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Aetatis Discordiam, I.

The Age of Chaos refers to the period in history between the decline of the Aizoan Empire (generally defined as ~300 ante imperium) and the founding of the Pralgadian Empire by Arcadian Sol I in year 0.

Historians have tended to focus on the events in Pralgad, mostly because Pralgad has been the dominant power since this era, but also because there are far more surviving contemporary records: Ironically, despite the "Age of Chaos" universally referring to Pralgadian history, the civil war in Aizo was far more disruptive, and led (via a century of strife) first to a junta of generals, generations of coup d'etats, and finally a more or less stable republic. But that is not the focus of this text.

Meanwhile, the provinces of Pralgad (ruled by various houses that either claimed ancient Aizoan ancestry or were ennobled by the Emperor) declared their independence very soon after civil war broke out in Aizo, in the justified belief that the Emperor would neither be able to oppose them, nor protect them from each others' ambitions should they remain loyal.

The continent of Pralgad (broken, as it is, by the Jsoulza mountains into more or less equal western and eastern halves) was at that time divided into five provinces, that turned into the Five Kingdoms of Pralgad very nearly at the same time. These were:

- firstly, the vast fertile plains of Solaria, governed by house Sol,
- secondly, the riverlands of the Jsoulza basin, governed by house Perevor,
- thirdly, the ore-rich highlands of Blackstone, governed by house Ironclad,
- fourthly, the swamps of Dralgath, governed by house Krizsan,
- finally the island of Whitepeak, governed by house Pyke.

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