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The United States of
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Future Compass of Federal Remnants

(long awaited) explanations

TOP LEFT Quadrant aka "oh my god how the hell did this happen."

American Hyperborean Hegemony -
Countless decades of scheming and subversion of countless nations in an already unstable, climate change wrecked world have finally come to a horrific, crushing conclusion. By some divine intervation (some say even demonic) the nightmare esoteric fascist system of the Federal Remnants now spans the world. Entire continents have morthed into overglorified concentration and death camps, with many doomed to die a quick death - with the skull imprints on the armor of Death Squads being seared into innocent civilians before they die. Countless cultures are completely eradicated from the face of the Earth, replaced with an artificial, hegemonic Aryan culture. History will be written by the victors, and those who have the "luxury" of surviving into a Spartanist future will never know the civilizations and cultures that came before them, they will only grueling labor in a field or a factory. Hyperborea has finally been realized.

Turner Diaries Realized -
A Neo-Pierce faction of the National Redemption Party garners enough support to strongarm the rest of the Party to finish the vision that William Luther Pierce, notorious neo-Nazi and author of the The Turner Diaries. The Day of the Rope has already long passed, but the rest of the world had escaped judgment and cleansing - until now. Nuclear hellfire, once held back and restrained by the interests of other factions, are now unleashed to cleanse the world of subhuman degenerates. In mere minutes, entire continents are bombarded and annihilated, leaving cities in complete ruins and countless millions in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia dead from the blast itself, and countless thousands dead afterwards from radiation sickness. It does not matter now if America itself is leveled - the Neo-Pierce faction have already paved the way for the world to be populated by a true master race - the Aryan Race.

Imperial Thearchic Necrocracy -
For some believers of American Esotericism in the Redemption Party, it wasn't enough for George Washington to be worshipped as an avatar of the Sun - he needed to be restored to the Presidency, and he needed to be the Eternal President of America. Under false pretenses, three envoys enter the President's private room at 3 AM, claiming that an emergency had occurred with a slave rebellion. However, as soon as these envoys were sent in, the President was immediately gunned down with a laser pistol, and then staged as an accident the envoys had suddenly stumbled into. Shortly afterwards, the true believers of Washington proclaimed that George Washington was President now, and would be forever - although this was just a ploy to start a junta claiming divine providence from Aryan Gods.

The Neverending American Nightmare -
The grinding gears of the Federal Remnants continue to turn and turn, despite all signs pointing to its trajectory being unsustainable. Countless workers are worked, and worked, until they unceremoniously die young from exhaustion and disease, but old enough to have offspring to carry on the Aryan race. Closer and closer the worker gets closer to the ideal of the Aryan, a synthesis of man's spirituality and machine's obedience. Presidents get elected and removed from office, intrigue continues in National Redemption Party, but the world looks onward, waiting for when, if ever, the Federal Remnants will finally collapse in on itself.

BOTTOM LEFT Quadrant aka also hell, don't be fooled by the temperate axis

A Pyramid of Skulls in California -
It was no real secret to the outside world that the Federal Remnants had plans to reassert its control over the West Coast in what it called a Second Manifest Destiny, but no one had ever anticipated they would do it so completely and with such extreme prejudice. Powered Armor divisions first walked into Utah, laying waste to entire towns and murdering anyone who had a skin tone even one shade darker than pasty white, leaving makeshift gallows in their wake. When the Federal Remnants made it to Salt Lake City, the earth there was salted while many Mormon churches burnt to simmers, with Mormonism considered a "Jewish-corrupted" religion by the Federal Remnants. This spree of death and conquest continued like clockwork, until finally the end was reached - California. This was the apex of Manifest Destiny, and at its apex was a massive pyramid of skulls, forged from those who were considered not Aryan enough for life or resisted the brutal occupation of their homes.

Post-Collapse Warlordism with Chemical Weapons -
Enslaving almost all of your population in the name of achieving spiritual and racial purity was never very sustainable to begin with - all it took for it to all crumble down was if the military or the camp administrators (that were merely over-glorified feudal lords) decided what they had wasn't enough. As control loosened and loosened, the enslaved population finally rose in rebellion, finding various weapons and armor. However, they did not know of any system even remotely democratic - for generations they had been raised under fascism and totalitarianism. Slowly but surely, the central authority of the Federal Remnants collapsed, and all that was left in its wake was utter devastation, with former military and some slaves attempting to grab the reign of power for themselves. The noxious, oppressive odor of chlorine and mustard gas are all too common.

Orthodox National Socialism -
Some higher ups in the Party manage to get their hands on the speeches and works of the founding members of the American Nazi Party, alongside those of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, which were usually only meant for the President or for those who were trusted by him. Enough was enough to them, as no honest, hard working, white person should have to toil in the fields when there was no real threat from "undesirables." A coup shortly follows afterwards, with a self proclaimed American Nazi regime declaring itself to the world. The international community can't help but breathe a sigh of relief as malnourished American slaves are finally freed, but shudder as somehow Nazism is less extreme than the nightmare that had occurred in America.

