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Religion within the Republic

The religion of the Thalduhm Republic
There are two main types of religion that the Fenvaria follow, the first one and the most practiced one is the teachings of the Great Wolf. The second type of religion in the Republic is the dozens of polytheistic religions that span the entire nation, These religions often are seen as more of a patron guardian of the city and hold more of a traditional significance rather than a religious one. However, the Teachings of the Great Wolf Mother see these religions as complementary to her wisdom as they provide services that could benefit each other.

The Teachings of the Great Wolf
The Teachings of the Great Wolf are by far one of the more popular religions that are taught in the Republic, something around 80% of the population practices The Teachings. This religion is a monotheistic religion with the Great Wolf seen as a god of sorts. The Great Wolf, often called “Great Wolf Mother” or the “Great Wolf, is sought to be the creator of the universe and the Fenvaria species. As she is the one that formed the fenvarians from the stone and snow of Arcadia. Once her children were created, the Great Wolf then bestowed them several teachings that gave them a moral code and law. These laws would cover things like adultery, keeping a holy day, and other moral laws. In the teachings of the Great Wolf, the Great Wolf only expected one thing in return for her gifts, the ultimate sacrifice. Not a regular sacrifice, but one in the heat of battle. Those who fought and died on the battlefields or had died while serving the military would be greatly rewarded. They would earn their place in the Great Wolf’s army, one that would come to aid the fenvarians in a time of need.

Upon giving the laws and teachings to the fenvarians, the Great Wolf would choose seven of the wisest and brightest of her children. However, six would ascend with the Great Wolf and serve as judges of the afterlife. Leaving the seventh son, who was weaker but smarter than the other six, on the planet of Arcadia. Not sure why he was left on the planet, the seventh son would vow to do his best to prove himself in the heat of battle and through non-stop devotion to the Great Wolf. Thus, he would begin to spread this idea across the planet, denouncing any other religion that was not complementary as weak and pathetic. The only way to true salvation was proving one’s worth through combat or feats of great courage and bravado. While having an undying loyalty to the Great Wolf mother as she protects and rewards all for their sacrifice or their feats of insurmountable courage. This seventh pick would eventually become the Grand Prophet and would serve to guide the whole religion. Under that rank, there are three Grand Popes who serves as the Grand Prophet’s council.

The holy land for the Teachings of the Great Wolf is a place called Awoograd, this city sits on a strip of land that lies in the central part of the largest continent. This land is known for being extremely mountainous and deadly, while the city itself is known to be a focal point for many wars due to its location on both a viable and major trade route as well as for many religions being a holy city.

Usually in each household that practices the teachings of the Great Wolf, there is a small shrine that is used to worship both the Great Wolf and the relatives that have died in military service. These shrines usually have one or several smooth granite tablets that have engravings on them, each one of these engravings has a name of a relative that has fallen in combat. For those who follow the teachings of the Great Wolf, it is generally customary to bury the dead. As the fenvarians believe in death, a person can still give back to their nation and continue their service in other forms. For the teachings of the Great Wolf, this burying of the body allows the soul and spirit of the deceased to pass on to the afterlife and effectively join the Great Wolf’s army. Thus disturbing the dead is quite the grievous crime (usually warrants for execution and then their body burned) and according to some warrant for eternal damnation.

Ghosts are seen as two different entities, first, they are seen as protectors of gravesites and tombs or they are seen as guardian angels in a time of dire need. To see several ghosts is considered a promising omen as it means that they are watching over you. However, this omen can quickly turn sour if you are caught disturbing the remains, then the ghosts will become angry and attack you or haunt you until you die.

Cycle of Life
A major component of the Teachings aside from the duty of strength is the cycle of life, which is a collection of ideas that the universe works in an infinite loop. Where life and death are constants, everything has a lifespan to help foster a new generation.

It is stated in the Teachings that the Great Wolf Mother was the first being to be born from the universe, granted with the powers of infinite wisdom and immortality. At first, she was happy and proud of her gifts, spreading life to all planets she came across, delightful to share the gift of immortality with them. However, as time went on she became sad and lonely as she had no one to visit her up in her heavenly hold. Desperate, now understanding the loneliness and folly of immortality, she took back the gift of immortality from all life in the universe. While this would lead to death, she also blessed each creature she made with the ability to create life. Allowing the creatures of the universe to survive and populate but also allowed more people to visit her in her heavenly hold.

Views on Immortality
For many of the Thalduhmians and the followers of the Great Wolf, they believe that immortality is an omen that has been cast down by the Great Wolf Mother to make one suffer, for their sins or their transgressions against her. Why would such a thing as immortality be seen as a divine punishment? Largely cause for many, immortality breaks the cycle of life.

Polytheistic Gods

Gods of Combat
-God of War
-Goddess of Defense and Fortifications
-God of Artillery
-Goddess of Infantry
-God of Armor
-Goddess/God of Ammunition
-Goddess/God of Vigor and Tenacity

Gods of Trade
-Goddess of Investment
-Goddess of Luck
-God of Fortune
-God of Wealth
-Goddess of Discovery
-God of Minerals

Gods of Sciences and Discovery
-Goddess of Discovery
-Goddess of Science
-God of Philosophy
-Goddess of Medicine
-Goddess of Research
-Goddess of Material Research
-Goddess of Physics
-Goddess of Weather

Gods of Agriculture and Homestead
-Goddess of Fertility
-God of Harvest
-Goddess of Hunting
-God/Goddess of Grain
-God/Goddess of Weather
-Goddess of Rain
-Goddess of Seasons
-God of Sun
-Goddess of Winds