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Empress Rose I

Rose I

Portrait Painted by Eriteian Born Englishwoman Emile Faulkner in 2000

Empress of Eritei and her Overseas Partners

LinkCanada (Figurehead)

1997 - 2004
2005 - present

LinkEriteian Guiana

1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 2004
2005 - present

LinkCosta Ricca

1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 2004
2005 - present

LinkSri Lanka

1997 - 2004
2005 - present

LinkPapua Neu Guinea

1997 - 2004
2005 - present

LinkSolomon Islands

1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 2004
2005 - present


1998 - 2004
2005 - present


1999 - 2004
2005 - present


1997 - 1998


1997 - 1999


1997 - 2000


24 August 1997 - 1 July 2004
15 November 2005 - present


10 July 1998


Floro VI

Heir apparent:


Prime Ministers:

Benito de Marco
Lima Aksenova
Mara Genovesi
Benito de Marco

Personal Details


Rose Samantha Smith
9 April 1975 (age 45)
LinkLondon, LinkEngland, LinkUnited Kingdom


Manuel de Medici Jr. XIV (m. 2008)


Crown Prince Narciso
Prince Hector
Princess Evelyn
Princess Anna
Princess Tieria

Full Name:
English: Rose Samantha Nora Annetta Smith Tir-Zaccaria
Eturian: Rosa Samentha Nöra Ennétte Smith Tir-Zaccaria
Italian: Rosa Samanta Nora Annetta Smith Tir-Zaccaria
French: Rose Samantha Eléonore Anaďs Smith Tir-Zaccaria
Croatian: Ruža Samantha Nora Ankica Smith Tir-Zaccaria
German: Rosa Samantha Eleonora Anina Smith Tir-Zaccaria
Spanish: Rosa Samanta Leonor Anabel Smith Tir-Zaccaria




James Smith


Princess Theresa


LinkUniversity of London
- BA in Global Diplomacy


LinkEnglish, Eturian, LinkItalian, LinkFrench,
LinkRussian, LinkCroatian, LinkGerman, LinkSpanish


LinkRoman Catholic


Military Career


White Eritei


White Army

Years of Service:



Imperial Commander

Service Number:



Second Eriteian Revolution


Imperial Pennant (awarded by Provisional Government)
Military Cross of Honour of Valour (2)
Civil Service Award (3)
White Army Service Cross
Piercing Heart (2)
Catholic Peace Ring

"I never wanted this crown, I liked my life back in London, and would gladly go back. But I don't have a choice. I can't walk out of here and say, 'I'm done!', too many people look to me for that."
- Rose I, to Benito de Marco after the 2nd Eriteian Revolution

Rose I (Rose Samantha Nora Annetta Smith Tir-Zaccaria; born 9 April 1975) is the Empress of Eritei, as well as Imperial-Chief of the Imperial Eriteian Armed Military Forces. She is also the head of the Imperial Commonwealth, which has 13 nations currently recognizing her as their head-of-state: LinkEriteian Guiana, LinkEritrea, LinkCosta Ricca, LinkPanama, LinkNicaragua, LinkBarbados, LinkChad, LinkMadagascar, LinkTunisia, LinkSri Lanka, LinkPapua Neu Guinea, LinkSolomon Islands, and LinkFiji. LinkCanada has her recognized as a figurehead of the nation, however she does not hold the position of head-of-state, as Queen LinkElizabeth II is the monarch of Canada.

She joined the Imperial and Royal Family, and as such, became a Linkprincess, when her mother, Teressa Weiss, married the Crown Prince of Eritei, Vladan II. She ascended to the throne after the death of Emperor Floro VI and her mother and step-father in a plane crash over LinkNorthern France. She married Manuel de Medici XIV on 8 January 2008, and had five children, two sons, Narciso (her Linkheir apparent), Hector, and three daughters, who were triplets, Evelyn, Anna, and Tieria. She knows 8 languages, LinkEnglish, Eturian, LinkItalian, LinkFrench, LinkGerman, LinkSpanish, LinkCroatian, and LinkRussian, and despite her exstensive time away from LinkLondon, she has kept her LinkLondon Cockney accent, excluding German, where she has a LinkGerman accent from the areas of LinkBerlin, and French, where she has a more Parisian accent.

