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The United States of
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The Federal Remnants of the United States, or legally, the United States of America in the year 2198 AD, is de jure a federal constitutional republic, but de facto an esoterict fascist corporatist totalitarian dictatorship. A number of influences, including: the degradation of the environment, accelerated global warming, erosion of democratic institutions, and various extreme reactionary movements all led the United States on a fast track to dictatorship. Due to extreme desertification (or flooding) and lack of funding into infrastructure - the American government has a difficult time exerting federal control any further west than North Dakota.

Only one party is legally allowed - the Redemption Party - claiming to be the ones to bring in a new Manifest Destiny to reclaim the lawless wastes of the West Coast, and to bring back the "spirit" that once made America great in the past. This also includes a "cultural rebirth," in which the government will purge anything that does not fall in line with these traits: patriotic, straight, cis, and white.

Initially, the roots of the Redemption Party were formed off of a reactionary movement against an early push of the Civil Rights Act by JFK, only initially containing a coalition of former American Nazi Party members, Klansmen, and other far right movements, but would later include poor whites and corporate support.

Deeply interwoven into the Redemption Party is American Esotericism, which itself is not limited to mere spirituality nor mere epistemology, but also serves as the de facto national religion of America, believing that the Founding Fathers were Aryan spirits sent to recreate a mythical land once in the far north known as Hyperborea, and that racialism and ultranationalism are intertwined with the spirit and culture of America.

Although anyone can register to vote, only those affiliated with a political party are able to vote. The entry requirements to the Redemption Party are as follows:
Must be a landowner
Must have a net worth of over $10 million USD or be at least a brigadier-general in the Armed Forces
Must be over the age of 35 years old

These requirements effectively disenfranchise about 99% of the general population.

- Controlled by the Federal Remnants

- Claimed but not controlled