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President Abraham Rockwell Miller

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President Miller

ᛈᚱᚨᛁᛋᛖ ᛈᚱᛖᛋᛁᛞᛖᚾᛏ ᛗᛁᛚᛚᛖᚱ, ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚢᛁᛞᛁᚾᚷ ᚺᚨᚾᛞ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚨᚱᛃᚨᚾ ᚱᚨᚲᛖ!

Praise President Miller, guiding hand of the Aryan race!

Personal Details


October 19th, 2143 (Age 55)




National Redemption Party


Martha Miller (murdered)




American Esotericism


Lifetime President


Racial Sciences, Esotericism

Known For:

Axing his Wife


Esoteric Fascism

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Abraham Rockwell Miller, or more often referred to as President Miller, serves as the current President of the Federal Remnants following his election by the unelected institution of the National Redemption Party in 2193. Currently, President Miller also serves as the leader of the unofficially named Hardliner [1] faction of the National Redemption Party, which seeks to maintain the esoteric fascist traditions laid out first by party founder LinkMatthias Koehl more than two centuries ago.

President Miller is often regarded a zealous fanatic even by members of his own party, a staunch believer in the state sanctioned cult of American Esotericism and convinced of his own divine right to be the guiding hand of the Aryan race as President of the Federal Remnants. He is also notable for his quick temper and insistence on purity, cleanliness, and orderliness, made worse by the assassination of his father by an unknown person that was never found. These neuroses combined subsequently lead him to kill his wife Martha Miller, suspecting that she was a Jewess sorcerer for having a nose that was too long.

Early Life

Born on October 19th, 2143 to prominent Hardliner faction politician Thomas Miller and his loyal wife - being that Abraham was born of a pure Aryan pedigree with the father already in the Party, he was inducted in a ritual to bind his soul, mind, and body to eternal service to the state as a National Redemption Party member. Surrounded by ornate runes transliterated from Latin script to Elder Futhark, the young Abraham was dipped in a vase of blood containing "enemies of the state" that were previously executed, with the ritual room's ceiling engraved in an image of George Washington portrayed as a god-like, Solar deity. At merely two days old, he was now included in the same shared burden of other Party members, all of whom bore the collective responsibility of being the guiding hand of the Aryan race - to purify it further and to realize its homeland of Hyperborea.

Being one of the select few in the country well off enough to receive any sort of education at all, Abraham was groomed for a life as a statesman and politician, being taught the intricacies of a revisionist interpretation of American History, racial sciences, the necessity of both racial and spiritual hierarchy, and tenents of American Esotericism. With his father mostly absent wrapped up in political intrigue and his mother relegated to keeping the Miller residence up to absolute perfection, the young Abraham was left to his own devices, slowly growing an extreme fervency and fanaticism in isolation, often being found banging his head against a brass bust of George Washington's head, leaving him with unchecked frontal lobe damage, affecting his personality and judgement later on.

At the age of eighteen, Abraham's marriage would be arranged to a woman deeded by his father to be of pure, upright Aryan moral character, named Martha Wilkins, with the state-arranged marriage decreeing her to be in permanent service and submission to Abraham; he took issue with Martha's nose being too long, however. At around the same time, Abraham's political career would begin by being the Overseer of a small camp town [2] in West Virginia, responsible for the spiritual Aryanization [3] and productivity of approximately 32,000 Aryan workers to produce infantry weapons and armor for the state.

Quickly, he grew a notoriety among both his paramilitary camp guard and the workers underneath him for his quick temper, unwavering standards, ruthless efficiency, and arbitrary superstition; these traits were further exaggerated by the blistering heat and Spartanist doctrines of minimalism and discipline. Compared to other camps, the workers underneath him only had a life expectancy of 19.3 years, with many executed on the spot for anything ranging from taking a one minute break, to being too close to a singular crow, which Abraham perceived as a "bad omen influenced by outside Jewery." Any worker strikes or mutinies were eliminated with extreme prejudice, often employing the use of readily available napalm or chemical weapons. Abraham's own guards feared stepping into his office, lest their appearance or opening statement end up getting an object from his desk thrown at them for not meeting his standards - even standing at attention with your feet pointed the wrong way could get you reprimanded by Abraham.