Early Life

Rose was born in LinkChelsea and Westminster Hospital, LinkLondon, LinkEngland, LinkUnited Kingdom, as the first and only child to, at the time, Teressa Smith. She was born into a Linklower-class family, who ran a restaurant called Weiss Cooking. Her years as a child were fine, her family was caring, and she had no problem going to Linkpreschool and such. As her grandparents on her mothers side were LinkGerman, she was taught German at a young age, and her mother wanted her to have an edge, so she asked her friend, who was French, to teach Rose French. Rose quickly picked up the language.

When Rose was 6 years old, her father, James Smith, and mother were Linkseparated after they fought over her fathers drinking problem. This caused her mother to switch her name back to her Linkmaiden name of Weiss. Rose never had another father figure after that, her grandfather had moved to LinkScotland after the death of her grandmother in 1977. This left Rose to help her mother tend to the restaurant, and do school as well.

It was around this time that Rose started to develop a bullying problem at school. She was never popular, but still had friends. This had a huge affect on her self-esteem at the time, and she was constantly battling with Linkdepression, which she suffered in silence.

Crown Prince Vladan,
Rose's Step-Father
Royal Life

In 1986, she was at her regular school when Prince Vladan engaged her mother on the LinkSwiss Alps. She was excused from school and immediately brought to LinkMilona. As Vladan had no children at the time, there was much discontent in the royal ranks on how their new Princess was completely foreign, and without a single drop of royal blood in her.

She was astonished by the ways that the royals lived. She was having three meals a day, and was always in good company. She quickly made friends at school, and although learning Eturain was a little hard, she eventually learned it. During her time, the imperial and royal family hired a language tutor to try and teach Rose Eturian and Italian at least, though they did try to teach her the other LinkState Languages in the country. The royals were surprised to find out that she could already speak fluent German and French, so for her to learn Italian, Croatian and Spanish was not that hard for her.

Her mother wanted the public to see herself and Rose in a better light, as public opinion of the two were currently a disaster. So, Rose's mother Linktook her to volunteer around Milona, and Eritei when they had the chance, in order to gain a liking by the public. The royals hated the idea, but the publicity stunt worked, and support for them among the population began to grow exponentially. Her mother kept it so that Rose was not in the public eye too much, however, as she wanted her to have a private life as well.

When Rose was 13, her parents had a son, Leon Zaccaria. This would have meant that Rose would never become LinkHeir Presumptive, however, her step-father prevented the change, stating that he wanted to give Leon some time to grow up before announcing a proper Linkline of succession. This caused some confusion, as the obvious choice for monarch after Vladan was Leon, as he had Imperial blood in him, and would be brought up as a royal, but Vladan refused to let Rose's fate be sealed in stone.


The first speed bump with the royals was on the topic of schooling. The royals wanted to have her Linkprivately educated, as all royals at the time were, but her mother refused, saying that she would attend Linkpublic school in order to connect with the populace, and to help her learn the language. The royals, at first, refused, but her mother argued for the better part of a week before the royals agreed. This led to her being enrolled in the Central Milona Grade School, and later, the Central Milona High School.

During her time at the High School, she found groups of friends, and became interested in Linkpolitics and how the world works. She joined the Model UN Club, the Debate Club, she even joined Student Government, successfully running and obtaining both times Prime Minister in her last two years. She graduated with honours in every year, and planned on going to Linkuniversity.

Rose wanted to go to the LinkUniversity of London (specifically the SOAS University of London) to study politics. The royals disagreed. Everyone, including her mother, wanted her to go the the University of Milan. However, right after her graduation, the Emperor said that she would be allowed to go to the University of London, but that she could be pulled back at any time. She agreed, and only a month later, she was on a plane to London. She studied LinkGlobal Diplomacy during her time, and for the time that she was in London, she met old friends, and spent her time devoted to her studies.

Imperial and Royal
Coat of Arms of Rose I

This is the LinkCoat of Arms of Rose I.
It is customary that all monarchs
have their own coat of arms when
they ascend to the throne.


The Imperial Family was flying to London to see Rose's graduation for her LinkDegree, and nothing was expected. The Emperor, Vladan, and Rose's mother were on the plane, as the Empress was sick and Leon was too young in the eyes of the royalty to attend, as they had scheduled a state visit to the LinkUnited Kingdom as well. However, their plane was struck down by a unknown plane over Northern France, and no one survived the crash. This made Rose the Empress on 24 August 1997, the day of her graduation. Rose was not aware of her accession until after the graduation ceremony, where Rose was told by a Royal Guard that she was Empress. Three days later, she was flying back to Milona.

