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Juan Pablo Salazar, El Gobernador de España, 2021.

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Juan Pablo Salazar

Gobernador de España
Governor of Spain

Pablo during the 2010 US Senatorial Elections.

Full Name:

Juan Pablo y Carlos Salazar

Birth date:

1 January, 1974

Place of birth:

Madrid, United States of America



Spoken Languages:

English, Spanish


Governor of Spain (2019)
CNT-FET-JONS Senator (2010-2016)
United States Army Soldier (2000-2006)

Marital status:



Caridad Armenta


José Salazar, Maria Salazar

"I'm not paid enough for this..." - Governor Salazar during a meeting with other American politicians.


Early Life

Juan Pablo Salazar was born on New Year's of 1974 during the Vietnam War, his father was an editor for a newspaper prior to the Vietnam War, and his mother was a nurse, his father had French and Spanish ancestry and thus Pablo was considered a dual-citizen of France. His early life was marked by a period where Pablo had no idea what he was doing, as he was often oblivious to the surrounding happenings as a child, but he did manage to go through with his education, passing with grades above the bare minimum required to graduate, he soon found himself going nowhere with his life, and decided to find employment.

He was employed at a diner as a waiter, which he found to be calming at times, but other times, infuriating. He continued his job as a waiter until 1998, where he left after serving the diner for quite some time, he took up a part-time job as a baker after that, starting up a bread store in Madrid and hiring some employees, he liked this career as most people who tried his pastries said they were quite enjoyable, and of high quality. He continued his breadmaking career until an accident involving an oven and gasoline occurred, which forced him to quit baking, but not before passing on his recipes to his employees, who would go on to found 'Pan de Salazar' Inc. He enlisted in the United States Military in 2000 as another career option.

Service in the United States Army

After enlisting in the United States Military, which unknowingly revoked his dual citizenship with France, he was stationed at the French-American Border as a sentry to make sure the French Army didn't try to do anything, since France was, at the time, showing an interest in reclaiming the southern areas it had lost during the First World War, he mostly spent his time at the border playing around with the surroundings, such as rocks, sticks, and sometimes even his equipment. He was known by his friends as 'the troublemaker' due to how many times he's been caught fooling around.

He soon served in the Afghan-American War in 2001, he was transferred from the French Border and sent to fight in the Middle East, he would have been assigned to the frontlines had it not been for Command erroneously sending him orders to stay in an understaffed supply base as its logistical quartermaster, he took the job almost immediately and went to work rehabilitating the base, which suffered due to its understaffing, while he did not know what he was actually doing, he did manage to get the base back to working condition, impressing the men in the base who assumed he was just a man who appeared out of nowhere and declared himself the quartermaster. Sometime later when the Taliban government fell, he was transferred out of that base, but he was commended by various generals for managing to outperform most quartermasters despite being nothing but a mere Private.

During 2003, he was sent to fight in the Iraq War, his unit was deployed to protect International Coalition of Nations Weapons Inspectors who were freed by the United States after being captured prior to the war, and was tasked with escorting them out of Iraq, while doing so. On 26 March his unit, while transporting the ICN Inspectors, was ambushed by two Iraqi tanks, his unit scattered and fled as the tanks approached them, out of desperation, he charged at one of the tanks without it noticing him, and due to the crew leaving the hatch open, was able to kill everyone in the tank, then disabled the second one with a rocket launcher taken off a squadmate. When the Iraq War ended in 2004 after Saddam was found and executed, he was soon sent back to the United States.

He began the two-year inactive service as part of his Enlistment Commitment, deciding to stay in Washington D.C. due to simply being too tired of the war. While he stayed in D.C. he began to think about starting a political career to support the United States Government, he initially had a dilemma between Democrat and Republican, but both parties were not fit for him, so instead, he joined the CNT-FET-JONS, one of the four parties within the United States. CNT-FET-JONS offered an armed social democracy first seen during President Franco's reign after JFK's coma. After being discharged from the military and returning to Spain, he planned a senatorial career, and in 2010, he became a Senator representing FET-JONS.

Service as a FET-JONS Senator and aftermath

After becoming a Senator for FET-JONS, he participated in the Senatorial elections of Spain, winning over Republican and Democrat candidates, and as a result of this, he entered the Senate as an independent Senator of FET-JONS, alongside nineteen others. At the time, the Senate had twenty independent, twenty republican, and twenty democrat, most of the independent senators came from FET-JONS, but others came from obscure parties, which FET-JONS were interested in backing to oppose the dual-party system that was set up by the dominant parties.

He soon started to become more relevant in American politics due to being an obscure, new, yet successful senator, as a result, many rumors were spread about him on the internet much to his chagrin, one rumor said that he was a prominent supporter of Nazism despite being a Falangist, which is unconnected to Nazism, another said that he was part of a conspiracy to undermine the United States Government, despite not being politically active at all. He tried his best to make himself a clean Senator, and as the representative of Spain, he was put under pressure to make this home state proud.

