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Arzemein von Wafflestein "The Cavalry and the Police", 4th Baron of Chelsea and Kensington

Basic Information:
Name: Arzemein von Wafflestein
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Occupation: CEO of the Wafflestein Police Force, Baron of Chelsea and Kensington
Strengths: Good at extortion, corruption and criminal activity whilst still making bounds of money, along with being able to handle the dirty work. Can ride a horse well.
Weaknesses: Unable to fight a war without being underhanded and is blind in one eye.

Height: 196cm (By far the tallest)
Weight: 93kg
Skin Tone: Peach
Distinguishable Feature(s): Has an eyepatch in one eye.
Hair Color, Hairstyle, and Facial Hair: Bald, with about the same moustache as Grover Cleveland.
Body Type: Average, a bit stocky.
Dress: Often a military uniform.
Accessories: None

Skills: Extortion, criminal activity, blackmail, riding a horse.
Residence: Wafflestein Palace
Organization(s) Involved in: Wafflestein Police Force
Health Condition: Blindness in one eye.

Moral Values: Security, Justice, Legalism.
Motivation(s): Justice and Profit.
Intelligence Level: 122
Confidence Level: Very High
Philosophy: Legalism.

Long Term Goals:
Most Defining Moment(s):