When she arrived, she felt confused. She asked as to why she accessed, and that the now Empress-Retire was not acting as Linkregent to Leon. The LinkPrime Minister at the time, Benito de Marco, explained that Vladan had a gift for determining someones route in life, and he wanted her as Empress over Leon. So, he worked day and night to find a way to make Rose Heir Apparent, and have her crowned Empress. de Marco also said that, in return for the throne, Rose would promise to marry an Eriteian royal, and preferably, someone who had imperial blood in them. Rose agreed.

It was also then, three days after her accession, that de Marco asked her about her Linkregnal name. Rose replied with, "I was given Rose, and that's what the people know me by. I'm Rose, but for the governments sake, I'll become Rose Samantha... Nora... Annetta Smith Tir-Zaccaria".

Only 5 days after Rose's accession, the plane wreck, and bodies, of the Emperor and her parents were found. The crash was declared a terrorist act, as the wreck was in no way a mechanical malfunction. Quickly, LinkAl-Qaeda claimed responsibility, and an uproar in the National Assembly and House Chamber erupted into a bill for declaration of war. Rose blocked the bill, saying to, "give the investigation more time, and to let the nation grieve". This proved essential, as a burial was planned for 5 September.

Rose I in her Coronation Dress.

Her Linkcoronation was planned for 10 July 1998, and as the nation grieved, the royals practiced. They needed to make Rose's coronation nothing less than perfect. There was planned a traditional style coronation, and Rose agreed. This would help cement her reign into the people, and if she wanted to appear like their monarch, then she would need to be traditional. The head of the planning was Knight Erinar Pompus, Earl of Snows-alp. He was known for what he did, helping with the coronations of the Duke of Acosta Vally and the King of Lazio. The Empress-Retire also assisted in the planning, as she has gone through a coronation before with the late-Emperor.

They spent months practicing. Dresses were made, people were invited. Rose requested that Queen Elizabeth II would be invited, and originally, both Erinar and the Empress-Retire disagreed. However, they eventually turned around, and an invitation was sent out for the LinkBritish Royal Family to attend. Rose also wished for her friends to come, and the royals said that they would be allowed in the audience, and Rose quickly had them invited and offered to pay for the costs.

The coronation ceremony itself went smoothly, everything was perfect and all went to plan. Rose's coronation was also the first imperial and royal coronation to be filmed, as the late-Emperor refused to have his filmed. Afterwards, Rose attended the dinner party held for her by the royals.

Rose I in a military uniform when
she inspected the Royal Guard.
Painted in 2002 by Reiner Elliot.
Early Reign

In the first three years of Rose's reign, she had problems adjusting to the basics of ruling a country. Her first act as a newly coronated empress was opening all three levels of the Three Houses of Black. She also immediately started putting more time and money into the public, accepting an invitation to the opening of a new mall in LinkGoena, and already sponsoring a number of Linkcharities and donating to many organizations. She was known for her public appearances during the first year other reign, which started speculation as to if she really knew how to lead. She attended weekly mass in the public church regularly, and would be constantly dodging any administrative duties. A year into her reign, de Marco had finally been able to help Rose to better her skill in dealing with the administrative side of being monarch. She still spent much of her time in the public eye, but she spent enough time in her office to get the deal of work done.

In 2000, she went on the decades tradition of touring the Imperial Commonwealth. Her presence received mixed reactions in certain nations, however, most commonwealth nations received her with celebration and compassion. She started her tour in Tunisia, and traveled around the world for 2 months, until she finished touring the final nation, Fiji. After she returned, the first proper Linkportrait of her was completed after the first portrait was scrapped after her request for no Linkcrowns. It was also at that time that a letter was sent to her about the German reinstatement of the Kaiser, which was something that the Eriteian government had wanted Germany to do after the Linkfall of the monarchy in 1914. At the celebration held in Berlin by Chancellor LinkGerhard Schröder, Rose met with the soon to be Kaiser, LinkGeorg Friedrich, the Great-Great-Grandson of Kaiser LinkWilhelm II.


