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President Thomas Barrington of Emazia, 9th Baron Belgravia

Biography Template wrote:

Full Name: Thomas Barrington, 9th Baron Belgravia and President of Emezia

Also Known As: The Baron of Fire (Note: Barons, despite their low status, are often extremely powerful due to the fact that Counts and Dukes were traditionally given no control over the cities, being left to Barons, who benefited the most from industrialisation and the growth of heavy industry. It was often Barons that set up businesses themselves, rather than a 'pioneer bourgeois' class as in the Americas)

Race/Species: Human, white.

Sex and Gender: Male

Age: 35

Birthday: 30th of June

Birthplace: East Belgravia

Current Residence: Presidential Palace of Emazia, East Belgravia

Current Occupation: President of Emezia

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Emezia takes an almost Roman/Greek approach to homosexuality - basically males only)

Marital Status: Single

Languages Spoken: Emezian, Arcadian, English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek

Religious Beliefs: Atheism

Physical Appearance: 1.9m, blue eyes, blonde hair

Inventory: An extremely sharp cuirass, an arming pistol, black gloves and his crown.

A convertible car, made in the 1900s style.
A horse.

Usual Attire:
When alone, he usually wears large, extravagant clothes lined with fur and jewels.
When at meetings, he wears nothing more than a suit.

Personality Details: Stalwart, stubborn, head-on, militarist, elitist, egoistic, authoritative, tough.

Habits: Fencing, horse riding, shooting, reading books, playing chess, games of strategy, just generally planning things.



Phobias and Mental Illnesses:

Physical Disabilities: Slightly defective eyes due to being stabbed there once.