Ascension to the Presidency

After establishing himself as a capable Overseer, his father was assassinated with no obvious lead besides a series of stabs in the back arranged in a vaguely tringular shape, which drove Abraham to near madness, beliving he was killed in a ritual blood sacrifice by the Jews. This resulted in him lashing out at his wife Martha, denouncing her as a "hook-nosed Jewess" before she was cut in half with an axe, with the aura around her body being perceived by Abraham to be a strong dark brown color. No action was taken against Abraham, as legally women are considered the property of their husbands, but the lack of a child from the marriage caused suspicion among Party members.

His continued service to the state, combined with intrigue to reduce the influence of other, non-Hardliner factions within the Redemption Party and influence carried from his family name earned him the status as the primary successor of the Presidency following the death of the previous President in 2193. These contributions eliminated the previous suspicion he had incurred from murdering his wife and made him the faction leader of the Hardliners. Abraham - now President Miller, had won an unanimous election, confirming his divine right to rule over millions of righteous Aryans, and would make his more pure version of America a reality, as he stepped into a Brutalist reconstruction of the White Office.


President Miller is a hardline esoteric fascist, believing in a mystical interpretation of America's past as an Aryan utopia that was eroded by the Enlightenment, Jews, Liberal democracy, Bolshevik influence, and Abrahamic religion. As such, he continues a long string of totalitarianism and corporatism carried on by his predecessors, with an emphasis on racial science and spiritual purity.

Strongly isolationist and also ultranationalist, President Miller's pariah state has no formal relationships with any outside nation and instead opts to obtain economic autarky through a reinterpretation of the economic Third Position, opting for a syncretic mix of neo-feudalism and state capitalism as a system of concentration camps to maximize productivity and quickly obtain self-sufficiency, while also keeping the population in total subservience to the state. [2]

For: Fascism, Nazism, paganism, esotericism, ultranationalism, slavery, racial sciences, autarky, white supremacy, theocracy
Neutral: Nuclear warfare, climate change, Eurasianism
Against: Degeneracy, modernity, democracy, Zionism, Abrahamic religions, demilitarization, the Enlightenment, alien sentient life, anyone considered non-Aryan, Communism, National Bolshevism


President Miller believes that there is a collective unconscious among all pure Aryans, which will inevitably push them towards the ideals of their Hyperborean ancestors, with the Founding Fathers being the god-like vessels and messiahs come to redeem America from the corruption of the various southern civilizations formed by the Native American peoples.

Miller rejects the Out of Africa theory entirely, believing that the origins of civilization began and Hyperborea and slowly became diluted and corrupt as time went on, with the semi-divine blood of the giants residing in Hyperborea losing their purity as they fell to other civilizations.

One of President Miller's more bizarre traits is that he has a form of synesthesia, claiming that he can sense the "Jewish energy color" of other people, regarding brown and pink as impure, degenerate colors. As such, his entire office is void of these colors, where not even wooden tables are permitted - instead being replaced with steel tables; Miller's political rivals seem to disappear if their aura appears to be a pink-ish or brown-ish hue.

[1] - There are multiple factions within the National Redemption Party that have not been written yet. The Hardliners are merely the most dominant faction within the party.

[2] - "The American Third Position" would likely require a factbook of its own. In short, it's a syncretic economic system composed of neo-feudalism and state capitalism, where loyal Party members are granted their own personal company towns or "camp towns." These towns are merely over-glorified concentration camps for cities. Aryan workers (or more accurately, slaves) are routinely overworked and suffer from industrial or agricultural accidents on a frequent basis for maximum productivity. Life expectancy is short in the blistering, humid heat, and many only live long enough to produce offspring for the next generation.

[3] - Spiritual Aryanization, is merely just the Remnants adaptation of the Nazi motto "Work makes you free," used as flimsy justification instead to enslave an already all-white population to make them toil in the name of purifying the soul for the return of Hyperborea - to realize the spiritual and racial purity of the semi-divine giants that lived in this mythical land. When is pure considered pure enough? Completely arbitrary - could be never as far as President Miller is concerned.

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