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Popular Deathsports - The Deathrace

Held every year since the year 2000, ten of the participants of the previous years Carmageddon with the highest point total for that year are invited to this cross country race that takes place over a three day period (first three days of July). In this race, the participants score points for any kills they make along the way, including each other, as long as it's on or near the road. Anyone who is on or near the road where the racers are at is considered a legitimate target. Because of this, the rout the race is run over changes every year, and is kept secret from everyone except the participants, who find out about the rout at the time the race starts, and Television camera crews, that are kept hidden and sequestered along the race course until the racers enter into the area they are in.

Each car has a team of two for the race, a driver and a mechanic. Should the car break down on the race course, only the mechanic for that car can work on it. They may not ask for, nor receive, help from anyone outside of the team. If the mechanic is unable to repair the car, the team is disqualified from the race. Each night at sundown, the race stops, along with all scoring, and the teams are given food and shelter for the night at a local hotel. Normally, the hotel will reserve a floor for the race teams and Television crews, and restrict access to these floors. Though teams may interact with one another, they are forbidden from causing harm to each other or anyone else, unless they want to be disqualified from the race. Durring the race however, members of an opposing team are considered legitimate targets and may be scored like any other person, according to the chart below.

Points for kills are as follows:
Men between the ages of 20 and 74, able to walk: 10 Points.
Women between the ages of 20 and 74, able to walk: 20 Points. (Women are worth 10 points more than men in every category except the last one).
Children 0 to 11 years old: 70 points
Teenagers 12 to 19 years old: 40 points
Senors 75 or older, anyone in a wheelchair (any age): 100 points (Both Sexes)