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Military Overview of the Fenvaria Republic WIP

Republic Armed Forces
The Republic Armed Forces or the RAF is the military of the Thalduhm Republic, which is responsible for the defense of the nation in any environment. Meaning that the RAF is responsible for defending the planets, systems, and the void that the Thalduhm Republic owns or claims as its territory. The Republic Armed Forces are then broken up into two branches;

-Republic Ground Army, often referred to as the Army, Ground Army, or the Republic Army. This branch is responsible for any sort of ground operations that occur within or outside of the Thalduhm Republic, meaning that they are responsible for planetary invasions, planetary garrisoning, etc. The Army is also by far one of the largest branches of the military as it is a focal point for the Thalduhm Republic in its view of war.

-Republic Astro Navy, often referred to as the Navy, Astro Navy, or the Republic Navy. This branch is responsible for any sort of interplanetary and intersystem operations that occur inside or outside of the Thalduhm Republic meaning that they are responsible for ship-to-ship combat, orbital bombardment, patrolling of shipping lanes/transport lanes, etc.

The main objective of the Republic Armed Forces is to secure the security and defense of the nation during times of conflict. This is obtained by keeping strategic planets and systems within Republic control for as long as possible. Also ramp up the cost of each and every battle, convincing any invading force or commander that an invasion would be too costly. This calls for constant, aggressive, and multiplying pressure to be placed upon the enemy at all times, giving them no time for rest or resupply.

Ground Army
One of the major objectives of the Republic Ground Army is to secure the planetary assets of the nation from hostile forces. Often by fighting enemy forces that dare to invade Republic held worlds. However, it will also be used in an offensive measure to conquer and secure hostile planets during any military operation, often engaging in slow but constant engagements across the planetís surface. The Ground Army is also responsible for providing a majority of the security for naval ships and other naval assets.

How the Ground Army fights is simple as it falls into two major categories, the first type is Immediate Trench Operations (also known as ITO) and the other is known as Rapid Offensive Operations (also known as ROO).

Immediate Trench Operations
This type of fighting is typically used; for the construction of forward bases/beachhead, offensive operations have slowed or have stalled or when units are on the defensive. During ITO, it is important that each trench line consist of multiple lines to allow for maximum protection and to make it incredibly difficult for the enemy to root out the Republic soldiers. During the initial stages of ITO, units then dig foxholes and later connect them, creating an improvised trench line. Later on, behind the improv line, a second reinforced line is constructed with hardened bunkers, artillery pits, etc. Once the second line has been constructed, the improv line is reinforced. Units then would move forward and create a new improv line, meanwhile process will continue until ordered to stop

This style of fighting also requires the heavy use of artillery, to keep the enemy forces suppressed. This includes heavy saturation bombardments, which will often have nuclear and fenvarium gas shells are considered to be common use alongside high explosive shells. However, this is up to the highest commanding officer and is dependent on the location of immediate strategic objectives. If a section of the line has no strategic objectives, but the line offensive is taking too long, then the local commander has permission to unleash nuclear and gas shells. Not to mention, Infantry will have direct communication to artillery commanders to allow for precise and uninterrupted fire support during offensives.

Rapid Offensive Operations
Typically used at the beginning of planetary invasions and creating space for major landing zones. But it's also used for engaging enemy lines in hopes for breakout of encirclements or advancing the Republicís position. Finally, it can be used for diverting enemy forces away from collapsing lines, positions of major offensives and to sow confusion in enemy command.