Dengist American Fascism -
Esoteric Fascism ends up being sidelined and even being banned by the liberals of the National Redemption Party, who finally ban slavery and seem to have opened up democracy to a seemingly freed population. Many icons of the old regime are seen being destroyed, including a statue of George Washington represented as Sun God. Internationally, the Federal Remnants was becoming less and less of a phariah state; this also comes the opportunity for economic diversification and growth, and after rebranding the National Redemption Party, new private corporations emerge across the country, soon becoming the new economic hub for cheap, unskilled labor. Former slaves with zero skills to speak of find themselves again on the very fields they toiled on earlier, this time for meager pennies for their toiling and labor.

BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER aka sane and lame

An All-American Strongman -
The various regimes of Latin American conspire to coup the Federal Remnants in a plan that takes several years to come into fruition, seeing as having a fascist state working to undermine their governments was detrimental to their interests. In an almost fitting twist of revenge, as America had sponsored coups of governments in Latin America, it was their turn to sponsor a coup. A sizable portion of the military lead by a high-ranking officer established himself as the sole President of the United States, and soon got to work remolding it in a new image, although this time much more palatable to the interests of the international community than the regime that came before it.

Corrupt Corporate Oligarchy -
A black market initially sprouts up in the Federal Remnants in a small capacity but was left to grow unchecked. Turns out, even high-ranking military police and camp ministers were in on the various luxuries that these black markets allowed that the government simply could not offer them: high quality tobacco and coffee, and alcohol. All these items were considered a degenerating influence by the Spartanist system of the Federal Remnants but demand itself was too high. With demand soon came influence, and this led to unofficial corporations themselves growing more powerful than the government, leading to a nation held accountable only to big business.

Geo-Engineered Republic -
No one expected academics to change anything – let alone the government. After all, these were people deliberately picked either because they were useful to the regime or developed theories in fields such as Anthropology and Biology that agreed with them. However, a smaller sect within a small group managed to pull the levers of power to turn the Federal Remnants into a technocracy, ruled by scientists and academics. Within a few generations, work was being done to reclaim land from the sea, as future generations now had homes in lands that were once considered lost to the tides.

Military Transition into Democracy -
Perhaps the most tame and sane option in a twisted America, albeit not exactly democratic at first. A league of junior officers and soldiers tire of constant mistreatment by their higher ups and constant loyalty tests administered by the state, often resulting in the disappearance of comrades. Arms were taken up against the state, and against insurmountable odds, this faction, for now ruling as a military junta, plans to bring back America as a true democracy.

TOP RIGHT CORNER aka (mostly) wholesome wish fulfillment
The Neo-Confederate States
The Confederate States lost the American Civil War long ago, and its memory was forgotten in all but carefully crafted references. Most of the former Confederacy was underwater - it would make zero sense for the South to rise again in any capacity, yet it rose a second time. Unaware of the original intentions of the Confederacy many centuries ago, disgruntled slaves in the Southern Federal Remnants rose and declared a Second Confederacy, free from the tyranny of the insane esoteric fascist regime it was fighting. Many soldiers and officers defected from the other side, as foreign aid poured in for the war effort. A tattered, centuries old Confederate flag flies in the wind, repurposed as a new symbol.

Service Guarantees Citizenship
America reaches for the stars as it is somehow rebranded and holds dominion of most of the Earth as the suspiciously familiar name of the “Federal Terra States.” In what was a fluke accident, a gas line into the Redemption Party’s headquarters was blown up, leaving most of the country’s higher up leadership dead, thus only leaving the military to fill the void. What was left to govern the entire country was a tattered copy of Starship Troopers, which was then poorly interpreted by the barely literate soldiers left over. In the following decades, citizenship was guaranteed, but only if you joined the military, but the rampant militarism, corporal punishment and other concepts were lost in translation. These series of events still puzzle historians to this day.

Sic Semper Tyrannis -
The largest slave rebellion in history shakes the Federal Remnants to its very core, as even the military has zero chance of beating back the rising tide of the overworked masses, now using their energy to fight back against fascism and a perversion of American history. Freedom beckons, and those who put the jackboot on the people would soon be held responsible in the aftermath of the Second American Revolution. This inevitably results in the former President being executed for countless crimes against humanity along with the imprisonment of dozens of Redemption Party members.

Freedom Knows No Borders -
What begins as a skirmish of libertarian socialists, and other various loosely affiliated groups agitating for liberty near the borders of the Federal Remnants coalesces into the unthinkable, as a massive movement of slaves not only march in on New Washington armed to the teeth - they are utterly convinced that a socialist republic is the only way to move forward – an idea that was constantly drilled in for generations as Jewish degeneracy that eroded the mind and soul of Aryans. Soon enough, the United Syndicates of America is born as what can only be described as "fully automated luxury space communism," beginning a bold move to explore space with massive investments into faster-than-light technology. Humanity will no know bounds, and neither will freedom.