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Dear Lorde and Eternal Emporer Enzo Grande Eraben

Enzo Grande Eraben
A "full" Factbook

"Children. They spend 2 years of their life learning how to walk and talk, then spend the next 16 years getting told to sit down and shut up." Dear Lorde and Emporer Enzo Grande Eraben

Disclaimer: Dear Lorde and Emporer Enzo Grande Eraben is an original art piece by me. Please do not plagiarize me and use it as your own leader, general etc.


Enzo possesses many attributes that practically make him untouchable. From controlling a swarm of 1.6 billion humans with his mind to possessing a laser rapier that can destroy islands with a sweep. Enzo is extremely agile, backflipping and lunging with ease, dodging bullets and even lasers. He also has extreme extrasensory that allows him to take a better look at his surroundings, however, the extrasensory is not internal but instead provided by the robotic side of his head. This is the most powerful part of Enzo's body. The eye in the socket is not an eye, but a parasite that controls Enzo's movements and is indestructible. Even when Enzo dies, the eye will not be killed. Instead, it will jump out and hyperport to the next Emporer. The rapier is similar to a lightsaber from star wars but is much harder and more physical. Enzo keeps his hands inside the indestructible cape, made out of hyper matter and allows him to survive in extreme conditions. Enzo also provides for a type 10 on the arcane scale and can summon waves of lightning and form cosmic storms.


Enzo is the leader of a massive totalitarian hivemind. He is incredibly serious when it comes to national incidents and high amounts of threats but usually is less than serious, such as being brash, rude, and humorous. Otherwise, he is incredibly vile of a person that chooses to put anybody who steps out of line into eternal torture and destroy entire civilizations over a whim. He prefers to enslave citizens rather than kill them. This sadistic nature could come from Enzo's past as a child, committing benevolent acts and failing to be repaid.

Appearance and qualities

Enzo usually can be found wearing a cape. His eye was gouged out by a past childhood incident, so he wears an artificial eye which allows him to see through people with 70 different wavelengths of light, and can be used to visualize a situation in 3d. His suit appears purple and red under Delta-ray and Stella-ray light but is usually the same colour as an original suit. His suit is completely black, and his tie is red when exposed to only visible wavelengths. He usually keeps his cape on. Enzo's face is littered with scars, the biggest one being the scar on his left eye. He is left-handed and wields his sword on the left side. His skin is very scaly and covered with sunspots and freckles, and his voice sounds very gruff, with an Italian accent.


Not much is known about Enzo's history. It could be that he was raised on the streets of Venice, or that he was a well-off student that was depressed. The day Enzo turned 23, he rallied to be a democratic leader of Italy. He appointed several payed congressmen to represent his ideologies. He seized power instantly, executed the congressmen and took control of Italy. He provided many reforms towards the state, creating many welfare and healthcare programs, creating crime stopping powers such as surveillance and mind-controlling powers. He caused 3 global wars which advanced technology beyond imaginable at that state, and was able to harbour quantum mechanics and quantumly entangle particles to fit into the brains of newborns. He researched many things, and made the country so unified nothing goes without his approval. Enzo had won the state. It was the year 3700.