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Military Vessel Classifications

Morning-Star Class Warp Ship

Most Ships in the fleet lack Alcubierre drives, severely restricting their range to areas easily reached at sublight speeds. The Morning-star Class Warp Ship allows many of the smaller vessels ("smaller" including everything except Scimitar and Crossbow class ships) to tag along on its jumps, allowing whole groups of ships reach areas only accessible by warping*. The Morning-star class is 3000 meters long, and approximately 1500 meters tall at its tallest point. It is only about 500 meters wide at the widest. The majority of the ship is devoted to powering the warp drive, and the Morning-star is capable of warping space sufficiently to warp everything within a 3 kilometer radius of the generator's center, which is about 750 meters from the rear of the the ship. The Morning-star is severely lacking in weaponry, possessing only twenty-one weapon systems, an anti-proton cannon and twenty point defense lasers. Currently, there are only two Morning-star Class ships in the Excidian military, the Dawn Star and the Silent Star. Another, Dark Star is under construction on Reckoner. Two other Morning-stars, Morning Star and Dusk Star were destroyed.

Number of Personnel: 374
Enlisted: 329
Officer: 45
40 Cooking Specialists (enlisted)
160 General System Engineers (enlisted)
19 Marines (enlisted)
20 Physicians (enlisted)
80 Weapons Technicians (enlisted)
5 Pilots (enlisted)
3 Quantum Physics Specialists (officer)
5 Electronic Warfare Specialists (enlisted)
5 Navigator (officer)
21 Nuclear Engineers (officer)
5 Communications Officers
5 Weapons Systems Control Officers
5 Tactical Officers
1 Commanding Officer

*As with all Excidian ships utilizing an Perrault drive, warp speed is approximately 0.02559524 light years per hour, or about 18.42 light years per month.
** Unless otherwise stated, all Excidian ships have a maximum acceleration of 8 terran gravities.

Scimitar Class Dreadnought

Scimitars are the flagships of the Excidian fleet. At 2000 meters long, they are some of the largest ships in the fleet. They possess their own Alcubierre drives, though they are only capable of warping space extremely close to the ship. Because of this, Scimitars are often sent on solo missions. Scimitar Class Dreadnoughts carry an anti-proton cannon with 100 grams of antiproton ammunition, 8 broadside thermonuclear torpedo batteries of 10 torpedo tubes each, and 80 laser turrets for defense. Additionally, they carry 40 thermonuclear naval mines, each carrying an explosive charge of 25 Megatons of TNT, which can be armed and disarmed remotely, and are designed to trigger if an object over 100 meters in length comes with 800 meters of the mine. Scimitars have a small hangar for transports and mining vessels, which are used to resupply the dreadnoughts on long-term missions. There have been 910 Scimitar Class ships built, 507 of which are still operating.

Halberd Class Cruiser

The Halberd Class Cruiser is a 1200 meter long warship designed to support fleets of warships. It is highly capable of engaging enemy capital ships. The Halberd is the smallest military warship with an Alcubierre drive, but does not often travel alone. It is usually used to warp in first before a Warp Ship brings a fleet into potential danger, or to warp out last to cover a retreating fleet. The Halberd is equipped with one spinal mount railgun, 1 dorsal antiproton cannon turret, 2 ventral anti-ship laser cannon turrets, 2 dorsal anti-ship laser cannon turrets, 6 broadside torpedo launchers, 4 starboard anti-ship laser cannon turrets, 4 port anti-ship laser cannon turrets, and 40 point defense laser turrets. Halberds have a hangar bay capable of carrying up to 20 Bolt-Class starfighters, or 10 V64C Majestic Dropships. There have been approximately 1550 Halberd Class vessels constructed, 464 are still in use.

Pike Class Destroyer

The Pike Class Destroyer, coming in at 300 meters long, is one of the more common warships. Exactly 5999 of these sleek ships have been built, with PK-5999 Millenium's End having just been completed and deployed to assist the Excidium Planetis Advance Fleet. About 3217 are still used by the Excidian military. The Pike Class comes equipped with a spinal mounted railgun; A twin anti-ship laser turret, 2 thermonuclear torpedo launcher turrets with 12 torpedoes each, located on the top bow and bottom stern; and 6 point defense laser turrets. It also is stocked with 6 naval mines. The Pike also has the highest engine power to mass ratio among the larger ships, and can accelerate and turn much faster than other military ships*.

*16 terran gravities, or 8 more gs, to be exact.

Number of Personnel: 55
Enlisted: 41
Officer: 14
4 Cooking Specialists (enlisted)
16 General System Engineers (enlisted)
9 Marines (enlisted)
4 Physicians (enlisted)
6 Weapons Technicians (enlisted)
2 Quantum Physics Specialists (officer)
2 Electronic Warfare Specialists (enlisted)
3 Navigator (officer)
3 Nuclear Engineers (officer)
3 Communications Officers
2 Weapons Systems Control Officers
3 Tactical Officers
1 Commanding Officer

Crossbow Class Carrier

The Crossbow Class Carrier is the second rarest military vessel in the fleet after the Morning-star. Less than 200 have been built, partly because of the ship's 2050 meter long hull, and partly because Excidium's military commanders have yet to decide if the Crossbow is actually effective enough in combat to sacrifice building a Scimitar for a Crossbow. After the Battle of Cliopius IX, in which several Crossbows were destroyed, the Excidian military decommissioned many carriers and sold them to civilians. Only 48 Crossbows are still active in the military. The Crossbow carries 80 Bolt Class starfighter-bombers, and is armed with only 80 laser turrets. The carriers, of course, have Alcubierre drives.

Bolt Class Starfighter-Bomber

The Bolt Class is a two-man craft armed with a twin laser turret, two wing mounted laser cannons, 6 torpedo/missile launch racks, and a naval mine. Bolt Class starfighter-bombers lack anything more than minimal shielding, but come fitted with exterior panels that emit signals mimicking background stellar radiation. All Bolts are equipped with AI Pilots. Bolt Class starfighter come equipped with Radar, LIDAR, sonar, infrared, ultraviolet and visual sensor suites, located on the nose of the craft.

Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 280 meters per second
Maximum Acceleration: 56 terran gravities.

Gladius Class Corvette

The Gladius is by one of the most numerous ships in the fleet, with approximately 10,000 Gladius Class craft produced. They also have extremely high attrition rates, as only about 2336 are still registered as active and operational in the Excidian military. The Gladius is only 100 meters long, and comes armed with one torpedo launcher with two torpedoes, one anti-ship laser cannon, and two forward facing atomic lasers with 12 charges each.

The Gladius is capable of pulling up to 12 terran gravities of acceleration.

Number of Personnel: 28
Enlisted: 21
Officer: 7
2 Cooking Specialists (enlisted)
8 General System Engineers (enlisted)
9 Marines (enlisted)
2 Physicians (enlisted)
2 Weapons Technicians (enlisted)
1 Quantum Physics Specialist (officer)
1 Electronic Warfare Specialist (enlisted)
1 Navigator (officer)
1 Nuclear Engineer (officer)
1 Communications Officer
1 Weapons Systems Control Officer
1 Tactical Officer
1 Commanding Officer