On 9 September 2001, Rose was sitting in her office, when the Imperial Messenger barged into her office. He explained to her the events of Link9/11, and quickly turned on her TV. She caught it just in time to see the second plane hit, and was mortified. She quickly dialed the Eriteian Embassy in America, and got the same information from them.

The National Assembly was ablaze with fury. They blamed Rose for the inability to act when she should have. She went back on her words, saying that, "It was not the time then, but it is now". LinkWhen America declared war, the Eriteian Imperial and Royal Armed Military Forces sprang into action. Rose was still receiving backlash for the event, and public opinion took a turn for the worse when people remembered that she didn't retaliate after the death of the Emperor.


In 2004, Rose's public opinion was at an all time low. The disappointment with 9/11 was still in the air, and now that Leon was 16, and claiming the throne, many people were calling for the Linkabdication of Rose and the appointment of Leon. In 2004, Rose announced her abdication to the throne, and that she wished Leon a long and fruitful reign. Under the abdication agreements, Rose would be allowed back in Eritei at any time, but must report to the government anytime she travels, and she would get a Linkpension for the rest of her life. She abdicated back to London, were she retired to a house supplied to her by the Imperial and Royal Family, and she enjoyed time with friends for the short time she was in London.

After Rose's abdication, Leon had successfully convinced the National Assembly and House Chamber that Eritei needed him as Linkabsolute monarch, and only 4 months after her abdication, Rose returned to Eritei, in LinkRoma. She quickly realized that Leon was running the country like a Linkdictator, and it would only get worse. He was calling for the reunification of the Empire, and was now the sole leader, disbanding parliament only 6 months into his reign. The Eturians supported him, but the rest of the nation didn't. He started to exit out of everything, LinkNATO, the LinkEU. Even representatives to the LinkUN were stopped from going for the time being.

2nd Eriteian Revolution

On 4 February 2005, Rose announced that Leon was corrupt, and called for a revolution to save democracy. She had already secured the support of the Italians, and soon, the French states rose up with her. It took only 7 months until the revolutionaries reached the capital, and on 8 November 2005, it was announced that the revolutionaries had won. The National Assembly and House Chamber met again on 14 November, and a bill was quickly passed to exile Leon, strip him of the Zaccaria name and all imperial and royal titles, and force him to abdicate. Rose agreed, but she had a personal request for where to exile Leon. On 4 December, Leon was sent to London, England, and was given the keys to Weiss Cooking.

First Portrait of Manuel painted
by Alberto Padovesi in 2009

After the democratic revolution, the question of an heir to the throne arose, as Rose had not yet Linkmarried. Rose decided to go on a search for a husband after her re-accession to the throne. She called all royal families to Milona, and soon, most of the Eriteian royalty arrived at Milona for a dinner with Rose.

Rose had most of the royals fighting for her love, but there was one person who caught her eye. Prince Manuel de Medici was the youngest son of Duchess Star de Medici, and when Rose set her eyes on him, she could tell he was the one. She met with all the other royals, but at the end of the day, she asked Manuel to stay a little longer with her. She questioned him, and figured out that the two of them had a lot in common. Manuel was also the great-grandson to Emperor Leonzio III, meaning that he was, in the eyes of the law, still connected to the Imperial and Royal Family. Rose continued to meet with the Eriteian Royalty, but after her third dinner with the royals, she had made her choice.

Rose and Manuel dated for about 7 months. Then, on 9 January 2008, The Imperial and Royal Family released a statement announcing the Linkengagement of Rose and Manuel just a day ago. The government immediately started talk about a wedding date, and Rose and Manuel decided on 10 July. Months of preparation went into the Linkwedding, and much debate over who would come. Rose agreed to let the guest list be private, but she asked that the people stay near the church. She also invited her friends from England, again, paying for their fees. On 10 July, the two were wedded, and the country now had an Emperor.

A year after their marriage, in 2009, Rose and Manuel had their first child, Crown Prince Narciso, who became Rose's heir apparent. Two years later, in 2011, they had another child, Prince Hector. Then, in 2013, Rose gave birth to triplets, Princess Evelyn, Princess Anna, and Princess Tieria.

Public Image

Rose has always been in the public eye since she joined the Imperial and Royal Family. Even today, she is constantly volunteering in the public with her children whenever she has the chance. Since the democratic revolution, public opinion of her has been high. Rose is the patron of over 600 charities, and is constantly donating money to charities around the world.

