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Imperial Marque Company

The Imperial Marque Company was founded in the sixteenth century, also known as the Century of Peace, to provide a use for the bloated Imperial Army at the time. The Company overtook the typical process of issuing letters of marque, but instead of enlisting private vessels for public use, it sold letters to foreign courts for use of imperial regiments. The process was not very effective and few foreigners used Finian units until the world was undergoing large-scale decolonization.

The IMC is a joint-stock company with twelve hundred shares outstanding. Each imperial house controls one hundred shares. The IMC has been granted special status by the Imperial Ministry, does not file financial statements with the Imperial Exchange Commission, and does not pay imperial taxes. The current CEO of the Imperial Marque Company is Sir Thomas Payton.

Finian mercenaries were used frequently by fledgling nations as a police force or a supplement to their revolutionary forces. Their use is now less common, but can often be found in support roles, provide logistical support, or in use in unsanctioned police actions. There are currently eighteen divisions that are approved for deployment by the IMC and seventeen are deployed. Of the deployed, ten are stationed in Geara under the aegis of the Gearan 3rd Army commanded by Colonel General Frederick Glaive, four are employed by imperial citizens, and three are deployed to foreign conflict zones.


3rd Army of Geara, I Corps
1st Marque Infantry Division
2nd Marque Infantry Division
3rd Marque Infantry Division

3rd Army of Geara, II Corps
4th Marque Infantry Division
5th Marque Infantry Division

3rd Army of Geara, III Corps
1st Marque Armored Division
2nd Marque Armored Division
3rd Marque Armored Division

3rd Army of Geara, IV Airborne Corps
6th Marque Airborne Division
7th Marque Light Infantry Division

6th Auxialiary Army of Carynthia, V Corps
8th Marque Infantry Division
9th Marque Infantry Division
10th Marque Infantry Division
14th Marque Armored Division

Duchy of Hallsind
11th Marque Infantry Division

Arx Montem Army National Guard
12th Marque Infantry Division

Marche Noire Central Intelligence Agency
13th Marque Infantry Division

14th Marque Infantry Division