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A Quick History of Albali

Note: this particular factbook begins during The Albali Republic's timeline and continues to today, In Character.

The Albali Republic

The Albali Republic was Albali's only real attempt at a democracy in several thousand years; the Republic was born from a devastating civil war between the autocratic monarchy and republican rebels. The country was still fairly unstable for the first few years - monarchist fighters continued to battle the Republican government until the Katizelma Accord of 2021; in this Accord, any rebels that surrendered to the government were granted amnesty for their crimes (including terrorism, treason, murder and countless others) along with a figurehead monarch in exchange for a stop to all fighting. However, this monarch would not be related to the Ylora line that had been rendered all but extinct by the end of the war.

With the Accord signed, stability soon returned to Albali. Efforts at re-building what was destroyed by both the Alba-Rasulnian War and the Great Schism were still ongoing even a decade later, though many areas became habitable again. Planets which were glassed would take several decades to recover, even with terraforming efforts in full swing. During this period, unemployment levels were the lowest they had been in centuries as many once-jobless people found work as builders, engineers, etc.


Before the series of war that devastated Albali, a huge private venture was organised in the late 90s and early 2000s that would send volunteers to colonise the nearby galaxies of the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Canis Major Overdensity. The first group of ships arrived in the CMO in 2053, and the second group reached the LMC in 2067. Soon, thriving industrial and economic centres were created on the planets that the ships had landed on. Unfortunately, Albali itself was unable to exploit their huge advantage over the rest of the Milky Way until the invention of instant communication and teleportation over a century later.

By the 23rd century, Albali had total control over both the CMO and the LMC; in addition to its territory in the Milky Way, this made Albali the most powerful known nation in the Local Group. However, the Albalian leadership was not content with their already significant gains. Dozens of other minor galaxies were colonised, and Albalians had also arrived in Andromeda. Controlling Andromeda completely would make Albali the sole power in the Local Group, and its neighbours knew this.

This resulted in a period of unease amongst the Milky Way nations. This period has been called 'Space's Cold War' because of the tensions between nations, though nobody was willing to start the most destructive war in history. This continued well into the 30th century, after all of Andromeda was colonised by the group of nations; now, everyone was sat on powerful explosives and it was simply a matter of waiting for the spark. That spark came in the form of an 'accidental' Albalian border violation of a neighbour.

This war lasted for over two hundred years, and was marked by campaigns of genocide and famine. In addition, the first truly large-scale use of AI soldiers signalled the beginning of a new age in galactic history. Albali had won the war, thanks to the superiority of its AI. However, the reason they won everything would later become the reason they lost everything...

Rise and Fall

By the year 15,000 CE, the Albalians were the lone nation in the Virgo Supercluster and they walked amongst the galaxies as though they were gods. Their technology was nigh-unthinkable; the fusion of machine and biology gave them veritable superpowers such as telekinesis, and x-ray vision, and they had the ability to create life for whatever purpose they needed. The population was well into the quadrillions by this stage, mostly consisting of Aquariians and Ausar. AI were considered to be sentient and were citizens; they tended to take the form of Aquarrians and Ausar. Albalian society had become totally reliant on AI for truly simple things such as driving cars, as children's toys, and toasting bread.

In a top-secret Albalian military lab, a new form of AI was being researched at the order of the government. Despite every single safety protocol anyone could think of, the AI managed to go rogue and, in the microseconds before it was killed, transmitted orders for every domestic AI within its range to shut down, and those AI in turn sent the same order until most of the nation was affected. In just the first few minutes, trillions died in accidents caused by this event. A different order was sent to soldier AI, however; because of the immense suffering that the new AI went through in its creation, these 'drone' AI were to kill all organics they could find.

The Albalians began to flee major population centres, and a mere hour later the government ordered the largest rearmament program ever known. Every able-bodied Albalian was conscripted into the military, and this marked the beginning of a decade-long intergalactic war between organics and AI. The more territory the Albalians lost, the more desperate and cold their methods became; Albalian warships glassed entire planets full of people just to deny the AI sites to rearm. Eventually, the Albalians were all but wiped out. Unbeknown to the AI, the Albalians had built massive cities underground, hoping to simply avoid detection. Many of these fell in the following years. Those who survived are left with an intense fear and hatred of AI and robotics in general, and their best technologies are simply remnants of what they had before the "Great Collapse". This is where this nation stands...