The first objective of Rapid Offensive Operations is to capture high points to deny the enemy points of interest, these positions could be; hills, mountains, and ridges. This is critical because it denies the enemy observation positions or immediate fortifications. However, it also has a knock on effect of suppressing enemy artillery support and intelligence gathering. The second objective is to secure or destroy enemy frontline ammunition stores, communication assets, rally points/command posts, artillery pits, observation positions. Finally, the last objective is to secure or deny enemy strategic assets. These assets would include things like; factories, population centers, communication assets, military bases, airfields, planetary shipyards

The Navy is the void branch of the RAF, the navy is responsible for all void-based operations. So anything from cargo escort, patrols, to space-based engagements. From this the navy is also an adaptive highly mobile force; as the navy believes in a ďhit hard, hit fast, and hit with overwhelming firepowerĒ. Cruisers, light carriers, and destroyers are the backbone of the Republic navy as they can move faster than any other ship in the navy, this doesn't mean that the Navy lacks any heavy guns. As they do have a rather impressive fleet of battleships, dreadnoughts, and super dreadnoughts. The navy also has an extensive fleet of medical ships, repair ships, and transports to help with the logistics of the navy when they are defending Republic space or going on the offensive.

The Republic Navy operates in formations that range from flotillas to something as large as full-blown capital fleets. However, the most common are smaller patrol fleets, made up of several groups of flotillas. These small formations allow FR ships to move quickly and semi-undetectable, this then allows them to carry out hit and run tactics upon enemy convoys or fleets. Dragging enemy forces into pre-zoned and calculated jump vectors so larger fleets with heavier class ships can jump on top of the enemy. Or into firing ranges of the system defenses or planetary defenses.

In the Thalduhm Republic, there is universal conscription for the entire population. Everyone at the age of 18 and completion of the Military Academy must fill out their allotted conscription paperwork before then choose from either serving in the Armed Forces, Home Guard, or agree to alternative public service. All incoming recruits are required to serve at least six years of active duty service, this translates to roughly twelve years of reserve duty and eighteen years of public service.

Upon completion of their mandatory service, the soldier has two options that they have to consider. The first option is to continue with their military service in their respective branch for another six or eight years of active duty. If one chooses this option they will receive a small pay increase that will be added to their rank pay and a one-time resigning bonus. They will also receive first pick at any desired military base and be given a two-week leave to any resort upon resigning. This option is largely preferable to those who want to retire after twenty years of active duty service (which roughly translates to 40 years reserve and 60 years of public service).

While the other option is to simply leave after their mandatory service since they want to achieve other things. However, those who choose this path are then placed into the reserves until they are 65 and can be called back into service at any time, mostly in the event of a national disaster. They are also assigned a reserve kit and are instructed to maintain it, while also attending the regularly scheduled training sessions. This reserve kit consists of an M36 Battle Rifle with a field guide, cleaning/maintenance equipment, uniform, armor, and other equipment.

However, whatever the option, those who complete their military service will be given a small plot of land on a frontier world. This plot of land allows soldiers to have a place they call home, but also it helps with colonization efforts on planets. The main idea behind the plot of land after military service is rather traditional. As it reminds a soldier that they fought for this piece of land and now itís a piece of their territory, so they will fight for it.

The Military Academy is the last part of the national and highly centralized Republic education system. This institution has two main goals, the first is reading the incoming recruits for their military lifestyle. First is by once again reinforcing military physical training, basic weapon maintenance, and handling. Second by introducing basic military drills and sharing a glimpse of military living conditions, both in the field and in the barracks. Finally, providing soldiers with the basics of map reading, trench building, and hand-to-hand combat. However, this stepís primary objective is to provide each graduating participant a certification in a selected field. This to help with future employment after mandatory military service for those who donít want to be career soldiers.

Other Info
Ration: Republic rations tends to be long lasting, bland and edible; decently well liked by troops but hey, it keeps them fed. That way it can survive long campaigns, sieges, and air resupply; also it is pretty easy to put together and if need most of the major components could be harvest from rear line farms (in the case the fens are laying siege to some place.)
So, it is pretty much;
-Meat (usually steak, mutton, or other red meats alternatively chicken)
-Mash potato
-Secondary grain or fruit
-Ration of vodka or whiskey
-Gum or something of the sorts
-Some sort of food item/pill that has vitamin C