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A Brief Note on the Factbooks of Emerstari and the Usage of IIWiki Thereby

A Brief Note on the Factbooks of Emerstari and the Usage of IIWiki Thereby

On the "Emerstarian Government Website" Factbooks
While there are only one of these factbooks visible on the list of factbooks (this one, en.emerige.reg), there are many more marked as other types of dispatches, that can be found through that main one shown anyway. However, these are almost entirely in need of revision, and I, therefore, would advise taking them with much more, than a grain of salt.

On the Other Factbooks of Emerstari
Besides my "government website" factbooks, I have two other categories of factbooks, and these are, what I shall call "In-Use Factbooks" and "Archived Factbooks." The archived factbooks, as the name suggests, are archived, and they are not marked as factbooks; rather, they are marked as dispatches. Perhaps someday, they will be updated, but that is doubtful, and therefore, do not take these factbooks with even a grain of salt. In-use factbooks, though, are in use and are marked as factbooks, and these include ones such as War of Emerstarian Succession, Emerstru, and Characters WIP. Finally, there is one special case, and that is Political Parties. This is a special case because this is one of the first factbooks that I intend to update, and it redirects you to an IIWiki article on the same topic.

On the IIWiki Articles of Emerstari
My IIWiki articles on Emerstari, that can be found Linkhere, are frequently updated, and IIWiki is one of my favorite places to write about Emerstari, so these, you can take with much, much more than just a grain of salt. There are frequently more articles added, and this is the premier location to read about Emerstari.

On the Emerstarian Encyclopedic Series
This is a little bonus one I guess. The Emerstarain Encyclopedic Series was a project which I once attempted on the NS forums, but I can no longer guarantee the accuracy of the information on there, and it is no longer updated, so take anything on there with a grain of salt.