Imperial Generals and the Executive Council of the Ministry of War. There is an armed branch besides that of the Army of the Knights Templar under the orders of the Pope, it is there to settle religious conflicts and also serve as a rear guard to the army in case of great conflict.

Hexiron Industry

Current Imperial generals:

-General of the Griffin Star: Lord Hugo Dubious

Picture: Griffin Armor

-General of the Oceanic Butterfly Star: Lady Cecilia Rabu

Picture: Oceanic Butterfly Armor

Imperial General of The Griffin Star:

Birth: 5 September 2000

Division: fight

Title: "Sir, the Supreme General of The Griffin Star"

Imperial General of The Oceanic Butterfly Star:

Birth: 21 October 2001

Division: Strategy

Title: "Miss, the Supreme General of The Oceanic Butterfly Star"

Picture: The Council of the War

the council of war is composed of the following people:
-The Emperor or the Prime Minister
-The Minister of Army or the Deputy Minister of Army
-The two imperial generals
-The Director of the Imperial Intelligence Service
-The Generals of the Armies

Imperial Force of The Earth:

-Current Supreme General: Lord Maximilian Depoorter

Picture: Lord Maximilian Depoorter, painted by Lisandre Milo, (2045)

Birth: 7 July 2001

Division: the Earth Task Force

Title: "Sir, the Great General of the Earth Task Force"

The Earth army is composed of 200.700 men and women
These means of intervention are as follows:

Protected vehicle:

model: "SH10 LIGHT"
numbers: 200

model: "G74 SEVENTEEN"
numbers: 170

Armored front vehicle:

model: "MH-88 STORM"
numbers: 60

Light armored vehicle:

model: "S1 TEEN"
numbers: 150

model: "AV-93 TREXUS"
numbers: 120

Anti Tank Guided Missile:

model: "S1 FAMILY"
numbers: 65

Tank with multiple launch rocket system:

model: "M880 FIRESTORM"
numbers: 110


model: "M46A3 RAVAGER"
numbers: 130

model: "M92A3 GARGANTUA"
numbers: 75

model: "M98A3 BEHEMOT"
numbers: 65


model: "M193A6 MONOLITH"
numbers: 2


model: "LE-103 SPITFIRE"
numbers: 200

model: "RE-23 STINGER"
numbers: 420


class: "Elit"
numbers: 810

class: "Fight"
numbers: 1500

class: "Lancelot"
numbers: 850

class: "Arion"
numbers: 1200

Suits and Uniforms:

Infantryman in Earth Army

Shooter man in Earth Army

Imperial Navy Force:

-Current Supreme General: Lord Louis Cross

Picture: Lord Louis Cross, painted by Alexandre De la Villaros, (2039)

Birth: 14 April 2001

Division: Imperial Navy Force

Title: "Sir, the Great General of the Imperial Navy Force"

The Navy Army is composed of 180,580 men and women
These means of intervention are as follows:


class: "POSEIDON"
numbers: 8

class: "NELAX"
numbers: 10


numbers: 85

numbers: 100


class: "FIGHTER"
numbers: 66

Aircraft simple:

class: "ELISABETH"
numbers: 10


class: "MEGALODON"
numbers: 2

Imperial Air Force:

-Current Supreme General: Lord Louis Moro

Picture: Lord Louis Moro, painted par Jules Romané-Comty, (2042)

Birth: 21 December 2001

Division: Imperial Air Force

Title: "Sir, the Great General of the Imperial Air Force"

The Air Force Army is composed of 85,500 men and women
These means of intervention are as follows:



model: " ALPHA K"
numbers: 50


model: "M4 GUNSTYLE"
numbers: 40

model: "M6 HELLDRIVE"
numbers: 40


model: "A113"
numbers: 65


class: oversight and fight
model: "KL-1"
numbers: 55

class: oversight and fight
model: "KL-52"
numbers: 55

class: fighter
model: "E612 JACK"
numbers: 85

class: fighter
model: "RAFALE 1"
numbers: 25

class: fighter
model: "RAFALE 2"
numbers: 12


model: "IC-41 SPARROW"
numbers: 2


model: "CAM 26"
numbers: 150

Imperial Galactic Force:

-Current Supreme General: Lord Harry Lordensen

Picture: Lord Harry Lordensen, painted by Paul Kofa, (2046)

Birth: 25 March 2002

Division: Imperial Galactic Force

Title: "Sir, the Great General of the Imperial Galactic Force"

The Galactic Army is composed of 145,200 men and women
These means of intervention are as follows:


model: "RAN X"
numbers: 500

Colony Ship:

model: "HORIZON"
numbers: 5

Patrol boat:

model: "EGNIMA"
numbers: 320

Troop Ship:

model: "EL PATRON"
numbers: 235

Courier Ship:

model: "LUXERA"
numbers: 8


model: "DARK V"
numbers: 120

Battle Cruiser:

model: "AKULA X1"
numbers: 100


model: "PALADIUM"
numbers: 95


numbers: 105


model: "ARION"
numbers: 200

Super carrier:

model: "NORTH END"
numbers: 180


model: "ATLANTIS"
numbers: 2

Imperial Guard:

-Current Supreme Chief: Lady Romy Racolia

Picture: Lady Romy Racolia, painted by Maximilian Robesdos, (2038)

Birth: 18 April 2002

Division: Imperial Guard

Title: "Miss, the Great Lady of the Imperial Guard"

The Imperial Guard is composed of 52,800 men and women
These means of intervention are as follows:

13 Gold Guards:

Aries Armor

Taurus Armor

Gemini Armor

Cancer Armor

Lion Armor

Virgo Armor

Libra Armor

Scorpion Armor

Sagittarius Armor

Capricorn Armor

Aquarius Armor

Pisces Armor

Lord and Lady:

