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Unformatted low effort OOC page

a math student and libsoc attempts writing

for every low effort reply on F7 i will do nothing because honestly it's fine if you don't want to read what i've written so far.

it should be obvious from the unreliable narrative of my factbooks but holy hell i do not condone fascism in any way shape or form. this nation is literally the stuff of my nightmares. it is hell on earth to me personified.

unrelated questions you probably didn't ask? i can't read minds:

"where are your military factbooks dude???"

i honestly don't find structuring a military and just ramping it up full of tanks and shiny things that just annihilate everything in sight to be interesting. maybe a few things (like my power armor page) might come out; i'm more interested in fleshing out the unironic hellscape behind a fascist, post-environmental collapse america

i might add in like sidearms and general information (how many people are enlisted, are people required to conscript, what percentage of the budget goes to defense)

"how dead would i be if i lived in this nation?"
here's a litmus test:

if you're not:
you're probably dead already

if you pass this but aren't rich or high up within the military, you get to be a literal slave, congrats! have fun working for 14 hours a day in dangerous 35C+ weather with high humidity in what can only be described as a neo-feudal patchwork of concentration camps for a state

"so do all the factories and other various means of production end up underwater? shouldn't the economy of America be in the gutter?"
i think there would already be a problem with an America that is blatantly authoritarian and genocidal - which would put global trade out of the question in an already resource stripped world. perhaps old factories would end up in the water but a combination of automation and forced labor and unmanned corporate expeditions to the asteroid belt to mine rare earth materials would be enough to prop up the American economy - even if it solely serves to wage war against those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of lasers and powered armor.

eh, might be too power wanky anyhow, i don't want to get actual fascists excited

tourism is at a record 0% though, no one wants to visit this place in universe lmao

"what about a President page? i didn't know this was a stateless society, Mr. Anarchist"
i haven't thought this through really, only those within the Redemption Party i came up on a whim would be allowed to vote for President anyhow. even then, voting stations would either be closed, or legally considered still open - under 20 feet of water in lands that didn't have a wall built around them to protect them from the incoming tides

don't worry that page will come eventually, and the current President of the Federal Remnants will be certifiably a sociopath, i think

the president has been written. not only does he have zero empathy, but he's also insane, fitting for a government of founding father worshipping fascists. have fun!

"isn't this just the Enclave from Fallout 2?"

obligatory related forum post:

Ceranapis from Forum 7 "If AN controlled the world."

"All those who oppose the Enclave The Federal Remnants will fail! I am President John Henry Eden, and this is my pledge -- no one, NO ONE will take this great nation away from me! But for now, my America, we must part. Restoring the greatest country in the world to its former glory, well, well, heh, heh... Well, that takes time."

okay yeah in a sense, although replace "muties" with "undesirables" and remove the part where a tribal blowing up an oil rig basically ends the Enclave in the West Coast. if you want to get rid of the Federal Remnants as a PMT-FT-idk-tech nation, prepare for extreme hassle, although one of those overpowered FT nations would probably bomb the place out of existence with fancy space navies and orbital bombardments

i admit this isn't exactly that original of a nation, it's basically american burgundy from TNO