In 2011 he was highly opposed to the United States pulling out of Afghanistan, citing his experiences there. He once said, "I don't think we should leave Afghanistan to its fate." after someone asked him about why he opposed the Obama administration pulling out of Afghanistan. In 2012, he was accused of misappropriating funds from FET-JONS to fund his personal life, which he denied fervently. In 2015, he was involved in a scandal related to a FET-JONS senator who had sexual affairs with his secretary due to the senator attempting to blame it on him, he sued the senator and won the case.

After his experiences in the Senate, he decided to leave it, in particular due to how stressful it was. He announced he would not run for re-election in the 2018 senate elections. He contemplated where to go next, and after some decisions, he decided to retire from politics for a while. In 2019, after talking about it with his wife, he decided to run for Governor of Spain, since he found the Senate stressful, being appointed the Governor of Spain was a preferrable option.

Governor of Spain

"My wife always told me that the Senate is like a whip, it's painful, but some people enjoy being involved with it." - Salazar, during a late night talk show.


Personality and Personal Life

"Viva los Estados Unidos! Viva la Falange!" - Pablo, during a rally with FET-JONS supporters.


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Political Views and Works

A Falangist and a Francoist at heart, Pablo is unashamed with his views. He has contempt for the CPUSA, the Republicans, and the Democrats, seeing them as parties who bicker way too much, and wishes for a return to Falangist democracy, though he is extreme as he upholds President Dugan Sr. as a great American President despite his repression of the far right and far left. He is a profound Catholic, supporting the Church, however, he often tries to find alternatives to Catholic policies which he finds 'absurd'. While he is a fervent Francoist, he also believes in America as a nation, seeing it as his new rightful home.

He is a very patriotic, maybe even Nationalistic American, believing that the nation can be led to greatness, and sometimes he denounces nations hostile to America, like the People's Republic of China, and called them totalitarian empires with no long-term goal other than oppression of its citizens. He has a profound hatred for Monarchies, stemming from years of US propaganda telling him that the Spanish Monarchy was useless and led Spain to its defeat during the Spanish-American War, and as a result he doesn't have the best views of nations such as the United Kingdom or Japan.

He has overt and loudly expressed pro-ICN and extremely interventionists views, viewing the International Coalition as necessary to keep the peace around the world, especially in Southeast Asia due to the resurgence of far-right nationalist ideologies. he denounces fascism and Nazism, calling them a disgrace to humanity. He sees those two ideologies, alongside any other subsidiary ideologies, as a direct counterpart to the American Dream he lived with. His pro-Francoism puts him in a position of absolute hatred against fascism. He dislikes communism, particularly because it is also in direct opposition to the Francoist Democracy and American Dream model he lived with.

He has particularly concerning, but mostly apathetic views on racism, which boil down to 'If you hate them so much, why don't you just kill them?', it's likely this view comes from his frustration at hearing people blabber on and on about how they're going to purify the world and create an ethnostate in the name of the specific race. His views on misogyny are 'It's stupid but unfortunately immortal' and nothing more, seeing as he often refuses to elaborate when asked about it.

He idolizes the greatest presidents of the United States, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Francisco Franco, Michael Dugan, and Jeane Sabre. seeing them as what America can and should be; a nation led by great people, ascending to great heights never seen before, in particular, he is a supporter of the 'America Above All' doctrine, emphasizing America's need to expand itself as a great and prosperous nation. Alongside this, he has published several literary pieces praising the days of the Francoist era and how they were superior to the Democrat and Republican governments.

While serving as the Governor of Spain, he has accumulated a 'following' of a sort, primarily due to his overt patriotism for both the State and America. He has united this following into the CNT-FET-JONS Party. Whenever it comes to diplomacy, Juan has a curiously unique method of negotiations, which boils down to baking some bread and socializing with the person he's negotiating to. He calls this policy 'pastries and camaraderie' due to the fact that he has secured some valuable alliances due to this policy, which actually amazes him needless to say.

As of right now, he is a mix of right, left, and center when it comes to the political compass. He primarily believes in, as stated countless times, American superiority, but at the same time, he also supports the Catholic Church, the upholding of democracy in Australia and New Zealand, and denounces the fascist policies practiced in Southeast Asia by ASEAN. In particular due to his desire to liberate Southeast Asia, and holding very negative opinions about some of the governments there, including the Philippines.

He also believes that the State Government did the right decision regarding the massacre of the Basque and Catalans during the Spanish Civil War in 1956, viewing them and their desire for independence as a threat to the integrity of Spain, and by extension, the United States of America. His reasons for supporting the massacre was in favor of keeping a stable, united Spain rather than a fractured Spain. While he does not believe in complete annihilation, he does believe that they were becoming a threat to Spain's integrity as a state.


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