by Max Barry

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★ Ferrum Sangvis ★
"In the name of guiding humanity down the right path."


A militaristic cult that relies on robotic augmentation and worships eldritch entities.
The origins of which lie with the Healing Church of Ferrum Caelum and Calne Ca.

Ferrum Sangvis is a heavy industrial nation situated in up north in the frozen wastes.
Previously, Ferrum Sangvis was only known for its heavy industry, making complicated machines and such.
Ferrum Sangvis was out of the way, so the world paid very little to the nation other than trade.
Today, Ferrum Sangvis still has the notoriety from being a heavy industrial nation, but it's more known for the cult that has taken power.
The cult has made Ferrum Sangvis as strong military power, bent on conquering the world.

Below Ferrum Caelum, the capital, are tombs and labyrinths belonging to the Gods.
These tombs were carved out by ancient superhuman beings who were said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth.

This nation concept started with me wanting to make something related to and inspired by Bloodborne and Nechronica, but that would've been way too gory to be acceptable.
So, I played around with the idea in my head and decided to shift from "real body horror" to "mechanical body horror"