Picture: Lord or Lady Armor

Picture: Lord and Lady Uniforms

Imperial Knight:

Picture: Imperial Knight Armor

Picture: Imperial Knight Uniforms

Elite Knight:

Picture: Elite Knight (men)

Picture: Elite Knight (women)

Elite Agent:

Picture: Elite Agent Armor

Picture: Elite Agent Uniforms

Imperial Guard:

Students of Imperial Academy (Imperial Military Academy of Napoleon Ist):

Picture: Students Uniforms

    Imperial Military Academy of Napoleon Ist

    Imperial Military Academy is the exceptional place of formation after the baccalaureate of the future imperial knights of the First Holy Empire Galactic of Arcadia. This elite institution is under the direct tutelage of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Guard. This military academy is the cradle of young men who choose among the best during the entrance examination that takes place each year. During their three years of training, these young people will learn the teachings necessary for learning the values ​​of chivalry and the fundamental principles of the Empire and the acquisition of physical strength through intense training.
    Any young person can participate in the entrance examination from 16 years old with the obligation to have a bachelor's degree or other equivalent diploma. At the end of these 3 consecutive years is organized a national event with the presence of a representative of the Imperial Family, this is The Great Knighthood Tournaments of the 3rd year classes. As a result of this tournament a classification is made, and the first 5 are knighted as imperial knight by the Imperial representative, all the following are knighted as knight of Elite and for those who have obtained a lower score of 10 / 20, they have 2 choices, either redouble or leave the academy with the rank of Elite agent.

    Academy Flag

    Imperial Military Academy of Napoleon Ist

    type of construction: Military Academy
    -Lord Leonardo Miroposia
    -Lady Annabelle Proust
    -Lord Franck Jockon
    Start of the construction: 2038
    End of the construction: 2040
    Area: Kingdom of the Dove
    City: Pendragon

    Class assignment:

    After the entrance examination the students are classified in different from A to E according to their average grades of the different subjects, the attributions are as follows:

    • A class: more than 18 at 20

    • B class: more than 15 and less than 18

    • C class: more than 12 and less than 15

    • D class: more than 10 and less than 12

    • E class: less than 10

    Dean and board of directors:

    Dean of Academy, Sir Larsic of Noplius

    the board of directors is composed of:

    • Dean

    • Four Professors

    • Four parents of student

    • President of the student council

    Subjects taught:

    • Mathematics= 1.30 hour

    • Technology-IT= 2 hours

    • History-Geography= 3 hours

    • Economy and Rights= 1.30 hour

    • Medical Education= 2 hours

    • Physical Education= 3 hours

    • Military Education= 2.30 hours

    • Military Science Education= 2 hours

    • Living Language 1: New French= 2 hours

    • Living Language 2: English / German / Spanish / Chinese= 1.30 hour

    • Domestics Courses= 1 hour

    • Literature= 1 hour


    • Greek/Latin= 2 hours

    • Linguistic section= 1.30 hour

    • Scientific Education= 1.30 hour

    Different Clubs:


    • Painting

    • Sculpture

    • Photography


    • Football

    • Basketball

    • swimming

    • Athletics

    • Gymnastic

    • Archery

    • Martial Arts

    • Handball

    • Tennis


    • Horse riding

    • Body Building

    • Strategy Education

    • Thorough Medical Education

    • Global History


    • Literature

    • Astronomy

    • Ancient writings and stories

    • Robotic and IT

    • Manuel labors

      Interior and Infrastructures:

      Boarding School

      There are 250 double rooms in the boarding school. Men in the east and women in the west. The rooms are under the authority of the first governess, Lady Camilia John. The rooms are a resting place for students after classes and weekends.



      The Great Knighthood Tournaments

      Imperial Stadium

      Student promoted first rank



      -Kaname, Alexandro, Joseph Kuran-Vibritannia of Arcadia



      -Axary, Jean-Raphael, Louis Montsord



      -James, Rold, Paul Von Julius



      -Helena, Marie-Christina, Georgette De Grand Berlin



      -William, Jean-Alexander Von Fobio



      -Janette,Sophie, Sarah-Elisabeth De Burgoyne



      -Arion, Zeryo, Kyle Kuran-Vibritannia of Arcadia



      -John, Joseph, Yael Harrison



      -Alan, Orin, Conrad Agrama



      -Yuki, Victoria, Tsumiki Kuran-Vibritannia of Arcadia



      -Zen, Rodrick, Benjamin Kolb



      -Julio, Novam Delmiros



      -Maryam, Jane, Feliz Van Zelmir



      -Feliz, Sebastian,Ulys of Wers



      -Aguste-Franck, Leo, Matthew Vivelis



      -Colbert, Jean, Dawson Van Belrisov



    Read factbook

    Main Article: Imperial Military Academy

Templars Army:

-Under the authority: His Serenity the Great Pope Enzo Agrama

Picture: Enzo Agrama, painted by Maximilian Robesdos, (2043)

-Current Supreme Chief: Lord Runblaze Von Lipsa

Picture: Runblaze Von Lipsa, painted by Maximilian Robesdos, (2043)

Birth: 27 April 1999

Division: Templar Army

Title: "Sir, the Great General of the Templar Army "

The Imperial Guard is composed of 22,500 men
These means of intervention are as follows:

Great Pope Armor:

Guards of Great Pope:

Sacred Paladins:

List confirmed by order of the Minister of Armaments and the Army, the Prime Minister and His Supreme Majesty Hades-Lux Kuran-Vibritannia of Arcadia Ist.