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Committee for Military and Economic Assistance (COMECON)

Committee for Military and Economic Assistance (COMECON)

The Committee for Military and Economic Assistance (COMECON) is an economic bloc designed to facilitate trade between member nations.

It also serves as a military alliance, with defense provided primarily by the founding nations:

Founding Nations


New hastinapur


1. A nation can be a member of any other economic/military alliance only with approval from the Founding Nation, Eripolis.

2. No nation shall engage in predatory trading.

3. Defensive actions are allowed and fully supported, only if the defending nation has not provoked the attacking nation. Offensive/attacking actions are allowed only with approval from the Founding Nation.

4. Breaking any of these rules will result in (in numerical order based on how many times a rule has been broken):

  • A warning

  • Addition to the Shamelist at the bottom of
    this page

  • Expulsion from COMECON, with possibility
    of appeal

  • Repeat offenders will be permanently
    expelled from COMECON with no possibility
    of appeal.

5. If Eripolis is not available, then command responsibility falls on New hastinapur.

6. No nation shall be left defenseless; all member nations must come to the aid of the defenseless nation.

7. All ideologies are tolerated, with the exception of:

  • Fascism

  • Imperialism

  • Colonialism

  • Nazism

  • Strasserism

8. Members of all regions are allowed, not just those in the North Pacific. Exception are regions that endorse, espouse, or otherwise support any of the ideologies listed in Rule 7.

  • No nations are added.