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The Unified Tracts of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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Basic Facts (aka RP info)

Full name: The Unified Tracts of Elejamie (as "Tracts" are essentially the Elejamian version of states, provinces, cantons or whatever you call it)
Foreign Names: Elejamia (Spanish), Elejam ("ah-lah-YEHM") (Iyilim)
Motto: "Inimicum quamvis humilem metuendum est" ("An enemy, however small, is to be feared")
Currency: Sofanc (plural sofanc) - Ꞅ (goes before the number, so it's Ꞅ000). Comes in notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Ꞅ2 notes stopped being made in 2004, but will still be legal tender until 31st March 2017.
Denomination: Pense (plural pensin) - ᶈ (goes after number, i.e. 000ᶈ). Comes as coins of 5, 10, 20, 50. 1ᶈ coins stopped being made in 1992 and ceased being legal tender in 1999.
Leader: The Select Council of Elejamie (aka The Select Council, TSC). Will be replaced by a proper president in 2018.
National Anthem: (copy and paste since URL tags won't work). However, a brand new national anthem was announced in January 2016 and will be made official the following year.
Languages: English, Spanish (primarily spoken in the southeast of the country) and Iyilim (primarily spoken in the Elephant Isles and Rosetta). Due to the Brazilian diaspora in Elejamie (which totals to about 15,000), Portuguese is unofficially considered to be the fourth language.
Population:: 1.98 million (Elejamie mainland; estimate), 20,052 (Rosetta), 4,142 (Bruirn), 0 (Kruhl), 0 (New Sark) - 2015 Census
Size: 10,452km^2 (Elejamie mainland), 143km^2 (Rosetta), 6.8km^2 (Bruirn), 5.9km^2 (Kruhl), 3km^2 (New Sark)
Capital City: Coventry
Military: N/A (active); 19,500 (Reserve)*
Coast Guard: 300 (active); 450 (Reserve)

(incomplete, map may be changed)

Tracts - Elejamie is split up into 20 regions or "tracts" as they are known. Each tract has its own parliament building (or Chamber), apart from Aventry which has two.

    Capital City: Mainsborough
    Other settlements: Lake Autumn, Rotford, Fort Checkers, Aldenport
    Postal Code: ATMN

    Capital Cities: Avon, Coventry (also national capital)
    Other settlements: North Pikestown (also in Burnett)
    Description: The smallest of the tracts, the most populated tract and the only one with more than one capital; the Tract Chamber being in Avon and the National Chamber being in Coventry.
    Postal Code: AVEN

    Birch State
    Capital City: Elejamie City
    Other major settlements: Leakesville, Eden Rock, Montgomery, Richmond, Auckhampton
    Description: Named after the Birch River (so called because of the vast amounts of birch trees around the river).
    Postal Code: BIST

    Capital City: Murgon
    Other major settlements: North Pikestown (also in Aventry), South Pikestown, Shifler, Hepburn Heights
    Postal Code: BNTT

    Eastern Elejamie
    Capital City: Newford
    Other major settlements: Bronze Coast, Isham, Socrates Peak, Eton, Renford
    Description: Generally seen at the backwards part of the nation although it's trying to grow out of this role. Also the location of the highest natural point in the country, Socrates Peak, and the city of Renford is also the birthplace of Elejamian hip hop.
    Postal Code: ESEL

    Elephant Isles (Elefant Iyil)
    Capital City: Aloc
    Other major settlements: Taler, Renhar, Raevura
    Description: Only the largest, Bruirn, is inhabited; Kruhl and New Sark are both nature reserves, being one of the few natural locations of the East Pacifican elephant. There is a growing independence movement on the islands, although a referendum on independence in 2000 was defeated 63-37.
    Postal Code: ELIY

    Keene District
    Capital City: Alvis
    Other major settlements: Clinton, Davis, Tilewood, Enhill
    Postal Code: KEDS

    Capital City: Edgebaston
    Other major settlements: Aintry, Holmes, Hamilton
    Postal Code: MDLN

    Capital City: Berlin
    Other major settlements: Hoffberg, Ausham, Mittedorf City, New Reiland
    Description: Founded by Germans in the 1880s,
    Postal Code: MTDF