It is no secret that Rose loves dogs, mainly LinkGerman Shepard's. It was first brought up in 1990, when her step-father bought her a puppy German Shepard. Right now, Rose owns 4 German Shepard's, and plans to adopt another. Concern was brought up when Narciso was born as to his safety with the big dogs around, but for the most part, all 4 dogs were calm and good around the babies.

In 2008, after the 2nd Eriteian Revolution, a few countries in the Imperial Commonwealth voted on their future of the monarch, as the confusion of monarch was still in the air around the world. All voted in favour of keeping the monarch, but the votes went to show of how fragile Rose's reign would be in the future, and to date, no country has much discontent among the population about Rose.

The portrait of Brock in his royal
uniform. Painted by Reiner Elliot.
Private Life

Rose has kept the private life of the imperial family quite private, only releasing information when needed. It is know, however, that both Rose and Manuel are loving and loyal partners. Rose doesn't have a problem talking about what she likes, however. Shes said that she likes painting, playing the piano, writing, and reading, and that she also enjoys playing tennis and fishing. There have been accounts claiming that people have seen Rose walking around the castle grounds at night, and that she's been in public without anyone knowing.

In 2007, her German Shepherd, Brock, escaped the imperial and royal palace during Halloween. Originally, the family was on edge, however only ten minutes into his disappearance, pictures started popping up on social media of a German Shepherd in a royal outfit with the collar of Brock. People knew who it belonged to, and Brock was quickly returned to the imperial and royal family, but the pictures of a German Shepherd in a royal outfit went viral. It was that time that a imperial and royal portrait painter decided to paint a portrait of the dog, who later appeared in a speech Rose made to the public for Christmas that same year, in the same royal uniform.

It is also known that in 2014, Rose set out to London to attempt to find her biological father, James Smith. This led her in a wild goose chase around London for the better part of two weeks. She eventually located him in an alleyway, and quickly brought him home to see both Teressa's accomplishments, and hers. Sadly, James passed away only two years later in 2016, but for the time he was alive, he was said to be the most kind person around the imperial and royal family, and spent as much time around his family as he could.

Personal Trivia

  • She never allowed herself to be featured in portraits or portraits on coinage with a crown of any sorts on, unless it involved Imperial wear, as she was never born royal

  • She always believes in the best of people, sometimes a little too much

  • She's a staunch objector to capital punishment, but knows she can't change it

  • She's known to have a fine taste in wine, mainly red wine

  • She's been known to joke a little when giving non-formal speeches

  • She likes to make visits to Weiss Cooking whenever she's in London, just to see how Leon is doing, and to help guide him if needed

  • The names of her 4 German Shepard's are Will, Brock, Marie, and Doug

  • Despite her being surrounded by Eturian speaking people, she has always preferred to speak in English when she can, and has never lost her English accent

  • Unlike other Empress', she opted for the diamond as her coat of arms instead of a regular sheild. Her coat of arms is also marshaled to represent the two separate times she has ruled

  • Rose wasn't supposed to become Empress, as she wasn't allowed to by law, however since Emperor's can chose their heir, Vladan fought with his father to allow her to become Crown Princess instead, and the Emperor allowed it right before they died, making Rose Empress instead of Leon


As head of state, Rose is banned from running for office or influencing the National Assembly and House Chamber. However, that does not mean that she is not trusted by politicians. She is said to give perfect advice, even the most stubborn of people listening to her advice. She has opened and watched both the National Assembly and House Chamber numerous times, and everyone enjoys her presence when she does watch. People have never questioned her choices for the Chamber Judge, as all of them have always out-preformed themselves.

For & Against

  • For: Progression, Equality, Capitalism, Socialism, Freedom, Democracy

  • Against: Oppression, Fascism, Fanaticism, Capital Punishment


"I'd never send a man to war without a gun and a kiss."

"You! Get over here! You left this behind, leave without this and you'll surly never get a drink."

"It's a shame we fight for our rights in a time when our rights were set in stone. It's even more sad we do it alone."

"I like the crown, but I prefer the people who hold it."

"People need a leader. I can fill that role, but I need others to help hold up the pillars of government and law."

"The MP's and Chamber Lord's must calm down... Just because you're elected doesn't mean you have to fight like children in front of the nation."

"I made it through my childhood with love and strength... And Prayer... quite a bit of prayer."

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