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An Overview of Emerstari

Emerstari is a sovereign state which lay about the northeastern portion of Eralfia in Arda en Estel. Emerstari is the fifth largest country in terms of land area within the region, but as regards population she is more moderately sized, and in 2035 was home to some fifty million people. Internationally, she is accorded with monarchy and religion, for her people are governed by absolute monarchy and are comparatively devout; according to the census conducted in 2035, 92.8% of Emerstarians adhered to Christianity and 62.1% were baptized members of the national church, the Church of Emerstari. The climate of Emerstari is mostly temperate, with four seasons: oftentimes, the springs are wet and the falls dry while the summers are cool and the winters cold. The country receives more daylight in the summer than in the winter, but the change in the south is less dramatic than it is in the north.

Diplomatically and militarily, Emerstari is involved in the affairs of both Arda en Estel and Markion, having first turned up in Markion some time after taking to exploration in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century. The current monarch of Emerstari, titled the King of the Emerstarians, is Erik XII Georg, and the heir presumptive is his son Prince Frederik Johann.




Location: Northwestern Eralfia in Arda en Estel
Area 248,669 sq. mi. (644,049.75 sq. km.)
Climate Temperate
Terrain Flat lowlands, mountains
Natural Resources Timber, hydropower,
iron ore, copper, zinc, petroleum
Natural Hazards Floods, landslides, earthquakes

Nationality Emerstarian
Ethnicity Emerstarian
Language Emerstarian
Religion Christianity (Church of Emerstari)
Population 48,206,918 (2035 census)
Life Expectancy 84.3 years
Fertility Rate: 3.08 children

Official Name Kingdom of Emerstari
Government Type Absolute Monarchy
Citizenship Jus sanguinis
Head of State/Government Erik XII Georg
Legislature Konungens Storþing
Judiciary Konungens Dområþ
National Anthem Frels Emerige, O Goþ




GDP 2.761 trillion NSD
GDP per capita 57,273.94 NSD
Debt 52% of GDP
Largest Industries Automotive manufacturing,
shipbuilding, iron and steel, forestry, fishing
Imports Chemical and rubber products, foodstuff
Exports Automobiles, paper products, steel

Military Branches HM's Army, HM's Navy,
HM's Air Corps, HM's Home Guard
Service Age Mandatory enlistment in
Home Guard, ages 16-49
Military Expenditures 54.21 billion NSD
Nuclear Armament 127 active warheads
Current Conflicts None

Settlement 1478 BC
Christianization AD 134-309
Unification AD 1047
Exploration AD 1471
Reformation AD 1510
Colonization AD 1526
Present Day AD 2035





  • Church of Emerstari - a detailed look at the state church of Emerstari, Kyrkan af Emerige: its theology, anthropology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology.

  • Konung Georgs Biblía - a work-in-progress translation of the Bible into Emerstari, which is temporarily on pause.




  • Characters - a collection of profiles of Emerstarians who appear in roleplay.


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