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Omne Quod Nascitur

The Imperial Court announces:

On the Seventh of Evermoon, a.i. 1971, His Radiant Majesty the Emperor Dorian Sol II has, after a long and arduous battle, at last taken the path of all that is mortal. Deficit omne quod nasciture.

His reign of a hundred and sixty three years, the longest in recorded history by far, was marked by the greatest endeavor in our nation's aeons-old history yet: The establishment of interplanetary first contact. Within the space of a mere fifty-seven years, the Empire has moved on from its age of isolation to become the interstellar power, and gateway of sector traffic it is now.

His Majesty passed a host of political, social and economic reforms, thanks to which our nation is now widely styled the Jewel of the Five Systems. More than sixteen billions now name it home, and more flock to it every day from the stars.

* * *

As successor, his Majesty named Her Imperial Highness the Princess Prazac of House Redmark. She will be the first of her House to succeed to the throne in the thousand-year history since its founding, made all the more sensational by Prazac's own roots in our mighty sister nation, the Republic of Avernum. Let the ties between our realms grow ever stronger: Super et sub orbem terrae.

With the new Imperial Residence in the City of Dawn, the center of the Empire thus moves to the continent of Valorim; the very first time since our future ruler's namesake Prazac I. moved her court to the Keep of Tinraya in 851.

The interregnal council has declared that the Imperial Coronation shall begin on the First of Suncome, in the ancient seat of Empire at Starfall.

The Earth turns. The Empire abides.

Nec metas rerum nec tempora.


The Endless Empire of Ermarian