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Calne Ca

★ Ferrum Sangvis ★
"In the name of guiding humanity down the right path."

Calne Ca

Calne Ca is the founder and the head of the Healing Church of Ferrum Caelum.
Due to this, she has become the de facto leader of Ferrum Sangvis after the population embraced the Old Blood.

One of the very first real Dolls. Deeply drawn to the power of the Great Ones and the Kin of the Cosmos, Calne took it upon herself to test the Old Blood on her own body. This is, of course, only after conducting various tests on other subjects. Those subjects are officially listed as missing or have had their existence scrubbed away from history.

Her research on those previous test subjects led to the Machine Blood Ministration process. She had found that humanity was frail and couldn't contain the Old Blood. A machine could, however. With the help of machine augmentation, humanity could evolve and ascend to Godhood.

Calne Ca is quite fanatical and militaristic. Those who oppose the march of progress towards becoming closer to the Great Ones are enemies of humanity. Thus, she chooses action and force rather than words and gestures as her preferred method of persuasion and subjugation.

It's an interesting dilemma from an outside view. Calne views Machine Blood Ministration and Dolls as humanity's evolution. Someone from the outside of Ferrum Sangvis might say that there is no humanity in this future.