    Nuevo Paraíso (New Paradise)
    Capital City: Playa de Rocas (Rock Beach)
    Other major settlements: Fosado, Mara, Rosa Aldige, Vivente, Playa del Oitura, Navelgas, Boņillo (shared with Valledorado)
    Description: A massive earthquake destroyed the original Playa de Rocas in 1909, killing 600 people (300 from the original earthquake, 145 from the tsunami and 155 from wounds or illnesses). The survivors, along with citizens from neighbouring settlements and the government, rebuilt the city further inland. The original Playa de Rocas is still a tourist attraction.
    Postal Code: NUPA

    Reise, East
    Capital City: Woodsworth
    Other major settlements: Cascone, Pullenbrook, Reise Lake, Edgering
    Postal Code: ESRE

    Reise, West
    Capital City: Reefland
    Other major settlements: Hollywood, Fontham, Cosgrove, Le Coutre
    Postal Code: WERS

    Capital City: Barr
    Other major settlements: Shorevale, Weston,
    Postal Code: RCST

    Rosetta Island (Rosetta Iyil)
    Capital City: Rosetta
    Other major settlements: Jambi, Portham (Purtam), Haybrook (AEbaruk)
    Postal Code: ROIY

    Capital City: Shiner Beach
    Other major settlements: Mirror View, Twilight Park, Mitford, Alderham, Cross Plaza
    Description: Apart from the endless beaches, Shiner is well known for its music scene and is the location of the Alderham Music Festival, which attracts concert-goers from across the nation. Also worthy of mention is downtown Cross Plaza, with its wide variety of music halls and theatres, not to mention the Cross Plaza Opera House.
    Postal Code: SHNR

    Capital City: Iceland
    Other major settlements: Blackport,
    Description: Founded by Icelandic immigrants under the name "Surtr", this tract was named after a figure in Norse Mythology, due to the black sand where they landed. Although these days the Icelandic language is no longer commonly spoken in the region, the influence is still there as many Icelandic-themed houses and buildings adorn the landscape in and around the capital and Blackport.
    Postal Code: SRTR

    Capital City: L'elefant
    Other major settlements:
    Postal Code: SWNG

    Capital City: Valledorado
    Other major settlements: Matajuero, Boņillo (shared with Nuevo Paraíso)
    Description: Originally named Valle Dorado (Golden Valley), this tract was well known for its large number of gold mines. These days it mostly consists of ghost towns ever since the mines closed in 1981. With a population of under 9000, it's the most underpopulated tract on the Elejamian mainland (only one tract, the Elephant Isles/Elefant Iyil, has fewer people).
    Postal Code: VADO

    Capital City: Crown Manor
    Other major settlements: Brindley, Melton, Tartaine, New Jamaica
    Postal Code: WRWK

    Wyken (why-ken)
    Capital City: Davenport
    Other major settlements: Saint Andrew's Point, Exham, Wichberg
    Description: Affectionately nicknamed "Drunk Row" by its citizens, due to the amount of brewers and distillers. Apparitions Spirits EBC is primarily based in Davenport. Also worth knowing is the Saint Andrew's Point Wine Festival which, since 1952, occurs on the first week of September every two years.
    Postal Code: WYKN

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(still under construction)
Technology: Modern, although a bit of FanT might slip in every now and then.
Do I Use NS Stats/Economy/etc.?: Yes and no. Although most of my IC info is what I say it is (i.e. the population, the exchange rate and military size), there are a few moments where I will use NS stats; for example, tourism being the biggest industry here.

* The EDPC (Elejamie Defence and Protection Corps) are only active in the event of war or humanitarian missions. Due to Elejamie's neutrality, the former is quite rare, although members do have to take a week-long training course every three months to refresh their skills. The Elejamian Armed Response Unit (EARU) is practically a combination of a gendarmarie and SWAT, but they're more a police wing than an official party of the army (although some EARU members have served as part of the EDPC). The Elejamie Coast Guard (ECG) are the only military-like organisation to remain active throughout the year.

(Please let me know if the symbols I use don't show up on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Also, feel free to TG me if there's anything I should add here)

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The Unified Tracts of Elejamie