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The Rogue Nation of Excidium Planetis

The Temporary Excidian Flag

"We need a better motto." -High Counselor Velderrain

Somewhere in Space. We've probably been there before.

Population: Somewhere around 1 billion, last I checked.
-Density: Pretty low. I'll do the math later.

Capital: A giant ship. It's called the Reckoner.
Largest City: We don't actually have any cities...

Official Language: Loglan

National Language: English, because no one wants to learn Loglan.

National Anthem: LinkForward Thinking by an ancient Terran musician

A life of hope and promise
The future in our hands
A time that's free and honest
And in the light we stand

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Hope is around the corner
Holding hands and we're stronger
Look into my eyes, and tell me why
Truth is in our lies

We feel an open window
Away from heavy hearts
I want until it's time to go
Until a new journey starts

I turn towards the mountains
Away from hopeless fears
But now we build our fountains
So smile again, dry your tears

Hope is around the corner
Holding hands and we're stronger
Look into my eyes, and tell me why
Truth is in our lies

Hold your head high
Our time is here...

Hope is around the corner
Holding hands and we're stronger
Look into my eyes, and tell me why
Truth is in our lies

Our time is here...

Hope is around the corner
Holding hands and we're stronger
Look into my eyes, and tell me why
Truth is in our lies

Hope is around the corner
Holding hands and we're stronger
Look into my eyes, and tell me why
Truth is in our lies

Demonym: Excidian

- Very Little
- High Counselor: Adrian X. Velderrain
- The Rest of The Counselors: Valerie Nguyen, Seth Yonkers, Michael Mercer, Richard McEwan, ???

- Upper House: The Council
- Lower House: The Assembly

Establishment: from the Telsar Alliance of Systems
Independence: 2651 A.D.

Capital Ship Volume: 2.8 billion cubic km
Land Area: 28.588 million kmē for the floor of the Living Level.
Water Area: None

GDP (nominal): 285 trillion Credits
GDP (nominal) per capita: 149,181 Credits, I believe.

Human Development Index (NS Version): I Don't Know

Currency: Excidian Credits ( ϵρ )

Time Zone: N/A

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: None?

Internet TLD: It doesn't matter, since Reckoner has its own internet separate
from the rest of the universe, but .exp is what we use.

Excidium Planetis

The Rogue Nation of Excidium Planetis, commonly called Excidium, is a loose government of migrant salvagers in space. It has no land, because the vast majority of the population is housed on Homeship Reckoner, a 700 km long cylindrical starship. It has a diameter of 70 km, but the central 60 km are hollow space, mostly to prevent gravitational collapse, but it also houses some of the planetoids that are regularly mined by the crew of HS Reckoner. Excidium Planetis comprises of 4 main fleets, and 2,000,000 ships of various sizes.

Excidium Planetis mainly tries to stay alive and keep its fleet operational, which requires an awful lot of resources. These are usually gained through mining, salvaging, and looting ships and small planets, which makes Excidium rather unpopular on the galactic stage. Luckily, when your home is a mobile mining/battle/ship-building ship, you can always leave and find new neighbors who haven't learned to dislike you yet.


Excidium Planetis comes from the ancient Terran language Latin, and means "Fall of Planets". It seemed a rather fitting name at first, since the people who formed the government had escaped from a supernova that wiped out their home planets, but is also fitting now that Excidium Planetis has begun completely dismantling planetoids.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Excidium Planetis is as an "Excidian", which doesn't actually make any sense when you consider the Latin.

Main Article: Complete History of Excidium Planetis
Excidium Planetis was founded by survivors of the "Billion Ship Fleet" which left the Omnifar System just before a Supernova wiped out all life on the planets in that system and its neighbors. It began major salvaging operations on its own ships, many of which had ceased functioning during the long flight from their home systems. A couple centuries later, Homeship Reckoner was constructed and Excidium Planetis became an actually formidable power.

Since then, we've been pillaging scarcely inhabited systems to survive.


Because Excidium has no actual land, most citizens live on ships in the fleet. A majority of the population lives on Homeship Reckoner, where they enjoy quite a lot of space on board. The ship has a clean, nicely controlled environment, unless you live in a poor sector, notably the four on the front half of the ship. I wouldn't advise going there, unless you like accidentally unsealing areas with airlock breaches.


Approximately 60% of the population lives on Homeship Reckoner. The remaining 40% live on various ships in the 4 main fleets: Home Fleet, Dawn Fleet, Silent Fleet, and Advance Fleet. Home Fleet is based on the Reckoner, and is by far the largest of the fleets. Dawn and Silent Fleets are based around the Hydra Class carriers Hydra and Chimaera. Each ship is a hybrid colony ship/carrier that houses a plurality of that fleet's population as well allows a portion of the fleet to dock and warp with the Hydra Class ships. Advance Fleet has no real capital ship, the fleet itself is widespread, as it acts as a scout for the rest of the fleets. Most Groups in the fleet are based around one of ten Ark-Class colony ships, each of which houses around 4 million people.

