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[WIP] Archivo de Stellarum: Cornelia Alena Schultz

Cornelia Alena Schultz

"Blah Blah Blah, International Community Blah Blah civil rights."
- WA Ambassador Schultz

The honorable Ambassador.

Occupation: Ambassador to the World Assembly on behalf of Excidium Planetis, Delegate to the World Assembly on behalf of the Galactic Federacy

Citizen Identifier: 12-KWX-517-L
Age: "old"
Residence: The WA Headquarters, the poor soul.

Notable Achievements: Pissed everyone off, except possibly The Imperium of Tinfect.


Cornelia Alena Schultz was born in Sector 12 on Homeship Reckoner approximately 500 years ago.

Somehow, she was appointed as the official WA Ambassador for Excidium Planetis when our nation joined that accursed organization last year. It is believed she bribed several people and/or hypnotized the entire Department of NationStates to get her job.

She is singlehandedly responsible for starting a war, ruining an entire industry, and generally approving of things that force regulations on our nation.

Early Life

I'm sure she had some kind of sad childhood.

WA Career

In early 1015 ACR, conversation between Ambassador Schultz and Tinfectian Diplomatic Overseer Markhov resulted in a bet that Excidium Planetis could succesfully invade Aeiouia, and a corresponding treaty barring Tinfect involvement in a consensual war between Aeouia and Excidium Planetis.

Shortly after this exchange, Ambassador Schultz decided to take up the cause of poor, helpless xenos everywhere by writing, campaigning for, and passing General Assembly Resolution #338, "Protection of Sapient Rights", which forced Excidium Planetis to ban all slave trade in the Fleets. This unfortunately resulted in millions of Birrin suddenly becoming free residents of Excidium Planetis, which was quite problematic.

And then she did it again, with the passage of "Rights of Sapient Species". Even when she had a perfectly good opportunity to help repeal her own resolution again, she argued against it extensively.

In 1016 ACR (April 20 on the Excidian Calendar), Cornelia Schultz was appointed as WA Delegate for the Galactic Federacy, following regional elections.

Late Life

Okay, she's not that old.