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Nations and RP information (meta)

About the player

I first joined this site in 2014. Since then, I've had many nations come and go before I settled on my current lot. I'm a relative newcomer to roleplaying in NationStates and International Incidents—I spent most of my early time here playing the game by myself: answering Issues and occasionally posting in Factbooks & National Information surveys and Forum 7 games. However, despite being new to RP, I would say I've gotten the hang of it quite well, and I'm quite capable of holding my own among experienced RP'ers with an order of magnitude more posts than me.

I am hosting an RP of my own for the first time: O Come All Ye Faithful

Roleplaying preferences

I will generally do the following types of RP:

  • Social occasions

  • Diplomatic and state visits

  • Private or one-on-one (business meetings, dates, etc)

I will generally not do the following types of RP:

  • War or war-games

  • Sports

However, this is not a given.

Writing style (applies to all forum posts and gameside dispatches)

  • All nation factbooks and character profiles are written from an out-of-character (OOC) perspective. So at times I may use a conversational style, break the fourth wall, and make references to real-world places/events that are not present in my universe. An example of this, would be a factbook describing unusual technologies, abilities or cultural practices. In that case, I'd use parallels from the real world or other fictional universes (movies, video games, etc), where available, to help the reader understand the concept.

  • All character actions and interactions are written from a third-person perspective, with the exception of dialog.

  • Dialog (what's said out loud by a character) is indicated by "italic text in quotations".

  • If multiple characters have a dialog in the same scene, I'll identify who says what in one of two ways: 1) putting the character name before each dialog, or 2) using a unique color code for each character.

  • Meta posts (content that's not part of the story: announcements, comments to players, administration, etc) will be differentiated from RP content in one of several ways: 1) putting the text in (brackets), 2) hiding the text in a spoiler box, or 3) separating the text with a horizontal line.

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