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AI in the Republic, WIP

Thalduhm Republic and Artificial Intelligence; what is it? As well as policy.

What is AI?
AI, or artificial intelligence, is intelligence such as robots, droids, and other mechanical creations. In a sense they are machine intelligence, not natural intelligence that is exhibited by organic lifeforms. These can be things such as speech, dynamic thinking/ processing, completing complex tasks, the use of tools and so on.

How is the AI in the Republic constructed?
In the Republic, artificial intelligence is quite odd as they know they are not organic but want to know what it is like to be organic. Meaning that they are curious about organics, why they do certain things. What makes them unique and interesting. So, they sorta copy what they do; eat, sleep, drink, from relationships, friendships and create a sense of organic desires.

During the creation of an AI, which is considered to be their birth, they are considered to be a blank slate. So as they grow they are influenced the same way as organics can be when they are growing up. Meaning that the scientists and the developers, teach the AI moral and social teachings. The AI would look up to these people as a sort of role model, creating a sense of family and attachment to them.

Like most fenvarians, the AI they create is highly communal, has a strong sense of family and clan (if they are apart of one). With many of them creating complex personalities based on their own experiences. Some will tend to be shy and quiet, others will be aggressive and loud. For example, a cruiser AI are known to be aggressive in combat. They are also seen training everyday, looking for ways to keep their battle hardened mindset focused and ready. They are also highly fond of explosions, which makes them rather pyrotechnic at times. But, this all comes out from their role as cruiser based AI, they are usually the most widespread ship in the fleet. These ship captains are also known for being aggressive.

What types of AI are there?
There are two types of AI in the Republic, Artificial Military Intelligence and Artificial Administrative Intelligence.

Artificial Military Intelligence:
This subcategory of AI is made unsurprisingly, for military use. Artificial Military Intelligence units, or AMI units, form an important part of the Republic Armed Forces. These AI units are more of a support role for the RAF, either on ships or attached to platoon formations as strategic analysis. However, they are fully capable to fight back if needed.

The AMI units come in two forms, depending on their role. Either as an AI core, for things like stations, ships, and other places. This form also allows the AI to appear as a hologram if they want a physical appearance. The second version they appear as called a ‘mobile’ unit, which is a synthetic body that allows the AI to interact with the crew and be a physical appearance on the field. Ship AMI units have access to both, mostly housed in a central AI core but can dispatch mobile units. These units are to interact with crew and assist them they can also participate in repelling boarding forces if that happens.

Artificial Administrative Intelligence:
This subcategory of AI is made for non military use: so things like station AIs, civilian ship AI and so on. However that still requires a highly complex AI. While these AI units know how to fight, they are not geared towards it like that of the AMI units. Instead they focus on what they were created for, assisting civilian matters. These could be things like civilian traffic control, civilian shipping, civilian communication traffic and so on.

Like the AMI units, they come as either AI cores/holograms or mobile units for a more physical appearance. Station AI operate in the same way that the ship based AMI units, where they have an AI core and can have mobile units.