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Nations and RP information (meta)

My nations

Holy Catholic State of Portugal
Sacro Estado Católico de Portugal

A nation in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by the Spanish Empire to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. One of the world's oldest sovereign states, Portugal has an incredibly rich history and geography. Originally a monarchy, it was briefly a secular republic before adopting its present form of government, a theocratic autocracy. Staunchly traditionalist and isolationist, the government fiercely rejects globalization and dependence on foreign technologies. Heretics, liberals and communists not welcome!

Common name in English: Portugal
Common name in local language: Portugal
NS user profile name: Estado Novo Portugues (not used in universe)

Technology: MT
Human: yes
Has magic users: no

Head of state: Civil Director Afonso Salazar
Government: unitary one-party autocracy
Political system: traditionalist isolationist Catholic nationalism
Economic system: corporatism
Religion: Catholicism

Highly varied. Mountainous in the north, rolling plains in the south.

Mostly hot summers and mild winters. Precipitation is high in the north, low in the south.

Highly religious, conservative and superstitious. Family values and gender roles are strongly important.

Grand Duchy of Alzatia
Groçherzogtum Elsŕç

A landlocked nation in western Europe. It is bordered to the east by the Rhine river separating it from Germany, and to the west by the Vosges mountains separating it from France. Formerly a part of the Holy Roman Empire right until its dissolution, the Grand Duchy of Alzatia has since been an independent state. It has been the target of annexation attempts by both of its neighbors, but none were successful. The population of 1.8 million is predominantly rural, preferring to live off the land and maintain traditional ways of life. For this reason, Alzatia is widely considered a bleak and barren backwater. But this idyllic little kingdom is a forbidden fruit ripe with natural beauty, sheltered from the darkness and cruelty of the modern world. Too bad foreigners aren't allowed to visit.

Common name in English: Alzatia, Alsatia
Common name in local language: Elsŕç
NS user profile name: Alzatia

Technology: MT
Human: yes
Has magic users: no

Head of state: Grand Duchess Veroniek
Government: unitary absolute monarchy
Political system: feudalism
Economic system: subsistence, bartering, guilds
Religion: Catholicism, Protestantism

Landlocked. Flat but bordered by mountains. Abundant natural areas like woodlands and lakes.

Mostly mild summers and winters, and low precipitation.

Mostly rural. Fond of the outdoors. Stubborn in traditional ways and fearful of new technologies.

RP information

About me

I first joined this site in 2014. Since then, I've had many nations come and go before I settled on my current lot. I'm a relative newcomer to roleplaying in NationStates and International Incidents—I spent most of my early time here answering Issues and occasionally posting in Factbooks & National Information surveys and Forum 7 games. However, despite being new to RP, I would say I've gotten the hang of it quite well.

RP preferences

I will generally do the following types of RP:

  • Social occasions

  • Diplomatic and state visits

  • Private/one-on-one (business meetings, dates, etc)

  • Surveys and Q&A

I will generally not do the following types of RP:

  • War or military

  • NS Sports

However, I may occasionally make an exception.

Writing style

  • All factbooks and forum posts are written from an out-of-character (OOC) perspective. So at times I may use a conversational style, break the fourth wall, or make references to real-world places/events that are not present in universe.

  • All character actions and interactions are written from a third-person perspective, with the exception of dialog.

  • Dialog (what's said out loud by a character) is indicated by "italic text in quotations".

  • If multiple characters have a dialog in the same scene, I will identify who says what in one of two ways: 1) putting the character name before each dialog, or 2) using a unique text color for each character.

  • Many of the nations I play are non-English, so at one point or another, characters will be talking among themselves in a foreign language. When that happens, the dialog will be highlighted. Unless your characters happen to understand that language, the contents of the conversation should remain a mystery to them.

  • Meta posts (content that's not part of the story—announcements, comments directed to players, housekeeping, etc) will be differentiated from RP content in one of several ways: 1) putting the text in (brackets), 2) hiding the text in a spoiler box, 3) separating the different sections with a horizontal line.

  • If an RP host has specified a different writing style, I will follow that. Otherwise, all my posts will follow this style.

Ownership of content


General RP policies

These are the universal policies that apply to all RPs hosted by me. Most of them should be common sense and basic courtesy. In addition, each RP will have its own specific policies and character requirements (age, sex, religion, social class, dress code, prohibited items, magic, etc) based on the type of event, and the laws and customs of the nation where it is taking place.

  • You may only play or control the characters that belong to you. Which brings us to the next point:

  • Absolutely no attacking other characters unless you have permission from the owner. This goes for damage to property as well.

  • Only sign up if you're serious about participating. Of course you can have fun, that's no problem. But if you come just to spam or be disruptive, you'll quickly find yourself being shown the door.

  • Please keep your writing family-friendly. Occasional profanity is fine, but not gore or bedroom scenes.

  • When introducing characters for the first time, please state their names and locations.

  • You the player might know something about another nation or character, but don't assume your character does, unless that information is made available to them in universe. In addition, you should make it clear whether you're speaking as yourself or in character.

  • All characters must be created by yourself.

  • Some RPs require a "password" to join. Look for it in the RP's sign-up thread.