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The Serene Federal Republik of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Essena Overview

The Serene Federal Republik of
(Federal Republic)

"Strength and Prosperity By The People"

  • Capital: Fredericksburg

  • Population: TBD

  • Official Language: Esseni Creole

  • Secondary Languages: English, Prussian

  • Head of State/Government: Chancellor Abraham Moore

  • Independence Day: September 20 (from the US)

  • Currency: Dollarmark

  • GDP (nominal): TBD

  • GDP (nominal) per capita: TBD

  • Average Income Tax Rate: TBD

  • Timezone: TBD

  • Drives on the: Left

  • Internet TLD: .esa


The Serene Republic of Essena is an island nation residing in The Western Isles. Essena is located on the Eterna Sea and East of the continent of Gael. Essena is bordered by Eurania to its North, Romsland to its South, Corsitilia to its East, and Hyukai to its West. Essena is comprised of ten districts plus the capital of Fredericksburg which classifies itself as an administrative district.

Essena is mainly inhabited by mestizo (mixed race) people. Other people groups that also inhabit the island include North Americans (mainly from the US and Canada), Europeans (mainly from Germany, Spain, and Britain), Asians (mainly from Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands), and the native Esseni people. Throughout its history, Essena was colonized by three different countries; Spain, Prussia/Germany, and the United States. Each culture shaped Essena in a different way. For example, Spain instilled its pious ideals and traditions, Prussia instilled its military discipline and focus on hardwork, and the US instilled its value for democracy and its handling of a diverse population. Even though colonization played a big role in shaping the Essena; it was able to keep its core values and identity.



There are two accounts as to how Essena was named. The first account says that the word Essena comes from the name of the Esseni people that inhabited the island before colonization. The second account is that the word Essena was named because of a mistake. The story goes that the Conquistador Francisco De Leon named Essena after his compass mistakenly pointed East when he actually was sailing West. When someone tried to correct De Leon, the person was executed immediately. Most Essenian historians believe the first account to hold more truth than the second.


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March 10, ????

Islands that make up modern day Essena are united by King Joffery the Founder

March 10, 1521

Island of Essena "founded" by Francisco De Leon and claimed for Spain (Start of Spanish Rule)

September 24, 1540

Monarchy Abolished and Spain takes full control of Essena, King Enrique sent into exile in Great Britain

February 15, 1763

Essena is given to Prussia in the Treaty of Paris after the Seven Years' War (Start of Prussian Rule), Frederick the Great sends Heinrich Von Gruden to govern Essena

January 18, 1871

Prussia becomes the German Empire (Prussian to German Rule), Essena becomes a military occupied zone

January 10, 1920

The United States takes control of Essena after World War I in the Treaty of Versailles (Start of US Rule)

May 2, 1978

US President Jimmy Carter grants Essena Self-Rule and the status of an unincorporated territory with an independence referendum scheduled for 20 years after

May 2, 1998

Essenians vote for independence from the US

August 10, 1998

A National Convention is convened to transition Essena to independence from the US, The Council takes control of leadership in Essena, and the National Convention

September 20, 1999

After a year The National Convention finalizes and signs the Constitution of Essena and formally declares independence from the US, the 1st Chancellor and Parliament elections are scheduled for early November 2002

November 2002

The 1st Chancellor of Essena is elected


Geography of Essena
  • Region: Northeast of The Western Isles Map

  • Borders: Eurania, Spiti Goxia, Eterna Sea

  • Climate: Tropical

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See also: Geography of Essena

Essena shares maritime borders with Eurania to its north, Spiti goxia to its South, and Hyukai to its West.

The climate of Essena is mostly tropical. Essena has 2 seasons - Summer (Dry season) and Spring (Wet season). Summer ranges from May - October. Spring ranges from November - April. There is only one place in Essena where snow accumulates and that is in the northern most part of the country. In some cases winds carrying cold weather is brought down from the north to the south creating a cooler spring season.

Government of Essena
  • Chancellor: Abraham Moore

  • President: Jean Flores

  • Chief Justice: Roman Giuliani

  • Speaker of the Assembly: Myra David

  • Majority Party in the Assembly: Representative Party

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When Essena gained independence from the US it was under the leadership of The Council whose head was Prime Councilor Christopher P. Benjamin. The first Chancellor and President elected by the Essenian people were Chancellor Abraham Moore and President Jean Flores. The Council was
The Essenian government is a Federal Republic lead by the Chancellor. Under the Chancellor the President fills the role of second in command. The only powers the President has is to be the tie breaking vote in the Assembly and to be ready to take command as Chancellor if the current Chancellor dies or is unable to fill their duties. The National Essenian Assembly is the legislative body of Essena. The Assembly is a unicameral legislature comprosied of 100 seats for Delegates. Each District in Essena are able have 10 Delegates representation them in the Assembly The Speaker of the Assembly runs the day to day businesses of the legislature. The High Court of Essena is the highest judicial body in the land. The Assembly ensures that the legislature is accountable along with the Chancellor. The High Court acts as the constitutional and legal guardians of the State and have a wide range of capabilities and powers to enforce and maintain commonly respected standards and policy positions in Essena.

  • Executive: Chancellor, President, Both democratically elected by popular vote

  • Legislature: National Essenian Assembly, democratically elected by popular vote, Led by the Speaker of the Assembly

  • Judicial: High Court of Essena, Chosen by the Chancellor, Affirmed by the Assembly.

Major Political Parties of Essena
Federalist Party (FP)
Representative Party (RP)

Essena is comprised of 10 Districts. Each District is able to vote on 10 Delegates to represent themselves in the Assembly. Fredericksburg, the capital of Essena, is not classified as a District but as am Administrative City. Each District has its own government led by the Governor.

Foreign Affairs
Diplomatic endeavors have started with Essena's closest neighbors. Essena has also started sending ambassadors to other countries to further Essena's outreach to the world.

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Economy of Essena
  • Nominal GDPpc: $23,000 - $30,000

  • Average tax rate:

  • Major Industries: Fishing, Deer Hunting

Primary Industry: Fishing, Deer Hunting

Secondary Industry: Textiles, Arms Industry

Projected GDPpC Range: $23,000 - $30,000

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Essena is comprised of a mixture of cultures and identities.Of all the cultures and identities in Essena the 4 most prominent are the Esseni, the Mestizo, the Prussians/Germans, and the Americans. The Esseni are the natives that lived in Essena before being colonized. The Mestizo are people that have a mix of Spanish and Esseni descent. There is no pure Spanish population because most people did not want to move to a "third world" place. The Prussian/Germans and The Americans come from the years Essena was under the rule of the respective countries. Most of the population of Essena consider themselves Essenian a combination of Esseni, Mestizo, Prussian/German, and American.

Overall Breakdown
Essenian/Mestizo - 75.8%
White - 15.1%
Asian - 7.8%
Native Esseni - 1.8%
Other - less than 1%

The Essenian language is a mixture of Esseni, Spanish, Prussian, and American. In schools Esseni, Spanish, Prussian, and American are offered to students as a language class. Out of highschool children are expected to have learned at least Essenian and one of the four extra languages provided.

Religion for Essena started back with the introduction of Roman Catholicism by the Spanish. After the Spanish left, the Prussians and the Americans brought their own versions of Christianity to Essena. Christianity gave Essena certain holidays and traditions still used today though they do have a touch of Essenian tradition in them.

Overall Breakdown
Protestant (#%)
Roman Catholic (#%)
Buddhism (#%)
Other (#%)




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Arts and Media

Essenians are known to hold 3 sports in high regards. They are Rugby, Soccer, and Archery.