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Political Parties

Parliamentary parties

Note: The title of each party includes the english translation, the letter symbol in (parentheses), and the name in Ravellian in italics.

Social Democratic & Labor Party (S)
Socialdémogradyn ed Làbore

Ideology: LinkSocial democracy
Position: Center-left
Seats in National Assembly: 168/580
Motto: "Together, working for your future"
Status: Government

The Social Democratic & Labor Party, aka the SD&L, is the largest political party in both the National Assembly and the Senate. Both the president, Lukas Daniels, and the Prime Minister, Lèslye Smydt, are members of this party. The SD&L is the leader of a coalition with the Greens and Left Alliance. The party was formed in the early 20th century when two social democratic parties joined. Since then, the SD&L has advocated for workers rights, strong social programs, socially progressive policies, and government intervention in the economy.

Liberal Party (L)

Ideology: LinkLiberal conservatism, Linkliberalism
Position: Center-right to center
Seats in National Assembly: 141/580
Motto: "Liberty and prosperity"
Status: Opposition

The Liberal Party is the main opposition to the SD&L and the second largest party. The party, which follows the ideology of liberalism and liberal conservatism, is led by Låren Brocke. The Liberal Party advocates for a freer market. It also wants to lower taxes and spend more on corporate welfare. The party is moderately progressive on social issues, striking a balance between social liberalism and conservatism.

Socialist Alliance (Ä)
Aliäns Socialiste

Ideology: LinkDemocratic socialism, Linkeco-socialism, Linkpan-leftism
Position: Left-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 53/580
Motto: "Solidarity, equality, and liberty for all"
Status: Confidence and Supply

The Socialist Alliance is a left-wing democratic socialist party that is supporting the Social Democratic government. It was founded in 2009 when several socialist parties merged. It is an amalgamation of democratic socialist, social democratic, eco-socialist, and communist parties. The Socialist Alliance advocates for socialism, socially progressive policies, and environmentalism.

The Greens (V)
Dæ Vajrten

Ideology: LinkGreen politics
Position: Center-left to left
Seats in National Assembly: 50/580
Motto: "Planet and people first"
Status: Government

The Greens is part of the coalition government along with the SD&L. The Greens advocate for environmentally friendly policies and have one of the most rigorous plans for slowing down climate change in the world. The Greens are also very socially progressive, as social justice is one of its core values. Key tenets of the party include stopping/slowing down climate change, reforming the police, and social equality. The party is very popular among young voters, especially in urban areas.

Center Party (C)

Ideology: LinkSocial liberalism, Linkcentrism, Linkagrarianism
Position: Center
Seats in National Assembly: 46/580
Motto: "For a fairer society"
Status: Confidence and supply

The Center Party is a social liberal political party that sits in between the SD&L and Liberal Party ideologically. It is in a confidence and supply agreement with the Social Democratic government. It advocates for agrarian policies and centrist social liberal economic policies. On social issues, the Center Party tends a bit toward the socially conservative side, but not always. It is hard to characterize the Center Party as it holds a unique agglomeration of views from both the left and the right. Main policies of the party include helping small business and directing tax-payer money toward the rural areas.

National Party (N)

Ideology: LinkConservatism
Position: Center-right to right-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 46/580
Status: Opposition

The National Party is a conservative political party. The party tends to favor tradition and existing institutions, especially when it comes to social issues. It is popular among the elderly and people in rural areas. On economic issues, the party wants to lower taxes like the Liberal Party but isn't opposed to many of the social programs, but wants to make the government smaller.

Alternative Party (Æ)

Ideology: LinkRight-wing populism
Position: Right-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 28/580
Motto: "Erynia and Draconia first"
Status: Opposition

The Alternative Party is a right-wing populist party in Erynia and Draconia. It was founded in 2004 and is currently led by the charismatic but controversial Álen Mæjor. His party wants to cut spending toward welfare and foreign aid and wants a flat tax rate. The party often uses xenophobic rhetoric and holds very strong anti-immigration views.

Social Liberal Party (Œ)

Ideology: LinkSocial liberalism
Position: Center
Seats in the National Assembly: 25/580
Status: Confidence and supply

The Social Liberal Party, called the Rjœdynpærten in Ravellian, is a liberal political party that supports the SD&L government. On social issues, the party is very socially progressive, but is centrist on economic issues. It split from the left wing of the Liberal Party in 1998.

New Democratic Party (D)

Ideology: LinkLibertarianism, Linkeconomic liberalism
Position: Right-wing (economic), Center-left (social)
Seats in National Assembly: 21/580
Motto: "Forward!"
Status: Opposition

The New Democratic Party, abbreviated as NDP, is a liberal/libertarian political party that advocates for free market capitalism and civil libertarianism. The NDP wants to lower taxes, privatize industries, divert government spending to corporate welfare, and encourage free enterprise. The NDP is also very libertarian, wanting the government to stay out of people’s lives.

Unrepresented parties

Pirate Party (P)

Ideology: LinkDirect democracy, internet freedom
Position: Center-left

The Pirate Party is a relatively new party that advocates for direct democracy and internet freedom. It was founded in 2011. In 2021, it won 2.6% of the vote, which was the best it had ever done on the national level. The Pirate Party is popular among young people and urban voters, and is steadily growing in popularity.

Feminist Party (F)

Ideology: LinkFeminism, Linksocial progressivism
Position: Left-wing
Motto: "Equal rights and equal representation"

The Feminist Party focuses on gender issues, advocating for greater female representation in government, closing the gender pay gap, and dismantling of systemic misogyny. It received 2% of the vote in 2021.

Kingdom Party (I)

Ideology: LinkMonarchism, Linkconservatism, traditionalism
Position: Right-wing

The Kingdom Party is a conservative party that advocates for the return of the monarchy. The party usually gets little support in election, usually coming from the elderly who are nostalgic about the days when Erynia and Draconia was a monarchy. Along with that, the party also holds very traditionalist views. It got 0.9% of the vote in 2021.

Radical Democratic Party (R)
Rádycalle Demogradyn

Ideology: LinkLeft-wing populism, anti-elitism, Linkleft-libertarianism, Linkrepublicanism (historically)
Position: Left-wing
Motto: "Power to the people"

The Radical Democratic Party, aka the RDP, is a party that advocated for the abolition of the monarchy and greater democracy. It used to be one of the largest parties, but once the party's main goal was accomplished (abolishing the monarchy), it has never been as big of a force in politics. Today, it advocates for direct democracy, anti-capitalism, and libertarian socialism. The RDP usually gets about 1% of the vote.

Party logos and election symbols:

National Assembly:

Key (left to right):
Socialist Alliance (Ä)
The Greens (V)
Social Democratic & Labor (S)
Center Party (C)
Social Liberal (Œ)
Liberal (L)
National (N)
New Democratic (D)
Alternative (Æ)

The National Assembly is elected through mixed member proportional representation.