Loglan is a language developed on Old Terra as an experiment to rid language of double-meanings, false homophones, similar sounding words that mean totally different things, awful words like "moist", and pretty much everything else that makes poetry possible. A side effect of this was a language that made human-computer interface pretty easy, which led to the rise of the Information Technology industry and cyborgs, which led to conflict between "purebloods" and cyborgs and genetically engineered freaks, but that's another story.

English was the predominant language of Old Terra at the time of the colonization of the Telsar Systems, and people are really stubborn about forgetting it and learning more efficient machine languages, so it's still around. Everywhere.

We are mostly atheist, although a small fraction of the population still clings to their ancient Terran religions, and an insidious, wide-spread cult known as the [redacted] has about [redacted] followers.

Excidium has a nice population of people who have been interbreeding so long they all appear of the same ethnicity, which is kind of Middle-Eastern looking, if you are familiar with Terran Ethnicities.
Separate fleets have more or less distinct populations. The fleet based around MS Dawn Star, for example, has a population that is 98.02% blue-eyed, compared to only 35.7% for the population as a whole.

The vast majority of Excidian citizens are either normal humans or human cyborgs. Only 0.003% of citizens are non-humans, with the largest group being Birrin, a hexapod insectoid species from Chri-irah. A few are Takt'lek, a bipedal avian species, and a few are sapient AIs with an origin in another country.


Some really boring and complicated matters are decided by the Council, a bunch of politicians directly elected by the people every month.

Most decisions, however, are made by the Assembly, which is every single voting member on Reckoner. Referendums are held daily in Assembly rooms, at public computer terminals, and on electronic devices everywhere if you signed up for the "Vote by Datatab" option when registering to vote.

Messenger ships jump back and forth between Reckoner and the various fleets, and relay information and government decisions at faster-than-light speeds.

Foreign Relations and Military

A member of the Excidian Guard, which is in
charge of guarding Homeship Reckoner in the
event that it is boarded by enemy troops.

All diplomatic matters are decided by referendum, which makes for very shaky relationships with foreign powers.

Luckily, the military has about 11,000 starships of various classes ready to fight enemies wherever, or whoever, they happen to be.


Economic Indicators

Rank: 21st in The Local Cluster
Currency: the Excidian Credit
Fiscal Year: Unember 1st - Pentember 72st

GDP (nominal): 85 trillion Credits
GDP (nominal) per capita: 105,000 Credits
Labor Force: 800 million
Unemployment: 2.5%

Excidium has an almost completely free market. The government is responsible only for the construction and upkeep of military vessels and docks, and the payment of military personnel. However, the population of Reckoner regularly passes monthly budgets for all kinds of things, usually industries that are in favor at the time or education funds. The military is paid for mostly through salvages of destroyed or captured ships, sometimes through loot collected from conquered planets, and partly through a yearly budget of income taxes. The upkeep of Reckoner itself is left to a private industry, Homeship Maintenance Systems, of which a share owned by almost everyone on the ship. Private quarters, business areas, mining operations, civilian stardocks and shipbuilding, are all maintained by the citizens.

Government regulation of the economy consists on heavy regulation of drug and tobacco sales, and fairly strict limits on alcoholic beverages. Firearms are very lightly regulated, with only the most powerful offense weapons being banned from public use, sale, and possession. Food, Beverages, and Drugs are monitored for safety, and must be approved before sold.


Excidians practice "national survival above all else". The idea of survival was ingrained in the people, being a product of a natural disaster that wiped out their home civilizations, and reinforced by the startling fact that spaceships are fragile, and human life even moreso. Our normally selfish, capitalist society therefore places less value on self preservation, as it is understood that no matter how rich you are, you're only an airlock breach away from death.

The survival of the nation as a whole has great importance, which is responsible for the mandatory military service continuing to be national policy, despite the fact that a simple majority vote could end it any day. Indeed, most citizens are proud to serve their 5 years, and then most promptly quit to obtain some level of satisfaction in life before they inevitably die. The massive military budget is also due to a great fear for the nation's safety.

Other than that, Excidians value freedom to do anything that doesn't have a high risk of killing other people, and like being able to buy almost whatever they want, as long as they have the money to do so. Or can secure a loan for, at least. Which reminds me, I think I have a couple of fighter carriers to buy. Where'd I put that 250 billion dollar loan?


Automobiles are used, but they're considered slow and inefficient, and as such are usually only used on the Living level. Most transportation is done by magnetic trains for local movement on a level or between levels, or by starship for movement between sectors. Starship ferries move civilians back and forth between sectors of the ship, which are each 500 kilometers long, a long distance to travel by train.

Nuclear reactors power most of the stuff in the fleet, although anti-matter, bio-fuel and solar are alternative sources of energy.

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